Losing hope

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Chspter 41 - In My Mind

(Her - Hope) Now…

“You’re full of surprise, aren’t you?” Anatoli tells me, caressing my cheek.

I look away in total disgust. I hate his touch so much. When he realizes that I will not reply, he keeps going.

“Sofia was not able to heal you. Accusing me that I went too far, that you were on the verge to die. Look at you a few hours later! Good as new, ready for another round! I was surprised when I went to check on you earlier! Already ready for me! I’m curious though... How did you do that? You were so weak yesterday. Is it your elemental gift or something else? Did you find your second chance’s mate that I’m not aware of? You know you can’t hide anything for me!”

Was it really him? Was he really with me? Stay focus, Hope. Don’t let him see too much. I repeat in my head. I don’t know what happened last night but I feel that I’ve more mental strength than before. Stay focus, Hope!

“Should we start? You made me wait and I can’t wait to start with you and you do know how I hate waiting!” He asks me.

Then, why did he let me alone earlier when he went to check on me? It’s not like him.

“I had to speak with Sofia. That’s stupid bitch!” He replies to my silence question.

I don’t feel sorry for her even if I can imagine what he did to her. How can a normal being decide to work with him!

He chuckles :” Yeah, she received what she deserves, don’t worry Beloved. I know how much you despair of her. If only you were more compliant, her life could be my gift for our mating.”

Goddess what a monster! Nothing else matters but him.

“I’ve to ask even if I already know the answer. Who knows maybe you came to your senses. Are you ready to be my beloved?” I request.

“Go to hell!” I mutter.

“That’s what I was expecting! God you’re so hot. I don’t know what I should start with. Going to see what’s going on in your little head or fucking you senseless? Tell me, what would you prefer first?”

It doesn’t matter, with both knowing he will do as he wants... And he will do both of it, torturing me mentally and physically. I just hope it will end fast. I just want some peace. When will it end?

When he finally leaves me alone. I’m drained, dirty and used. I don’t know how long he abused me this time... It was just too much, too long. And he injected me with something... He wants me to get pregnant, to bear his heir. This can’t happen! I need to die before he succeeds. I can bear that monster’s child. Please Goddess, help me! Sofia didn’t come to heal me which means she’s not in the state to heal anyone. He sure did a number on her too... I can feel the darkness embrace me and I accept it eagerly. Finally some peace, maybe eternal peace, even!

“Baby girl! I need you to come to me!” I hear Ryder whispering but I don’t want to go! A force pushes me against my will and I find myself on our bench.

“I don’t want to be here! I can’t be here! It’s too dangerous!” I tell him.

“Not as dangerous as staying with him any longer than you already did!” Ryder arguments.

“He can’t know about you! He will come after you!” I protest.

“Then let that bastard come! I’m ready for him!”

“You don’t know him! He’s too dangerous.”

“I know enough and you’re right, he’s too dangerous. We need to locate you!”

“And if you do, we will be moving in the next hour!”

“We’ve to try! Being away from you, knowing what he’s doing to you, is driving me crazy! It’s worth the risk.” He replies.

“We d0n’t have much time, give me your hands!” He inquires while taking my hands on his before I can do anything. He closes his eyes.

“What are you doing?” I ask.

“I’m trying to do what I did 38 hours ago.”

“Which is?”

“Sharing my force with you! Now baby girl can you shut your mouth, I need to focus!”

After a few minutes he sighs, his eyes still closed.

“Yeah, it’s not working!” I comment.

“Do I have to use my Alpha voice on you?!” He says frustrated.

“You know as I’m a tiger shifter so it will not work, right?”

“Please Hope, I need to do that! help me!” He begs.

“Alright!” I say, closing my eyes too.

After a moment I feel tingles in my hands and arms.

“It’s working!” Ryder exclaims.

Someone claps his hands on my back. No, no, no! I’m panicking while Ryder keeps my hands on his.

“So this is how you did it? I thought you’ve rejected her Alpha Ryder! She’s mine now!” Anatoli says.

“Over my dead body!” Ryder growls.

“That can be arranged!” Anatoli replies.

“Go!” I order Ryder.

“No! I won’t let you be alone with him.” He refuses.

Anatoli laughs: ” You’re both ridiculous!"

“I’m going to find you and to kill you!” Ryder swears.

“I would like to see you try! In the meantime I will enjoy your mate’s gorgeous body and tight pussy!” Anatoli smirks.

“Your bastard! You’re so dead!”

“You will have to find us first! Good luck with that!”

Anatoli looks at me and warns me: ” I’m so disappointed “Baby girl”, you will be severely punished for this! And now that I know about this connection, I also know how to block it!”

No, no, no!

“Don’t look at her!” Ryder orders him.

I feel someone shaking me and I leave them both.

“Hope! Wake up!” Someone orders me. This is not Anatoli’s voice.

I open my eyes and see… Alistair?!

“Al?” I ask. How is it possible? Why is he using Alistair now? It doesn’t make any sense.

“I’m so sorry, Hope! What did he do to you?” Al says with sorrow.

“We don’t have time for that. We’ve to go now!” Melinda orders in his back.

“We got you Hope! You’re coming home with us!” Alistair whispers while Melinda is using a spell to break my ties and jewels.

Alistair takes me in his arms and we follow Melinda through a portal. We are in my room in Imladris.

“Why aren’t we back in Alpha Ryder’s office?” Alistair asks her.

“Don’t you smell it? My nose is not as developed as your, still I can smell how much she reeks of him. His scent is all over her! Moreover this is her Home, not some pack house she didn’t go to for years. She will be more comfortable in her place.” Melinda replies.

“And comfort she will need!” She mumbles.

I know they are speaking about me as if I was not here but I’m feeling so numb to react to anything. I’m not even sure this is real anyway.

“I’m going to kill that monster!” Alistair mutters.

“Go find Alpha Ryder, I will clean her wounds and give her a bath.” Melinda inquires.

When Alistair has left, Melinda looks at me. Somehow she knows I’m doubting this is real, maybe because it’s not!

“Come on, Hope! Do you really think I’m not here? Have you already seen me since he took you?!” She says.

I shook my head... But I can’t have too much hope.

“Let’s take a bath. I need to reinforce Sybil’s spells after. We both know he will come after you as soon as he can.” She adds.

What does she mean by as soon as he can? Capturing me is his top priority.


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