Losing hope

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Chapter 35 - I'm Feeling Good

(Him - Ryder) Now...

I’m waiting in front of the packhouse for Ezequiel and his friends. Ethan, Leyla, his parents and Stan are waiting for me. Enzo and Sam are here too. The rest are waiting in the pack house. They’re all stressed and eager at the same time. The first person who is coming is a girl around the age of 18. She has the same eyes as Roman and Stan.

“Hi, I’m Masha! I’m Nikolaï’s daughter. It’s nice to finally meet you all.” She introduces herself happily. She comes and hugs everyone. Even if they are all shocked by her behavior they also are happy.

“It’s nice to finally meet you Masha! If I had known about you I would’ve looked for you.” Stan says, shaking, his eyes full of tears.

“It’s okay grandpa, I know. Growing up with Dariya was... interesting. I just wished my father would’ve come but his mother raised him to hate wolves while he’s one himself. I let you imagine the effect on his mental health. Hopefully, when he will meet you it will help him to accept what he’s.” She explains.

“Alpha Ryder, Hope’s mate. I heard a lot of good things about you. It’s nice to finally meet you!” She says shyly but tending her hand for me to shake it.

When I take it, I see a discussion she had with Hope about boys and mate. She looks at me in surprise: “Interesting way the bond is working some time, don’t you think?”

This girl is clever! Before I can reply, Ezequiel appears. He’s with his mate, and two couples.

“Masha, what are you doing here?! It could be dangerous!” He reprimands her.

She rolls her eyes:” Relax! Sybil told me! As if I will miss the action. Moreover I want to meet the family now that I can!”


“I am almost 19! I’m a big girl now. And be polite, introduce yourself!” She inquires.

“Sorry Alpha Ryder, I’m Ezequiel. Cousins, Uncle, aunt and grandpa it’s nice to finally meet you! Enzo, bro. And Enzo’s mate... Wow...” Ezequiel says.

When I shake his hand, I see him and Hope having a heated discussion about their grandmother and how she wants to have a hold on Hope money and possession and even on Dan. Hope is furious and already thinking about a solution. The memories ends with Ezequiel joking how it would be easier if she was married.

"So you got married to evict Daryia from Hope’s heritage?" I mindlink Enzo.

"Yes we did. Darya is not a nice person and sometimes I think she helped Anatoli to captur Hope." He replies and I growl at that idea. What kind of grandmother does that?

“Did you see that?” Ezequiel asks.

I nod.

“And you understand it?”

Obviously! Why is he even asking!? I nod again.

“We were speaking Russian!” He exclaims.

“Incredible! What a strong bond!” Masha says, amazed.

“Yes, indeed...” Ezequiel mutters.

“Don’t shake his hand or he will see a memory of you and Hope.” He warns his friends.

He clears his throat: “This is Lilly Keystone and her mate Alpha Anton White and Alistair Sangpur and his mate Melinda Warren.”

“It’s nice to meet you all. Thank you for coming.” I tell them.

Before the meeting, we have a huge lunch in our guests honor. Melinda Warren and Alistair Sangpur I know them by name. Alpha Anton white too, the only mystery is Lilly. Does she is link with Alpha Chris and Alpha Darius? As far as I know, Apha Darius is a only child. Anyway, she’s powerful in some way, I just don’t know how.

"Lycan..." Someone whispers in my head.

Hope? I feel something coming suddenly in my mind. That makes me close my eyes and let it overwhelm me.

“Evacuate the building there is an earthquake!” A man screams, running outside. He’s followed by everyone in the meeting, everyone except her. Finally I can show myself.

“Is it funny how all those big bad Alphas are running for a small earthquake.” I joke.

“I should’ve known it was you! My feet are blocked in the ground. And We’re not even in a seismic zone!” Lilly says see me.

“Hello to you too!” I smirk.

“You’re the one to talk! What are you doing here?” She asks me.

“I was bored...” I shrug.

“So you decide to pay me a visit. Why? How did you come? I didn’t hear any thunder.”

“I went by the earth.” I explain.

“I didn’t know you could.”

“On water too but thunderbolt is my favorite even if it’s not discret.” I comment.

“Why are you here?” She asks again.

“As I said. I was bored so I decided to spy on my friends-”

“You can spy on people, now?!” She cuts me.

“For almost 6 months.” I shrug.

“I shouldn’t be surprised with you.” She shakes her head.

“Why did you spy on me, why not Phoebe?” She asks.

“I did start with her, but she was busy... Hot busy if you know what I mean. So I spied on Ezequiel and Al only to feel how frustrated they were and when I tried to understand why... It was because of you. So I spied but it was not enough. You need an intervention!”

“What? Why?” She frowns.

“Seriously Lyka!” I say.

“Don’t call me that!” She orders me.

“I will until you assume what you’re, Lycan!” I smirk.

“I don’t know how you concluded I was one, but you’re wrong!” She denies.

As if I will believe her!

I continue as if she just didn’t lie to me: ” Anyway where was I? Yes! What the Hell Lyka! Why are you submitting to those assholes of Alphas. They should be licking your feet, you’re their future Queen! You are so much more powerful than them. Moreover without you they are lost and they will not make peace. They need you for the survival of theirs packs, so what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

“They are my biological family.” She mutters.

"So what?"

"I don't know! I don't feel... Comfortable." She sifhs annoyed.

"It's crazy how much they hate each other! No wonder why my parents ran away!" She membles.

"So you parents are like Romeo and Juliet with an happy ending."

"Sort of..." She mutters.

“Well, you’ve fucked up family! Anyway, I just know you need to impose your opinions! The survival of their packs depends on you, they need you more than you need them. Moreover they should make love more often, I mean look at you. The mix of their DNA made you perfect. Almost. ” I state.

"Not wrong!" She chuckles.

I sigh: ” My time is almost up. Rescue is coming. I can already feel how pissed Melinda is.”

I smirk.

“Don’t pissed her even more!” She inquires.

“Why shouldn’t I when she is so easy to tease? Moreover I’m team Phoebe as you’re team Melinda when we both know that they are very similar and could get along very well . Another fucked up family...”

"You can speak. What about your?" She challenges me as she knows that I'm not in touch with my parents and brother while I discover my cousins not so long ago.

"I'm the fucked up one! No them." I disagree while we hear 4 people running toward the meeting room.

“If I have to come back I will kick your ass! So man up!” I warn her.

“You mean woman up.” She corrects me.

“Nope, women always are!” I comment.

“You! What are you doing here?” Melinda hisses. She is followed by Al, Ezequiel and Alec.

“Hello awesome!” I say, ignoring her and hugging Al. I smirk, this is so easy!

“Stay away from my mate!” Melinda demands.

“Hope!” Lilly warns.

“D0n’t worry, I’m leaving.” I state, winking at Al.

“Don’t make me come back, lyka.” I say pointed at Lilly.

“I won’t and thank you... I think.” Lilly replies.

When I come back, Lilly is looking at me with a dark look.

“Leave!” She orders, in her full Lycan’s voice.

Well I know that but because I know she’s a Lycan. How is it even possible, Lycans extinct centuries ago... The orders is not for me and I’m feeling myself stuck in my chair by an invisible force. Everyone is leaving except Alpha Anton, Alistair and Melinda.

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