Losing hope

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Chapter 48 - Nothing Else But You

(Her - Hope) Now...

Our kiss is passionate and full of love. Oh! How I missed his lips against mine. I feel so alive under his kisses and his touches. I feel his hands exploring my body, it’s so goooood! Knowing that he’s going to mark in the next moment is driving me crazy! I’ve waited for this moment for so long! And a few months ago I wouldn’t have ever thought it would’ve been possible one day... So soon. His lips leave my lips and he starts to kiss my jaw and slowly goes down my neck until he finds my sweet spot, between my neck and my shoulder. Oh yes!!!

What is he doing? I’m waiting for him to do it. I’ve dreamed about that moment for so long! I’m losing my patience now, why is he teasing me for so long now! Suddenly I hear him curse.

“What’s going on, Ryder? You, you don’t want to do it?” I ask, feeling so insecure right now.

“No! It’s not that. I can’t shift for now... But I didn’t think it would also apply to my teeth for marking you.” He replies.

“How so?! You can’t shift?”

“About that...” He starts, scratching the back of his neck.

“Yes?” I encourage him.

“Well... You know when we spoke in our dreams and we shared even more than that. I shared with you my vital energy and I went a bit too far so my wolf is kind of dormant right now.”

“You did what?! So you really did it! And you didn’t tell about your missing wolf!” I yell and get up.

“Do you know how dangerous it is?! You could have died! And you did it twice. I can’t believe it! What were you thinking!?” I hiss.

“I had to save you at any cost! You were giving up on your own life! I couldn’t let that happen and if I’ve to do it again I will!” He retorts.

I shake my head.

“I need to give you back a part of that energy! You need it!” I state.

“No I don’t. I’m fine and soon my wolf will be back too.”

“That’s not enough. Give me your hands.” I demand.

“No, baby girl! Moreover it’s not easy to do.” He refuses.

“I’m an elemental! So I know how energy’s transfer works and I can recharge my own energy easily with my connection to mother earth. Now give me your hands.”

“No! You said it yourself you’ve blockage and can’t use your gifts. Show me first that you can and after we will do it.” He retorts.

Of course, they have to tell him!

“You need your full strength before Anatoli’s attack! We don’t have time!”

“I don’t need it! I’ve a powerful mate, stronger than me. I know if he attacks you will be more than capable to protect our pack.”

“But I can’t use my gifts!” I protest.

“And I know you will be able to if we’re in danger. This is who you’re. You will never let something happen to me, to our son, to our family and friends.” He replies.

“How can you be so sure, when I’m not.” I mutter.

“I believe in you, my beautiful mate! I know we will be okay now that we’re together and there is no secret between us.” He says caressing my cheeks.

“But my tiger wants to run with your wolf. We want to officially meet him.” I protest.

He smiles: “And we can’t wait either. Soon Baby girl. You by my side, I can feel my strength coming back faster.”

“I want to see her.” He states, becoming serious suddenly.

“My tiger?”

“Yes! I want to feel her fur below my hands. To take the time to see how beautiful you’re in your tiger skin... Please!”

“It has been so long since my last shift. She might want to run first once I shift.” I explain.

“I know... It’s normal.” He replies.

I nod.

“What are you waiting for?” He asks me after a few minutes.

“It has been so long. I don’t know how to.... I’m a bit scared. I never run here in your pack land it always has been forbidden. What if... Maybe it’s not a good idea. ” I mutter.

“First it’s our pack land.You’re Luna and everybody knows that so it’s safe. Secondly, we can go back to Imladris if you prefer but I want to see her.” He reassures me.

“Fine! Let’s do it here.”

I trust him and I miss running in my tiger skin but after so long she would want to have full control... But I trust her. I always have and always will.

"Just don’t run away from him,please! At least for the 5 first minutes!" I beg her in my head while I shift.

"Finally!" She exclaims, relieved.

I let her have control of our body and it’s nice to be in the back for once. I can feel how much she wants to run and explore this territory. Still she stays here... She needs time with her mate more than anything else. She - we tackle Ryder on the floor and that makes him laugh. we lick his face and he’s laughing even harder.

“Nice to finally meet you my tiger!” He beams. His eyes are shining with pride.

"We love you mate!" She says in our head.

“I missed you! You’ve no idea!” He tells us.

if only we could reply back. I’m sure we can with all we were able to share without being mated yet.

“We missed you too, Mate!” We tried to mindlink him. When we see the surprise in his eyes, we know that it worked.

“How?” he asks.

"Our bond is strong enough now!" We explain. That and as an elemental, my connection with nature and the living being is stronger than anyone else. I'm not able to mindlink him yet when we're both in our human skin but soon.

“Let’s go for a run! I wish I could shift too but I’m too eager to see you explore our pack land.” He proposes to us. She nods in agreement.

We ran for what seemed to be hours and we are impressed by Ryder’s stamina in his human skin. He ran all the way around with us. We’re now walking toward my parents’ house. Ryder let me know a few minutes ago that my family would like to meet me, to see me in my tiger skin. But what would they think about me.

“Don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.” Ryder comforts me as he’s feeling my uneasiness.

We hear a wolf running toward us making me tense. When she comes face to face with me, I recognize my mother’s wolf. She goes behind the three and comes back wearing a big man’s shirt.

“Sorry! I couldn’t wait any longer. Goddess, you’re so beautiful! My baby!” She says petting my head. Her eyes are full of tears of happiness.


“I don’t know if I should slap you for doubting my love for you or hug you! I’m so proud of you!” She adds. I lick her hands.

“You’re breathtaking sister!” Ethan says, his eyes full of emotions.

I tackle him playfully on the floor before licking his head.

“Erk!!!! Hold your tiger Hope!” He teases me.

We spend a few minutes together before Ryder clears his throat:“Let’s go. The others are waiting for us.”

Seeing all my family and Ryder’s family in awe in front of me is... Emotional. In a good way! This is a magical moment that I've dreamed to share with them for so long. But what really overwhelmed me was when most of the pack came and kneel in front of me, showing their respect for their Luna.

I am going to bed, in Ryder’s room, feeling stronger and more confident. I need to be the Luna Ryder and the pack deserves and I will!

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