Losing hope

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Chapter 46 - Wait

(Him - Ryder) Now...

“Everything is ready?” Sam asks me when I join them in the kitchen.

I nod and ask back: “Where is Hope?”

“She went to rest in her room.” Enzo replies but I can feel there is something more.

“What happened?” I request.

“We just wanted her to use her gifts and she couldn’t.” Enzo sighs.

“Anatoli used a spell against her and every time she used them she was getting hurt. She has a blockage now...” Alistair develops.

“That asshole!” I mutter.

“She excused herself and left right after.” Sam tells me.

I shake my head and leave the kitchen. I’m going to make him suffer! I need to check on her. When I enter her room, I’m overwhelmed with a new scent and the smell of blood. My blood runs calls. I can hear the shower running and the door is open. When I enter, I see Hope naked and bleeding in Phoebe’s arms. They are both in the shower. When Phoebe sees me, she signs me that she’s taking care of her. I go back to her room as silently as I can.

“I know but not for long anymore. You’re stronger than him.” She replies.

“Not anymore. He ruined me. I’m so broken. Who would want someone like me?” Hope sobs.

Hearing that breaks my heart. I sit on the floor, my back against the wall. I’m voiceless but I need to hear what they’re saying.

“You’re down now but soon you will rise again, stronger than before.” Phoebe states.

Suddenly at the door of Hope’s room. Melinda, Sam, Enzo and Alistair are here.

"What’s going on? Why can we smell blood?" Sam mindlinks me.

"Phoebe is here with her. You should give them some privacy." I reply back. Sam whispers to them the explanation and they leave, except for Enzo who comes to sit by my side.

“I don’t know if I will.”

“Of course you will. It’s who you are. And if you don’t do it for you, you will for the ones who love you. For Dan, for your mate, your family and your friends.” Phoebe States.

“It’s so hard!” Hope cries.

“I know but you’re not alone. Let us in.” Phoebe inquires.

“You shouldn’t be here. We broke our sisterhood for a reason. If Bill discovers that you’re here...”

“Don’t worry, I’ve got it covered up.”

“You need to go! We can take any risks with Olivia’s life!” Hope retorts.

” See! Old Hope is still there. Still caring for others before herself!”

“He killed her. I don’t know who I am anymore...”

“Then let us remind you. Let me tell you who you’re. You’re the strongest being I’ve never met. You’re feisty, fair but also unforgiving who would dare hurting your loved ones. You’re full of love and life.”

“Not anymore. I beg so many times for death to take me, to free me. I don’t know how to live anymore. This is just survival...”

“You’re a strong Hope.”

“No, I’m not. Look at me. He still has access to my mind, I can’t use my power and when I close my eyes I still can feel all the things he did to me...”

Oh! Baby girl! I can’t hold my tears, not anymore. Enzo is in the same state. We’re both shaking full of sorrow and anger. He’s on the verge of shifting and I would be in the same situation if my wolf was not dormant for the moment.

“Yet, you never gave up. You never gave in and became his. You might beg for the death that you knew will never happen when you knew saying yes to him was the only way to stop it. Still it was never an option for you, wasn’t it. I would’ve given up after a few weeks like most of the people but you don’t.” Phoebe comforts her.

“I’m so lost!” Hope whispers.

“And that’s okay. That’s normal. Give you some time to heal and don’t shut us out. You’ve your mate, your son, your family and your friends. They are all here for you! We’re all loving you. I know you’re used to supporting everybody but now it’s our time to support you, so let us keep moving for you. You can rest now, we got you and we’re going to take care of you. Can you do that for me, for us?”

“Okay...” Hope replies quietly.

“Good! Let’s get out of the shower now. I’m freezing!” Phoebe adds.

“Sorry, I ruined your clothes!”

“No a problem! Witch, remember!” Phoebe jokes.

“Boys! We’re ready!” Phoebe yells, for us obviously.

As soon as Hope sees us, she blushes feeling ashamed but I will not have that, neither will Enzo. We both hug her and Phoebe joins us.

"Don’t treat her like she is a broken doll." Phoebe warns me. She is my mind. How?

"Witch power." She replies before adding: ” Take care of her for me, please."

"I will!" I swear.

"Please don’t react but you need to know because you will see it soon and it's better if you’re ready..."

What are you talking about?” I ask.

"He has engraved his initials in her inner thigh."

Fuck! How dare he mark her!?

"I said stay calm. I know it’s hard but I’m telling you this because you will need to act like it doesn’t matter. She needs you to show her that you see her for what she is, not for what he did to her not what she thinks she's now."

Fuck! She’s right! Calm down Ryder. Easier to say. Really good thing my wolf is dormant!

The only thing I see when I look at her is a strong woman. She might be hurt now but she’s still strong.


Thank you!

I know how you used to hmm to make love... I know how she likes it... When the time comes d0n’t do vanilla. She needs reassurance, if you don’t make love to her like you used to she will question the way you look at her.” She advises me.

This is really personal! I don’t know how to reply.


“Unfortunately, I need to go. I love you Hope. If you need me, I will come.” Phoebe says, out loud this time.

“I love you too! Thank you!” Hope replies.

“And no, you won’t come back! It’s too risky. You shouldn’t even be here today!” Hope reprimands her.

Phoebe smiles: ” Did you really expect me to stay away from you when you need me?! And if you don't want me to come back then don’t make me!”

Hope hugs her and mutters: ” I miss you!”

“I know me too...” Phoebe replies looking sad.

“I’ve to go now.”

"Wait! Who is Olivia?" I ask in my head for her.

"My daughter.”

Before I can ask more she disappears.

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