Losing hope

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Chapter 36 - Uprising

(Him - Ryder) Now...

“How did you do that?” Lilly inquires.

“I don’t know, it’s the first time. I heard Hope’s voice before to see her memory.” I reply honestly.

“Now that you know my secret, Hope’s boy toy, what am I going to do with you?” Lilly says coldly.

I still can’t move and in a second Anton has me buy the throat. With this contact, I see another memory.

I’m so helpless. Lilly needs me and I’m too weak to help her. Duncan and Dan need me too. Fucking wolfbane! Goddess helps us! As if she heard me praying, and a thunderbolt touched the ground a few meters from us. A woman appears, I think it’s Hope. Alec spoke about her sometimes. Alix is part of her team, in Team L.

“What is going on here?” She booms.

“We don’t have a problem with you, Elemental.” Jonas, one of our captor, says.

“You’re holding my friend and 2 kids! So we do have a problem together!” She retorts.

She touches the flowers that made Lilly sick and looks at her: ”Adonit Meladrona, the weakness of Lycans... Are still denying it now?”

“She’s a Lycan!Impossible! If it’s true, she is too dangerous, we need to get rid of her!” Sawyer, another of our captor, exclaims and the 5 others nod in agreement.

I growl livid. I’m going to kill them all!

“Why did you kidnap them if you didn’t know what she was?” Hope inquires.

“We’re not against her, we just want Francisco and Maria’s sons.” Liam explains.

“SonS?" Hope asks frowning.

"Are you the one behind their death?” She roars, livid now.

“We wanted them alive! They are the ones who chose to die!” Liam retorts.

“Oh! You’re so dead! Well, to be honest you were already dead the moment you kidnap the kids but now you’re going to really pay for what you did!” She grunts.

“Why are you so protective over those kids?” Sawyer asks.

“Expect the fact I swore to Duncan’s parents that I will protect him until my last breath... Well, you took Dan too, who by the way is not their son, and it’s never a good idea to come between a mama tiger and her cub.” She explains coldly.

Dan is her son! I thought he was an orphan like Duncan. It’s what Lilly told me.

“You could have had a painless death because you didn’t know but now you’re all going to burn!” She adds.

“There is no fire here and you can’t create it! No elemental can.” Liam mocks her.

Is he stupid. Doesn’t he see how deadly serious she is? She is fucking scary!

“You mean I can’t like this?” She says. The tree she pointed is touched by a thunderbolt and flares up instantaneously.

Now he’s looking scared.

“Nan, where would be the fun in that! Why would I need fire when I have so much more!” She remarks coldly.

She raises one hands looking at them and in a second we heard deafening noise and the ground is vibrating below our feet. In less than a minute, what I thought was a mountain on our left explodes and a lot of lava flows towards us. The lava avoid us (Lilly, the Kids and Hope) and we don’t even feel the heat of it. How is it even possible?! Hope takes both boys in her arms. One on each side. Then she moves her hands and the flowers around Lilly goes dry before to become ashes.

“Thank you Hope.” Lilly sighs in relief.

“I hate bastards that think powerful women are too dangerous. As if they could handle us!” Hope remarks.

“Yes, me too!“Lilly agrees.

“Now that you know my secret, Lilly’s new boy toy, what am I going to do with you?” Hope says, looking at me.

Before I can see more, Alpha Anton let me go. I caught a few times.

“Did you really just use my mate’s own words against me?” I ask Lilly.

“So you really are Hope’s mate.” She says while Alpha Anton comes to hug her.

“Of course, I’m! Do you think Enzo would've confirmed it if it was not the truth... You said Anton was your mate but in the way Hope spoke about you I don’t think it’s true.” I remark.

“Moon Goddess made a mistake with us. Lilly is my true soulmate.” Alpha Anton states.

I nod, this is not my business.

“Sorry to doubt you but a lot claimed to be her mate. Dan is your son too?” Lilly asks.

“Yes, he is.” I confirm.

“She was really secretive and protective over Dan and you. I discovered Dan was her son that day and it was by mistake and she was trusting me.” Lilly explains.

“People are scared of her because she’s not hiding what she is, unlike Lilly. She has a lot of enemies, the more people know, the higher is the risk for the bad person to discover the truth. This is why she acted like that.” Alistair says.

“Yeah, I’m happy to know she’s mated to a powerful Alpha. You will be able to protect her.” Melinda adds.

“I’m not sure she will agree with you on that, sweet-cheeks. Hope is really independent.” Alistair tells her.

“That she’s but she always adds a sweet spot for her mate we all know that. I’m quite sure he’s the only person she would submit to.” Melinda retorts.

"She’s not wrong. She loved to submit to us when we had sex!" My wolf comments.

"Not the right timing buddy!" I reply, blocking him before he can share with me memories of us fucking. It’s really not the time to have a hard one!

“You look anomaly okay with the fact I’m a Lycan.” Lilly comments.

“Look in the last few months, I discovered that my mate was dead, that she hides our son, after I learned she is a powerful elemental and a tiger shifter. And in the end I realize she’s actually not dead but tortured by a sadist. So you, a Lycan, it’s the last of my problems. Moreover, you’re Hope’s friend and I trust her judgment. What is worrying me though, is that at the same time the most powerful witch, a Lycan and a powerful elemental are rising. There is a reason behind that and not a good one. Big trouble is coming. That’s what is worrying me the most.” I explain.

“The most powerful elemental, Hope is the most powerful elemental that never existed.” Melinda corrects me.

“You’re a clever and wise man, Alpha Ryder. I can see why Hope always spoke so highly of you.” Lilly acknowledges.

“I like you.” Alpha Anton comments.

“Thank you! And I will be happy to serve you, my Queen. I know about the old prophecy and I’m quite sure it’s about you.” I say bowing my head in respect.

“Let’s see how we can help you.” Alistair says.

“Do you know why Phoebe is not here? Did something happen between them?” I ask him. They used to be close from what Enzo told us and he was elusive about the reason why she couldn’t come.

“We don’t know but something happened between Phoebe and her Mate, Alpha Billy Foxy. They are now very close off. I think he’s the one who is stopping her now. If not she will be here. She would do anything for her.” Alistair explains, not helping me.

I will have to ask Hope. I hope it will be soon.

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