Losing hope

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Chapter 44 - Let Me Love You

(Him - Ryder) Now...

“What?” I ask, surprised by her demand.

“I think you heard me correctly. I want you to mark me, please.” She now begs.

Damn, she’s killing me here!

“What’s wrong? You don’t want to?” She asks, frowning.

“Oh believe me, baby girl, I do! The idea of Marking and mating with you is not leaving my mind.”

“Then what?” She asks, confused.

“I don’t know, after all that happened, I was imagining to court you, to date you and to make you fall in love with me... like a normal couple, you know.” I explain.

“Ryder, I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember! You took my virginity less than 48h after rejecting me and we’ve a little man together. Don’t you think we’re passed over being a normal couple?” She smiles.

“Okay, apparently I can forget about romanticism and being a gentleman.” I mutter.

“Sorry....” She mumbles.

She sighs: “You’re right we need to fix us and to build a real relationship before marking each other. I’ve to win your forgiveness for all the things I did... I’m so sorry. You don’t know how many times I wanted to see you, to tell you everything.”

“Hope, stop!” I cut her. ” We both made mistakes, baby girl. So I would rather let the past where it belongs in our back.”

“You don’t know how much I dreamed of finding my way to you. It’s a dream coming through.” She says before her eyes darker.

“Don’t Baby girl! I’m here with you, don’t go there!” I order her.

“This is too good to be true. You’re not even upset with me and gosh you have a lot of reasons to be! You’re just all sweet and I don’t deserve it. I don’t deserve your kindness. And I can’t help it, after so much time with that monster, to think it’s another of his creepy games...”

She looks so tired and stressed right now.

“Believe me, a few weeks ago I wouldn’t have welcomed you so nicely... But someone knocks some sense in me and every time I’m touching someone, I see a memory of you. Let me tell you that what I saw made me fall even harder for you. I really liked what I see. I’m here Baby girl, this is real. I swear!” I tell her.

“Who convinced you?” She asked, curious.

“Willow, she told me. She was one of your friends.”

“She is... Sort of.” She replies with a small smile.

“I love you, Hope, I always have, I always will. Even when I was upset with you to the point I was thinking I will never forgive you and I wanted to hate you, my feelings for you never changed. It’s impossible for me to not love you. And seeing the amazing woman and mother through others’ eyes is only the confirmation of what I always knew : you’re the only one for me. I want to court you, to prove to you I’m worth your love.”

She smiles and perks my lips: ” And you’re the only one for me. Fine, court me, I can wait for you to mark me later. But I’ve to let you know my tiger is not really patient and the more I feel her, the more she will become demanding about wearing your mark. Right now, that she’s still fainted in my head, she’s already bothering me for running with her Alpha wolf. ”

Damn, I can’t wait either! And then I think about her diary.

“What’s with that smirk?” She asks.

“Will she be only bothering you about the marking? Not about the mating, my little pervert.” I tease her.

“What does it feel like you know something that you shouldn’t?” She asks suspiciously.

Shit! I’m so dead if she discovers I’ve read her diary.

“What do you know that you shouldn’t know?” She requests.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I deny not looking at her.

“You! Son of wolf! You read my diary!” She states.

I look at her to deny it. Nope, not a good idea. She’s fuming right now and she already knows I absolutely did.

“How do you do that? How did you find out?” I ask, curious.

“Mate bond!” She retorts.

“Not there is more!” I state. She knew somehow without me giving her any tips. I’m an Alpha. I’m pretty to hide things and feelings.

“It’s an elemental thing.” She shrugs.

“You’re not the first elemental I met and none was able to read people like you just read me.”

“I’m not the typical elemental.” She mutters.

“That’s what I heard and saw.” I agree. I’m curious to see it on my own too.

“Hey! I know what you’re doing! Don’t change the subject! It was personal. How could you read it?!” She hisses.

Worth the try!

“You were supposed to be dead, when I discovered you were a Tiger and I had a diary. I just wanted to know more about you! I needed to know more, to understand you! To feel close to you!”

“Aww that’s cute.” She comments, her anger deflated.

I smirk and add to tease her: “Moreover I’ve expected you to have such a wild imagination! Who knew that At 15 you were already obsessed with my dick!”

“Fuck you!”

“Gladly!” I beam.

She is as red as a tomato!

“Out!” She demands.


“I’m way too ashamed to face you now so please leave me alone!”

Fuck! I’m such an asshole. I didn’t even realize how uncomfortable she’s feeling.

“Baby girl…”

“Please! I’m feeling tired. I just want to sleep.”

I sigh:”Fine! I will let you rest.”

“I love you Hope, all of you!” I say kissing her forehead while she is avoiding to look at me.

Sam and Enzo are in the kitchen. So I tell them how it went and I push Enzo to go’ check on her. They both need to see each other. And he’s not difficult to convince, as he’s eager to see her through his own eyes.

It has been 2 hours and 13 minutes since I left Hope but I can’t leave Imladris. I know I need to go back in my pack and with the portal, I’m only a few minutes away from her but I just can’t!

“You’ve got to stay close, don’t you?” Alistair asks me, bringing me a sandwich.

I shook my head: “Even if I know she’s safe and with people ready to protect her. I just can’t not right after I just got her back.”


“I don’t know how to thank you for bringing her back, man!” I tell him.

“Don’t mention it. Us wolves would do anything for our mates!”

“Still without Melinda and you, she wouldn’t be here.”

“You know he will come? Soon!” He asks.

“And I’m ready for him!”

“You need to have your wolf back first.” He warns me.

“This is why you’re staying?”

Ryder! Something is wrong with Hope! You need to come now!” Enzo orders me through the mindlink.

“Fuck!” I yell before running back toward her room.

When I enter her room, Hope is crying her head between her hands. Fucking vampire!

“Baby girl! Breath me! He’s not here. Come back to me!” I order her, taking her in my arms. I keep whispering that I’m here with her, not him until she calms down and falls asleep.

When I look up at Enzo, I see that Melinda and Alistair are here too.

“Marking her will not prevent him from being in her head?” I ask nobody in particular as I already know the reply.

“No but you will be able to feel him and to fight him with her.”Melinda replies.

Then I know what to do. It’s inevitable anyway. I will let my baby girl rest for now as it’s already late and god knows when was the last time, she had a good night of sleep. Futhermore she slept less than 30 minutes earlier.

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