Losing hope

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Chapter 51 - The Time Has Come Today

(Her - Hope) Now...

“Mom, can I go play with Noah later?” Dan asks me while he’s dressing.

“Maybe later this afternoon.” I reply.

“But it’s too long! So boring!” He complains.

“Or you can also not see him at all.” I propose.

He groans: ” Fine! We’re going this afternoon.

Alistair has decided to follow my advice and he’s leaving after lunch to go back in his pack. He wants to invite his family to his wedding and to meet his sweet cheeks and Noah. Melinda and Noah will be staying with. She convinces him that she will be okay here and that if ever Anatoli is attacking she will warn him. I’m so grateful that she’s staying as I still can’t use my gifts and Ryder can’t shift yet even if he can speak with him now. So we really need the most powerful witch by our side.

“Are you alright, baby girl?” Ryder whispers in my ear while kissing my cheek.

“Yes, everything is alright. Why?”

“I can feel through our bond that something is bothering you.” He explains.

My mark is still fading but he already marked me at least a dozen times. That I don’t complain because I’m loving every minute of it. I see him smirk in the mirror.

“I love this kind of mood swings, Baby Girl. I know exactly what you’re thinking right now.” He comments before kissing me mark and making me moan.

“The only thing that we like with the fact that my wolf is not strong enough yet, is the fact we’ve to remark you again and again. I still have half an hour before my meeting, do you think we have time for a quickie?” He proposes.

Hell yes! Of course I’m in! Before I could reply we heard Dan shooting at us. We both groan before Ryder crusses.

“Yeah... And you want 4 more. Do you realize it will be the end of our intimacy?” I ask him.

“Yes and I still want them. We will enjoy our intimacy before starting to make them?” He retorts.

“Fine, love of my life! I can’t say no to you.” I say, passing my arms around his neck.

“And until then we can still practice.” He says before kissing me.

“Dad, Mom! Come on!” Dan complains, making us chuckle.

“We still need to discuss, Baby Girl. Can you meet me in three hours please?” Ryder says more seriously. He is in Alpha mode right now, ready to start his day of work.

“Sure, Alpha!” I tease him.

“Careful, baby girl!” He teases back right away.

“Mom! Dad!” Dan shoots again while he’s only a few meters from here.

“Dan!” I warn him while Ryder is laughing.

“I’m going. See you later and Dan, be nice with your mother!” Ryder tells us.

I spent the rest of the morning with my parents, Seth and Leyla before joining Ryder in his office. The first time I went there again,I had a weird feeling. I couldn’t help myself but to think about that day where my life changed.

“Hey, can I come in?” I ask once I’ve knocked at his door.

“Sure, Baby girl! I was waiting for you! I should’ve told you to come earlier. I missed you!” He replies, opening his arms.

I accept the invitation and hug him. We start to kiss and soon our kisses become heated.

“I never did it in an office. Maybe you can’t change that?” I state.

“Me neither!” He replies, his voice is husky and sensual.

He groans: ” Soon Baby Girl, but before you need to let me know what is bothering you and we need to plan your Luna’s ceremony.”

“I thought we were waiting for your full recovery for my ceremony.”

“For our recovery and Anatoli attacks but you’re with me for 36 days and he’s still not here. We’re both doing better and it’s time for you to take your rightful place. The pack is getting impatient, they want to be connected to their Luna.”

“Okay... When do you want to do it?” I ask.

“In 2 weeks. the time to organize everything, is it alright for you?” He asks back.

“Yes! I’m your Luna. It’s time I claimed what’s rightfully mine.”

“Good! One thing left before I can ravishing my mate. Now tell me what is disturbing you?”

“I don’t know if something is not feeling right. It’s growing everyday and as I’m not connected with my elemental gifts I don’t know what it is exactly. Also I’m worried for Alistair and Melinda. Willow visited me yesterday. She asked to stay out of their problems which means something is going to happen. And it’s because of me as he’s following my advice.”

“One problem at the time: How did you unlock your gift the first time?” Ryder asks.

“To save my life.” I reply.

I start to explain the canyoning’s accident. But I felt in danger so many times in the last few weeks because of Anatoli’s visits, still I didn’t unlock anything. After speaking about it for 40 minutes and Ryder reassuring me, we finally have our time alone!

Alistair left yesterday but with Noah, Melinda doesn’t have the time to really miss him, or to think about it. We are all eating together , while the boys are already in bed, when suddenly Melinda falls. Enzo has just the time to catch her before she fails on the floor. I don’t know what is going on but this is not good! We tried to call Alistair but he’s not replying. Sybil wanted to go check but we can’t risk losing our only witch right now and I can’t forget Willow’s warning to stay out of this. I need to trust her, as hard as it’s. Once Melinda is laid down on a bed in our hospital wing, I ask Sybil to protect her from any harm with a spell. Noah told us a nice lady already warned him that his mommy needed to rest for some times and that he will have a lot of fun with us. Willow for sure... This is really not good and I didn’t sleep well that night.

Ryder had a call at 7.00 with an Alpha in Australia so he’s not here with me. After breakfast, I decide to go to Imladris to check if everything is fine and to change my mind. And less than an hour after I arrived, panic started to rise. We are under attack! Anatoli is here!

I find one of Ryder’s enforcers and ask him to warn his Alpha.

“The pack is also under attack, Luna.” He replies.

“What? Where is Dan? I want to be escorted by Enzo and Sam. They can’t leave his side!” I order, trying to hide my fear.

I’m not ready. Ryder is not ready!

“Dan is with Beta Ethan, Gamma Sam, and the former Alphas and Betas. Our order is to bring you to our safe place. Please follow us?” The guard replies.

“Where is Alpha Ryder? He can’t shift so he can’t fight!” I state more for me than for him.

“He’s protected his pack, Luna.” He just replies.

“And I want to! I can shift and I can fight!” I say.

“I’m sorry Luna, but my orders are clear. Alpha needs to know you’re safe. I need all his focus on the fight.”

“What’s your name?” I ask him.

“I’m John and this is Rick, Luna.” He says bowing his head in respect.

“Well John, I’m not a fragile thing. I can help.”

“Please Luna, I will be punished if you’re not coming with me. I’m just following the orders.”

“Fucking neanderthal!” I mutter.

Ryder is lucky we didn’t do the Luna ceremony yet! Damn I wish I could mindlink him and the pack now!

But before we can join the portal, the fight is getting stronger and the enemies are coming closer. I move my hands hoping to be able to control an element, something... Anything! Please! How did I unlock my gifts the first time? Come on Hope think! Think fast.

I feel John grab my arm and push me toward the portal. You can do this Hope! You’re stronger than him! Stronger than what he did to me. You can do this Hope! You can reconnect with mother earth and the element.

Suddenly we’re surrounded by 4 vampires and before anybody can move, I kill 2 of them while John and Rick kill the other 2.

“See! I can fight!” I tell them.

“We’re sorry Luna but we’re just following our Alpha’s wishes.” Rick retorts.

Just as we’re going to pass the portal, we see a big fireball charging straight ahead my house. No! So many people are hiding there. I think of the 6 kids leaving here right now. I can’t let that happen.

“NO!” I boom and the fire ball is stopped by an invisible shield.

Is that me? Did I do this? No it’s Sybil, she’s the one who stops it. But now I know! Thank you Sibyl for the reminder of who I am! I look at the fireball fading rapidly as I want it to. I’m a protector! I’m a fighter for freedom! It’s not my life in danger that triggered my gift the first time. No. It’s the ones I love in danger that did the trick for me. It always has and always will! Game on!

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