Losing hope

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Chapter 37 - Discombobulate

(Him - Ryder) Now...

The day was weird and complicated. We didn’t find anything new but Ethan meeting his cousins was great. I even find that Stan looks younger. He and Roman want to meet Nikolaï and Dariya but Ezequiel and Masha both dissuaded them to meet Dariya. They also offered their help if they really wanted to meet them. They will, I think, once we’ve Hope back.

Anton asked to meet me in private and I’m surprised to see him with Alistair when I join them in front of my office. I let them both in my office before closing the door.

“Do you have anything to drink here, Alpha Ryder?” Alistair asks me.

I point at my world globe and see him frown. So I walk toward it and open it.

“Wow! I love it!” He comments.

“Thanks. It was a gift to my great-grandfather. What would you like to drink?”

“Do you have some whisky, Alpha?” Alpha Anton asked me.

“Sure and maybe we can drop the Alpha now?” I reply.

“Good idea! Do you have some rum, Please?” Alistair asks.

I nod and serve them what they asked and serve another whisky for myself.

“So what did you want to talk about Anton?” I ask after a few minutes.

“It’s about your initiation in our very private club.” Anton reply.

“What club?” I ask. I never heard about a club for Alpha’s sons and Alphas.

“The M.I.B.” Alistair says.


“The M.I.B., men in the back. We’re all mated to powerful women. The most powerful women!” Anton develops.

“Yeah, it’s just normal that we stick together as we are sharing the same problems and frustrations.” Alistair adds.

“Like what?”

“Mainly stupid pups lusting at what’s our. The one who wants to destroy them. We’re the one in the shadow helping them to grow and to become the better version of themselves.” Anton explains while Alistair nods.

“We swear to always support ourselves, to have our backs and to share our problems with someone who can understand what we’re leaving. We are both strong wolves but still we don’t have the strength of our mates. That we don’t care but nobody except someone in the same position can understand.” Alistair adds.

“So are you in?” Anton asks me.

“The hell I’m in! I’m honored that you’re already accepted me in your very private and secret club.”

“You’re Hope’s mate and we saw even in the few hours we’re here that you love her. So that’s enough for us.” Alistair comments.

“Do you realize that you can’t tell anyone about that club to anyone even our mates don’t know! Do you swear to keep the secret and to always have my and Anton’s back? ” Alistair says, cutting his hand. Where did this knife come from?! He should have brought it. He gives me the knife.

I take it and cut my hand too.

I shake his hand and reply: ” I swear!”

Anton takes the knife and cuts his hand while saying: ” Do you swear to always support us the men in the back even if we’re totally wrong and our jealousy has the best of us.”

I shake his hand and smile, this is also working with speaking out of anger : ” I swear!”

“Welcome bro!” They both say with a bro hug.

“You’ve a hell of a mate you know. The craziest of the three of them.” Alistair comments.

“Yeah!” Anton agrees.

“How?” I ask, curious.

“Let me show you the end of the memory you saw earlier.” Anton proposes giving me his hand. I take it eagerly.

“Hope! Help him!” Lilly orders Hope. Duncan swichts in Lilly’s arms.

She rolls her eyes: ” Relax! I was joking!”

She walks toward me and as for Lilly she makes the wolfbane die around me.

She looks up and adds: ” We should go now! Can you call Melinda? I can’t join Phoebe and we don’t have a lot of time.”

“What won’t you stop the eruption?” I ask.

“Who do you think I am? Mother earth?! As if I could do that. I’m not that powerful!” She replies like I just said the most stupid thing she has ever heard.

“I don’t know, you kind of gave me the impression that you just made a sleeping volcano explode!” I reply, annoyed.

“First, it was an extinct volcano and secondly, so what? When you wake up someone by surprise, is it enough to ask him to fall asleep back for him to?”

“Sorry to doubt you!” I reply sarcastically.

“Melinda is busy now.” Lilly comments.

“Fine! Let’s find another solution, it’s urgent now!” Hope says, looking desperately around.

She turns around, looks at the ocean and walks towards the beach. “Moise! You're a genius!” She mutters. She turns around and orders us to follow her. When we arrive in front of the sea, she moves her hands and the ocean opens in two, to let us pass. This is crazy!

“Not that powerful, hmm?!” I comment.

“Oh you mean, that! It’s a piece of cake!” She shrugs.

After walking 40 minutes, we find a very old boat in a bad shape and Hope makes her float again but I don’t know for how long. I’m feeling so nervous.

“Are you doubting me, now?” Hope asks me, raising an eyebrow.

It’s true that nobody looks worried now except me. I feel small hands shaking my shorts, I look down at Dan.

“Mommy is stwong!” He tells me. Still Meli or Phoebe, whoever comes to help fast!

“This was the first time I was meeting your mate. She made an impression!” Anton says.

I smile, I can imagine! That’s my baby girl.

“Thanks!” I tell him.

“I’ve the feeling Melinda doesn’t like Hope a lot. Why?” I ask Alistair.

“Hope is Phoebe’s best friend and Melinda and her never got along. So as Phoebe’s best friend, Hope always chooses her side against her sister. I met Phoebe and Hope before to meet my Melinda and I know how they are. I’m also in between her and Phoebe. Even if I will be on my mate’s side, I know and trust Hope and Phoebe.” He explains.

“But they are both troublemakers. Melinda almost killed me when we met because of them!” He adds, smiling.

“How?” I ask. He presents me his hand.

“This one, I’m sure she doesn’t wear a panty!” Enzo comments.

Yeah this is how boring this mission is! And we’re a lot for this fucking mission: Me, Lilly, Phoebe, Hope, Alec, Ezequiel and Enzo. All sitting in a university restaurant. Hope is reading her book like a real stutend. She looks really focused.

“I bet on this one.” Ezequiel says pointed at a girl on the other side.

“Sorry bro, I bet on Enzo’s girl.” I disagree.

Lilly shakes her head:“You’re so naive! I bet 500 bucks on this girl.” She is pointing to a girl who is dressed very conservatively.

“Impossible!” I disagree.

“Shh! A few of us want to study!” Hope reprimands us.

“You’re not even a real student.” Ezequiel protests.

“Moreover, we just have a real student life. Doing what boys do when they go to university!” Enzo adds.

“This is stupid! You can’t even check who is right!” Alec says.

“Pure Alec!” Hope mutters rolling her eyes. Suddenly the wind rises and all the girls we bet on have their dresses and skirts up.

“Yes! I won!” Lilly smirks.

“Damn did you see that ass.. I’m so jealous!” Phoebe comments looking at the girl Ezequiel bet on.

“Hell yes! So hot!” I agree.

Hope laughs: ” I would like to see how your mate would take it!”

“Pretty bad! How dare you look at another girl’s ass!” Someone hisses in my back. I turn around and in front of me is my fucking hot fuming mate! Finally!

“And you, I should cut your magic for using it like that!” She adds looking at Phoebe.

“Hey!” I say getting up.

“Don’t come close or I’ll kill you!” She warns me. Then she vanishes. No other students is moving so we were the only ones who saw her.Well... No doubts, she’s a witch.

“Who was that?” I ask.

“My sister, Melinda...” Phoebe says.

“Let me handle her, Al. I will bring her back!” Lilly swears.

“Wow! That suck! Not the best way to meet your mate.” I comment.

“Don’t be! She’s worth all the troubles I was to be able to speak to her and to win her forgiveness now we’ve a little man together.”

“Is it Duncan? Did you adopt him?” I ask, Enzo is always evasive about him.

“No, Duncan is my adoptive son.” Anton says.


“Yeah, he was Francisco and Maria’s son. Lilly adopted him after their death. Lilly and Hope were both devastated by their murderers. Hope and Lilly were both his legal tutors but Lilly convinced her it will be safer with her as he's a really special little boy. Three skilled people together is too dangerous. He's a shifter and a healer.” He explains.

"Oh..." I mutter, it explains why Enzo is so secretive about him too.

"You should bring him here sometime, Dan would be happy." I request.

He nods.

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