Losing hope

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Chapter 40 - Cornfield Chase

(Him - Ryder) Now...

“Hey... You look down, bro. Do you want to talk about it?” Ethan asks me while we’re changing before training.

“Something happened with your sister and I thought it was good news but it was not actually.” I explain.

“Tell me we will find her on time.” He begs.

I sigh:” I would die if we don’t.”

“We can’t give up now. We’re close now. I can feel it.” He states.

I wish I could say I was as optimistic as him but still with all the help we’ve had from the last 2 weeks we haven’t found anything yet...

“I hope you’re right.” I mutter.

For the first time in a long time, I found training too long and boring. I was just not in the mood. so I used the excuse of an emergency call to leave the ground and to go hide in my office. But now it’s almost lunch and I don’t want to face anyone yet. I just need to find another conceivable excuse.

“You shared your vital energy with her!” Melinda yells excitedly, entering my office without knocking. Alistair is hot on her tail.

“Sweet cheeks, you can burst in an Alpha’s office like that!” He reprimands her before to add: ” I’m sorry Alpha Ryder for my mate.”

“Don’t worry.” I tell him.

I look at Melinda and say: ” I know but you told me it was not good news.”

“Well, it’s still true but not only... If you do it again, I will be able to track it back.” She replies.

“But you told me it was dangerous.”

“It is but you just need to not give too much of your energy. “

“Do you know how I can learn to do that?” I ask.

“To be honest I’ve no idea. It’s something really difficult to be able to share your vital energy even more when your mate is not physically close to you. The fact you were able to do is impressive. It means you share a really strong bond.” She explains.

“Okay... So how are we doing it?” I ask.

“You know you can lose your wolf, right?” Alistair comments.

“I know but it’s a risk that I’m willing to take. For the first time in months we might have a chance to find her. I don’t know when and if we will have another one so it’s worth the try.” I state.

“Perfect. We just need 24 hours for you to refill your energy before we’re doing it. I will also create a potion to reinforce your energy and after we will be able to do it. I will find her, I swear I will. We will not be doing it for nothing, I can guarantee you that.” Melinda swears.

She looks so confident that I really want to believe her.

I’ve never imagined that 24 hours could be so long. I explained our plan to my parents, Ethan, Sam and Enzo. Even if they’re worried for me they are supporting me. Enzo was the least supportive of all of them but I realize that he’s worried for Dan. If something is going wrong he will be the one suffering even more. He also told me that Hope wouldn’t want me to take such a high risk with my life and my wolf’s life. My wolf is ready to risk his life if it’s to help save Hope.

Now we’re waiting for the right moment. The moment I will be able to connect with her. I’m counting every second and it’s so long. Melinda cast a spell on me to help to be more aware of my mate’s bond and I can feel Hope in the back of my mind even if it’s really fainted. Melinda and Alistair are with me, waiting for the right moment too.

"This is so fucking long!" My wolf complains.

"Don’t tell me, we’re in the same boat!" I reply.

As we start to speak about our sons to change my mind and to pass the time, they both tell me they were there for Dan’s birth. When Alistair proposes to me to take his hand, I don’t hesitate.

“You look worried everything is fine?” I ask Meli.

“Something’s not right. Something is disturbing the natural force.” My sweet-cheeks replies.

“Do you want to go find out? I will come with you?” I propose and she nods.

In a minute she knows where we have to go and has already opened a portal. My beloved witch! Once we arrive, we find ourselves in front of a huge tornado but it’s not moving. It’s staying at the same place. Phoebe, Maria, Francisco and Enzo are panicking in front of it.

“What’s going on?” Meli asks them.

“It’s Hope...” I mutter.

“She needs to have better control!” Meli comments, disapprovingly.

“This is exceptional!” Phoebe defends her.

“As if!” Meli mutters.

“I need to help her and I’m not strong enough to open a breach. Will you do it with me, please?” Phoebe begs her sister.

“No, I will not endanger you.” Meli denies.

“Please, she can’t be alone now!”

“Tell me why she created that monster tornado and I might help you.” Meli inquires.

“I can’t!” Phoebe refuses.

“Then you’re on your own as I’m on my own to stop her.” Meli states.

“Sweet-cheeks!” I protest but shut up when she glares at me.

“She’s delivering!” Maria says.

“What!” I scream.

“Since when she’s pregnant?!” Meli exclaims.

“She’s one her 37 weeks and 4 days.” Maria continues.

“How is it possible? I saw her 3 weeks ago!” I comment.

“You helped her to hide it!” Meli says looking at Phoebe.

“Nobody can know. It’s too dangerous for her and her son. You are not really friendly to her. If you endanger them, I will come after you!” Enzo warns my sweet-cheeks. I growl.

“He’s a innocent life! I will protect him! How can you doubt me!?” Meli retorts.

“Lots are saying Hope is an abomination, that she’s too powerful. Opinion you’re sharing with then!” Phoebe says.

“She should be more moderate in the way she’s using her gifts but never said she was too powerful!” Meli protests.

“Let’s do it, she can’t face the delivery alone!” She states no letting place for arguments.

Phoebe nods. With both of them we’re able to enter the tornado. This is incredible... The silence, the peaceful atmosphere, water’s drops floating around us. Meli, Phoebe, Maria and Enzo rush in the center to help Hope, while Fransciso and I are waiting. An hour later, we hear a small cry and we join them all. Hope is crying with her son in her arms.

“He’s so perfect! My little miracle!” She comments.

“I know!” My sweet-cheeks snobs. Phoebe and Maria are also crying.

“I never expected to love him so much with one look!” Hope mutters.

“I can only imagine.” Meli says.

“Soon, you will understand.” Hope replies. Am I missing something?

“Your secret is safe with us. We will protect both of you.” I swear.

Meli nods: “I will help you to hide your family bond.”

“Thank you!” Hope replies, her eyes not leaving her son.

“Wow, I wish I was here. Thank you for sharing it with me.” I say, once I let his hand go.

“It’s normal!” He replies.

“Were you missing something?” I ask him.

He beams: ” Yeah, Meli was pregnant and we didn’t know yet.”

“How much damage did that tornado do?” I ask by curiosity.

“None, Hope’s doing. She was only protecting herself.” Melinda replies.

Alistair smirks and teases me:” Scared for your pack house for the next one?”

I laugh: “ A bit!”

Suddenly I feel something and my smile drops.

“It’s time!” I state and they both nod.

“I’m ready!” Melinda says.

Let’s do it! We’re going to find you Baby Girl!

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