Losing hope

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Chapter 31 - Ante Up

(Another Her - Sam) Now...

It was really impressive and intensive too! I don’t know how many memories Enzo and Phoebe shared with me but it was impressive. Hope was unique and quick-witted. She was so serious and teasing all the time that I don’t even know how it works and it worked for her. She was just someone exceptional and would have loved to be her friend. Phoebe convinces Hope’s family to make peace and to work their issues, it’s what Hope would’ve wanted.

We ate all together, even with Dan and Seth who exceptionally went late to bed. Dan was happy to see aunt / Godmother Phoebe. We all had a lot of questions about Imladris and Team L. Hope would have been a hell of a Luna. It’s nice to joke, to laugh and to cry all together. Hope really loved her family and has a lot of respect for all of us. She never told us she was a tiger too scared to disappoint us more than anything.

The next few days, things are getting better between Ethan, Ivy and Roman. Everything is not fixed yet but enough for my parents, Tessa and Sin to go meet my grandparents in Croatia. They left around 5:00 pm. The dinner tonight was quiet letting me the time to think. It was really interesting to meet Phoebe. She spent the evening with us and I heard a lot of funny stories about Enzo and his friends. I think I will try to contact them to organize a surprise birthday for him in 3 months. That would be great. Suddenly I feel two arms wrapping around my waist.

“Come on Bella, let’s go to bed.” Enzo whispers in my ear.

“But I’m not tired!” I protest.

“Me neither...” He whispers back, kissing my mark.

I’m holding up my moan: “Let’s go now, mi amore.”

We’re woke up in the middle of the night by Dan running in our room.

“We’re under attack, mom told me to find you!” He whispers, scared.

“I’m going to check, stay there with him.” Enzo tells me, getting up.

Less than 30 seconds after, Enzo mindlinks me, Ethan and the warriors: ” We’re under attack!There are vampires in the pack house!"

What the hell!

"There is an underground safe room below the house. I’m going to bring Dan there and I’m coming back to fight with you!" I mindlink him back.

"No, you’re staying with him. They might be here for him. As soon as I can, I’m joining you.We need to protect him!" He replies right away.

“Come little man, we need to go to the safe room.” I tell Dan, opening my arms, ready to carry him. He jumps on them.

I only walk a few meters in the corridor before coming face to face with 2 vampires but Ryder is running on their back. In a second he breaks the neck of the first vampire while the other runs full force on him but he dodges him easily with... Grace.

“Where is Enzo?” He asks me.

“Here, Alpha!” Enzo says, in his back.

“Protect Dan, this is your job!” Ryder inquires looking disapprovingly at Enzo.

“He’s with the more than capable hands of my mate! I didn’t leave him alone.” Enzo snarls.

“Mate?!” Ryder exclaims looking at me head to toe.

“Where are the warriors?” He asks again. Why is he not using the mindlink?

“Damn! Others are coming! Protect Dan, don’t leave his side!” He orders us, in full Alpha voice. Powerful like he doesn’t really manage the force he puts in his command.

“Give me your daggers?” He inquires looking at Enzo.

Enzo has two daggers tattooed on his ribs and I learned a few weeks ago that they are real and charmed. He could use them when needs. I’m just surprised that Ryder asked them. Without any words, Enzo takes them out and give them to him.

“Let’s the fun beginning. Baby closes your eyes and sings your favorite song.” Ryder says, the last sentence is for Dan who nods and starts to sing right away.

For the next 15 minutes, I look at my brother fighting and killing vampires with precision, determination and no hesitation. When the warriors and Ethan join us, he orders them to find the portal they are using and to neutralize the witch that opened it. Ryder is using the wall and did things with his body that I never imagined he was able to do. How can he be so flexible? This is so weird! He didn’t even shift into his wolf. Like right now where he jumped on the wall to climb on the shoulders of a vampire before cutting his throat with a dagger.

“This is not Ryder!” I mutter for myself

“No, it’s not...” Enzo replies. When I look at him, he’s so pale. It’s like he just saw a ghost.

“What’s going on?” I ask him.

“You never faced vampires before Alpha Ryder. Still you know how to fight it.” A blond vampire says. He looks powerful. Enzo roars.

“Enzo, it’s nice to see you again. Are you the only reason that pack is protecting Imladris? I don’t think so...” The vampire chuckles.

“Kirill! If you’re here this means it’s indeed Anatoli who is behind the attacks.” Enzo snarls.

“And this is the precious little pup Hope adopted!” Kirill comments looking at me and Dan. His looks makes my blood run cold. I growl and I turn to hide Dan from him.

Ryder growls:” Don’t you dare look at him!”

“Interesting... What are you so attached to a pup your ex-mate adopted with another male? It doesn’t make any sense except if he never was adopted...” Kirill says thinking out loud, still looking at me and Dan.

Then he laughs evilly: ”He looks like you Alpha! I need to let Anatoli know."

Ryder is on him and in a second has him by the throat his feet are not touching the floor: ” He will not tell him anything!”

“I’m already telling him.”

“Lie! We both know he’s busy right now and you’re too scared to bother him!” Ryder comments.

“Hope!” Kirill exclaims.

“So you didn’t reject each other after all. Do you still think I will not interrupt him now?” He adds mocking Ryder who squeezes his throat harder.

“That will not stop me!” Kirill adds, still smirking.

Ryder forces him to open his mouth and he rips Kirill’s tongue. Now it’s Ryder who has a cold laugh: ” But this will. It’s funny how the fact of losing your tongue made you unable to communicate with Anatoli while you don’t need it to do it. Or maybe it's just the pain...”

While Kirill is choking in his own blood, Ryder rips his heart with his bare hand.

“It’s easier with my claws.” He comments, throwing away the still beating heart.

“It’s really you? You’re alive!” Enzo asks. I can feel his pain and distress through our bond.

“Yes, I’m and I need to go back now.” Ryder replies.

“I’m so sorry! I will find you.” Enzo states.

“Don’t be sorry. You only did what I asked you. You never failed me, don’t be too hard with yourself.”

“Where are you? Is it the day or the night where you’re?” Enzo inquires.

“I don’t know. I don’t see the light from the sun. Anatoli is a Hybrid, he’s a wizard too so be careful.”

Ryder caresses Dan's cheek and adds: " My beautiful boy! I love you with all my heart! Never forget that."

“I will find you!” Enzo swears.

“I know!“Ryder nods and closes his eyes. The next second he’s screaming and has a forced shift. He disappears into the woods.

“What the hell just happened!?” Ethan asks.

“I’m not sure.” I reply.

“Let’s talk in a private place?” Enzo proposes.

“Should we go after my brother?” I ask. I’m trying to mindlink him but he blocks me. He’s blocking everyone I think.

“I already ordered a few warriors to follow him and to keep a safe distance.” Ethan explains.

It has been 29 hours since the attacks and Ryder is still in his wolf skin, unreachable and uncontrollable. He only mindlinked once with Enzo who is now in the same state… Therefore, I’ve no choice. I need help, we need help.

Pick up the phone, please!

“Hey princess, how are you?” Dad asks.

“Hi Daddy...”

“What’s going on, Sam? I can already tell in your tone that something is wrong.”

“You’ve to come back, now.” I demand.

“That bad?” He asks.

“Yes, we were attacked by Vampires yesterday night. Something weird happened.” I explain.

“Okay, we’re taking the next flight.”

“No, Sybil will open a portal. We need you now. Ryder had a force shift and he still hasn’t shifted back.” I dictate.

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