Losing hope

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Chapter 49 - What You Wanted

(Him - Ryder) A month later..

Warning: explicit content in this chapter.

The last month was great, not easy but still... Being a family with Hope and Dan is something I thought I would never know... This is the best gift life could give to me. The pack is more happy and peaceful now that their Luna is now. I’ve never imagined how they missed one, they missed her. I can also see how Hope is happy to reconnect with her family.

Hope still has crises but for the last 11 days, Anatoli didn’t come to her mind so I think all his blood has been eliminated. She is doing even better since then. She still has a blockage with her elemental gift but a tiger is now fully back. As for my wolf, he’s getting stronger even though I still can’t shift.

We did 6 family outings and it was great. Dan is full of energy and never stops. We also did 8 dates and we’re officially together (if it was ever needed) even if we’re not marked yet nor mated. The sexual tension is heavy but we’re both scared... I need to be sure I will act cool when I see Anatoli’s mark on her and I think she’s scared of my reaction when I will see it.

Melinda, Alistair and Noah are still with us and Lilly, Anton with Duncan spent two weekends with us. Our 3 little boys are real troublemakers together. They are unstoppable together and I really hope they will keep this friendship all their life. It was great to see them like that but fuck we all finished exhausted! Except them of course. Hope and Melinda’s relationship is weird and they spend their time fighting like cats and dogs, always teasing each other. I think they both like it actually and will not have it another way.

As for Anatoli, no sign of him for now but soon he will come. We all know he will not give up Hope. He’s too obsessed with her. We just try to enjoy this peaceful moment before the storm comes. We’re also training hard too. It was hard to see Hope and Enzo training together. She told me more than once that I was too gentle with her and the first time I saw them training it was hard. Good thing I still haven’t had my Alpha’s voice or I would have forbidden Enzo to be so hard with him but she was even harder with him.

I’m really grateful for Alistair and Melinda’s help and to stay here. They even buy a house here and build a huge swimming pool. Having a witch as a mate is helping to quickly renovate a house and apparently an elemental too but I still have to see Hope in action.

Tonight at dinner, Hope was acting a bit weird and I can’t wait to be alone with her to check what is going on and see if she’s okay. It’s my turn to put Dan at bed and after I will be joining her in our room. After the story and the discussion with Dan, I cross the corridor and as soon as I open our door, I say:

“Hey Baby Girl! Tell me what’s going on. You were off all ni-”

I’m losing my words when I’m seeing all the candles and Hope in sexy lingerie on our bed. She is so fucking hot! My personal goddess!

******Mature content******

“Oh! Fuck me!” I whisper.

“That’s the objective...” She whispers back.

“Damn Baby girl, are you trying to give me a heart attack?” I ask her.

“No, I just want to get your hard. Is it working?”

“Do you want to check yourself?” I challenge her, walking toward her.

Before she could reply, I kiss her hard. She kisses my back right away and I can feel her hands wandering all over my body and soon finding my hard dick. When she feels how hard I’m, she moans. And I can feel how aroused she is. Damn she will be the death of me!

“I’m so damn wet for you Ryder. I need you!” She begs.

I need to check by myself, so I start to go down, kissing her neck, her breath then her belly. Once I’ve my head between her legs, I see the A on her left thigh and a flash of what that monster did to her comes into my mind.

“I’m sorry! I should’ve. It was not a good idea!” She says, escaping me.

No! I can’t let him win! Not now, not ever! We’re stronger than him.

“Don’t you dare move Baby Girl!” I order her.

“It’s time for my dessert and I want a test of your juicy pussy.” I add, less demanding.

She nods and soon comes back in the middle of the bed. I rip her string and soon put my mouth on her. In a few minutes I’ve her moaning like crazy and ready to cum. Her eyes I close and I don’t like that.

“Look at me when you cum!” I demand and seeing her cuming into my mouth is amazing.

“Please, I need your cock in me, now!” She begs.

“So needed and so ready for me!” I comment, fingering her.

I put her feet on my shoulders and enter her. I’m going slowly because I don’t want to hurt her and after Anatoli she deserves sweet love making but after a few seconds she groans.

“Faster! Harder!” She orders.

“I’m the one in charge here, Baby girl!” I reply.

“Please, my Alpha!”

How can I resist her? That’s impossible.

“You asked for it, baby girl!” I tell her already trusting faster and harder.

Goddess it’s so good! She feels so good!

“I miss it so much!” She comments.

“What did you miss? Tell me?”

“Your cock deep inside me!” She moans, moving her legs and wrapping them around my waist. I start to kiss her again.

“Are you ready to come again for me baby girl. I want us to come together?” I ask her.

“Yes! Please don’t stop, Ryder!” She replies.

“Say it again! Say my name again!”

“Ryder!” She screams.

I start to kiss her neck, and I don’t know what takes over me but I bit her neck the moment I’m coming inside her. Tasting her, breaking her skin makes my orgasm mind blowing! She screams my name again.


“Fuck! Did you just mark me?” She asks me. surprised.

Did I? Can I? I look at her neck and yes I indeed marked her. Wow! Finally!

“Mine!” I reply possessively.

“Are you okay with that?” I ask when I realize that I didn’t ask for her permission.

“Hell yes! Finally! I just have to return the favor now.” She replies.

“I can?” She asks, smiling shyly.

“I’m yours!” I reply showing her my neck.

She starts to kiss my neck and nibbles it. She’s teasing me that little vixen! I pinch her nipple.

“Don’t play with me, baby girl? You will not like-” I start to say but she bite me before I can finish my sentence. The pain of her teeth piercing my skin is quickly replaced by an intense pleasure and a feeling of euphoria.

"MINE!" My wolf screams in my head. It’s good to have him back. He’s just getting stronger because of the mark.

“I was not teasing, I was just getting you ready for the second round.” She replies innocently, biting her upper lips.

Oh, I’m more than ready! It’s only the beginning of the night!

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