Losing hope

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Chapter 39 - Tornado

(Him - Ryder) At the same moment....

I don’t know what to do anymore! I need to find her and I’ve no clue. To make things worst, I can’t contact her for the last 9 days and I don’t know why. But I know it’s not a good sign. Something bad is going on. Please, Baby Girl, don’t give up! I can’t let that go on. I need to end this but how? Nobody has nothing about where Anatoli is hiding her! Ezequiel went tracking him. Apparently he’s a highly skilled tracker. He teamed up with Louis but after 6 days they still have nothing.

Melinda and Alistair are still here with their son, Noah. Anton and Lilly left but are coming back today to pass the day with us. Duncan is coming with them, Dan is excited. Asking every 5 seconds when they will be here, which was cute... for 5 minutes, now it’s becoming annoying. When will they be here? Now I’m impatient too. Having them today he gets. I need a distraction.

“Daddy! They’re here!” Dan says jumping everywhere. Noah is in the same state. We exchanged a look with Alistair. Yeah... We are in the same boat.

We have brunch all together outside as the weather is great. and now we’re drinking a coffee, tea or a beer in the garden while my parents and Ethan’s parents are watching the boys. It’s nice to see them 4 play together. But I can see how stressful my mother is. She’s always running after them and shooting at them to be careful.And it’s a game for them to avoid her.

“Grandmazilla alert!” Dan warns his friends.

“What did you call me?!” Mom exclaims. She looks in our direction.

“Burn!” Enzo remarks, hiding his laugh by coughing.

"Fuck! We’re so dead. You have to take the blame." Sam mindlinks me.

"It was your idea! Why should I?" I retorted.

"Because you’re the Alpha. It’s your duty to protect your pack’s members!"

“Where did you hear that surname, baby?” My mother asks Dan, sweetly.

Yep! We’re fucked up! I can start to dip my grave. I will protect my little sister.

"Be strong!" My wolf says as support. He’s also scared as shit of our mother’s fury.

“Why don’t you like it? Because I love it. You’re my strong grandma, ready to protect me.” Dan tells her with 2 big puppy’s eyes.

“Oooh!” Mom replies, beaming.

“Of course I like it if you love it!” She tells him, kneeling in front of her.

Saved by my son! I will buy him the car he wants for his 18th birthday!

"Don’t you dare call me that on my back!" Mom warns Sam and me through the mindlink.

"We wouldn’t dare, mama." Sam replies.

"Don’t push your luck!" Mom retorts.

Yep we’re safe but we’re not forgiven yet. It's good to think about something else. This is exactly what I need to see kids and life around me. If only Hope could be here...

Finally I was able to see Hope but in what state... He spent 9 days non-stop torturing her. 9 fucking days! How does he do without sleeping! I’m livid. I can’t sleep anymore. At the same time I don’t know what exactly happened when I was with her but it drained me. I decide to go into the kitchen to have breakfast and then I will start training.

“Hey, trouble sleeping?” Melinda asks me, entering the kitchen.

Lilly, Anton and Duncan left last evening but Melinda, Alistair and Noah are still staying.

“Hey! Yes, you too?” I reply.

She shakes her head:“Noah had a nightmare and now that he’s sleeping I’m thirsty.”

I nod.

“Can I ask you something?” I request.

“Sure!” She replies, putting apple juice in a glass.

“Why are you helping? You gave me the impression that you don’t really like her.”

“Hope is... It’s complicated. I don’t get along with my sister and they are best friends, so I don’t get along with her either. And what is not helping is that Hope loves teasing people and enjoys annoying me. She can be a real bitch when she wants.She is the opposite of me and she’s way too out of control with her gifts. She should take more seriously her power over the elements.”

I scroll.

She looks guilty and adds: ” Sorry... I’m just honest. The more I learn about her the more I realize she’s more thoughtful than I thought. She’s more moderate than I’ve imagined. Moreover even if I’m not a big fan of your mate, she always has my sister’s back. As for why I’m helping, except the fact that it’s the right thing to do, I owe her my life and more than one time. Actually without her, Noah wouldn’t be here. She’s always doing what is right and we’ve that in common, even if I don’t like her methods. Hope has a pure heart and with it she fight to make this world a better place.”

“Thank you for your honesty and for staying here.” I reply.

I get up but everything goes black. I’m faltering so I sit back.

“What’s wrong?” She asks me, worried.

“I don’t know. I was finally able to see Hope but something happened. She was so weak and I wanted to give her my strength and I don’t know. I just know she freaked out.” I explain.

“What about your wolf? How does he feel?” She asks her hands on my face while she’s checking on me.

“He’s quieter than usual and tired too but still here. The same old.”

“Can you tell me what happened exactly?” She requests.

For the next 15 minutes, I relate how after 9 days of silence I was finally able to speak to Hope. How I wanted to share with her my strength and how something passed between the both of you. She looks really surprised by what I’m telling her.

“You shared with her your vital energy, this is why you feel drained. This is incredible and I’ve no idea how you did it without any magic.” She states.

“I can? Can it be Phoebe’s spell on our Bond?” I ask.

I explained to them about the spell that worked on our Bond, instead of Hope and Enzo’s bond the day after they arrived.

“No, you did it by yourself. You gave her the strength she doesn’t have anymore."

“That’s great! I’ve to do it again!” I reply, jubilant. Finally I can help her.

“It’s not good news. You can only share your vital energy with your mate when she doesn’t have energy anymore, when her life is at stake. Moreover this is very dangerous, if you give too much of your energy you could kill your wolf or lose your life.” She explains.

Is it fucking too much to ask for good news for once!

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