Losing hope

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Chapter 52 - The Power Of One

(Him - Ryder) Now...

The fight is raging and I know Imladris is also under attack. This is a war zone and a hard fight. We’re not losing but they are so numerous that we’re totally outnumbered. We already lost a fews wolves but not as many as they lost on their side. Werewolves are also fighting with Anatoli’s and they are not rogues. It’s another pack and I would like to know which one as their Alpha didn’t show himself yet.

Until I didn’t see any signs of Anatoli either. I hope he’s not on the other front in Imladris where mate is. I’m anxious because my enforcers didn’t confirm yet that she was safe. You add to that, that I can’t shift yet and you can imagine in what state I’m. Worried and frustrated as much as my wolf!

Good thing I’m an Alpha because even in my human skin I’m strong, stronger than most of the werewolves and I have no problem killing vampires and werewolves in wolves skin. Enzo lent me his daggers as he’s fighting in his Leopard form. He’s a formidable warrior, no wonder why he was chosen to be Hope’s protector. He’s really impressive.

Suddenly I feel a surge of energy passing through me. My wolf is back in full force and we’re itching to shift! How is it even possible? It’s like my battery is charged at 200%. How is it even possible? A vampire takes advantage of my surprise to launch at me but I block his attack effortlessly and break his neck with ease. I look at my hands surprised by the force I’ve right now.

My turn!” My wolf demands that I try to take full control of my body. He’s bloodthirsty and wants to avenge our mate. I shift and we share the control, me too I want to avenge my Baby Girl.

Something changes around us, the atmosphere is becoming electric.

Retreat now!” Enzo orders my warriors through the mindlink.

What the hell are you doing?” I shoot at him.

I look at him. He’s now sitting, with a dark look and if possible in his Leopard’s skin smiling.

Don’t you feel it? She’s coming!” He replies.

I can feel how excited he is.

You heard your Gamma, Retreat!” I order the rest of the pack.

They are confused but still follow my order. The sky becomes darker and we can hear thunder and see light all around us. The ground starts to move pretty strongly. What the hell!? Suddenly I’m feeling like I’m lifting from the floor and when I look up at Enzo, he’s levitating too.

You should close your eyes.” Enzo warns me.

He’s so calm while we are not touching the ground anymore. How can he be so calm?! A lightning strikes in front of me, dazzling me, blinding me. When I’m able to see again, I realize that she is here! My deadly breathtaking Baby girl. She looks so powerful and calm. All her posture is screaming aggressiveness! She raises her hands and all the vampires disappear eating by the ground which is now liquid. She does that so easily, this is unbelievable. I’m just stuck in awe. I come out of my awe when someone hidden in the woods applause. Anatoli! Finally he’s showing himself!

I growl, showing my teeth. I want his blood. We want his blood. My wolf and I both need it! He has to suffer for all he did to my mate.

It’s my kill!” We warn Enzo. Him too wants his blood!

I know Alpha and I’m not the one you should warn.” He replies.

“Hope! So powerful! So many hours of work lost. We will have to start over again! That I don’t mind. You know how much I love to train you. To turn you in a petty cub in my hands.” Anatoli says coming out of the woods.

I growl! He’s so dead. I join Hope and touch her hand with my snout.

“Tsk, tsk! What do I see on your neck Baby Girl! I’m so disappointed! How dare you to do that to me!” He hiss.

“You’re going to be severely punished! How could you disrespect me like that!?” He is just livid and I’m too.

Hope just smiles and moves her hair to show him my mark. She looks so proud of it that my anger is melting.

“I was ready to spare -” Anatoli starts again.

Before he can continue his monologue, he flies away before crashing in the ground. When he tries to get up, he files again and crashes even harder on the floor. That’s my Baby Girl doing. Even if we want to end him seeing our Mate playing with him like a cat with a mouse. He tries to shield himself but it doesn’t stop her. She’s too strong for him.

"So powerful!" My wolf comments in awe. We’re both amazed in front of our beautiful mate.

She plays with him for 20 minutes, maybe more, like he was just a rag doll. She’s cold and doesn’t show any mercy, that he doesn’t deserve any. A few times, we heard bones break and even if at the beginning he was able to hide his pain now it’s written all over his face. I’ve to say I’m enjoying the show! I wanted him to be my kill but I know Hope needs it as much as I do. It’s her closure.

Suddenly she looks at me and tells me: ” I’m done. He’s yours now.”

What?! Damn I wished I could mindlink her. We should’ve done the Luna’s ceremony’s weeks ago!

“I can feel how you want his blood. So do it, finish him. I’ve an Alpha to chase anyway.” She explains my unasked question.

I shift back as I want to speak with her.

“No! Baby Girl, you’re not leaving me!” I command.

“You’re not ordering me, Ryder!” She hisses.

“Don’t go, it’s too dangerous we will go together after.” I plead. For some reason I think she’s pissed at me.

“I’m not a china doll nor a trophy mate. I’ve always fought my battle and I will not stop now! So don’t ever order your men to lock me in a safe room!” She whispers.

“I just wanted you to be safe.” I defend myself.

“What about trusting me to protect our pack like you told me a few weeks ago?” She retorts.

Anatoli tries to walk away but the more he moves the more his feet get stuck in the ground. Hope! This is impressive as she didn’t move and didn’t break our eye contact.

“I’m trusting you!”

“Really?” She dares me.

“For my defense, you were not able to use your gifts a few hours ago.” I whisper only for her.

“At least, I could shift unlike you. Yet you went to fight on the first line and took that choice from me!”

Anatoli laughs: “Trouble in paradise already. What’s pitiful pairing!”

I’m so done with him! I pick up one of Enzo’s daggers and walk toward him. Once I broke his neck, I also decapitate him as breaking a vampire’s neck is not enough to kill them.

“Seriously!” Hope complains while raising her hands.

“I wouldn’t have let you kill him if I’d known. He didn’t even suffer!” She grumbles.

“You’re my priority, Hope! Not him. You’re the only one who matters, not him. He was not worth more of our time than he already had. Do I act like a possessive asshole over you? Yes! Will I do it again? Absolutely. I know you’re stronger than me, more powerful and it’s a huge turn on. But at the end of the day, you’re my mate, the love of my life, my reason to breathe! You’re my everything Hope, and I will always do everything to protect you even if it’s annoying you.” I explain honestly.

“Damn, I hate when you do that!” She mutters.

“Do what?” I ask.

“Melting me with your sweet mouth! I love you Ryder, you’re my life too and your protectiveness and possessiveness are a huge turn on too.”

“You know what else my sweet mouth can do?” I reply, lustfully.

“What?” She asks, biting her lips and passing her arms around my neck.

"PG alert! You’re not alone guys!" Enzo warns me.

"Cockbocker!" I reply back.

"I know bro, you need a short, I can see everything!" He teases.

“Enzo stays out of this! Why did you stay anyway?” Hope warns him.

He shrugs still in his Leopard skin.

“Well the show is off!” Hope retorts to him. As she starts to walk toward the pack house.


“Were you mindlinking him? How it’s even possible?” I ask her, jogging to join her.

“I can mindlink any supernatural being in one by one connexion.” She shrugs.

Wait so that means we could’ve mindlinked for weeks!


“Duh! I’m an elemental!”

“Last time, I checked no elementals can mindlink someone out of his pack.”

“Well, I’m not a normal elemental if you didn’t notice yet.” She jokes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask.

“I tried but your wolf was too dormant. The only time I was able to was when I was in my tiger skin and my tiger was able to connect with your wolf as deep as he was in your mind.”

“And now?” I ask.

"Now, I want to check on our son and our pack and once it’s done I want to have you for myself. you’ve my forgiveness to win and you promise me to show what your mouth is capable of." She mindlinks me as she stops in front of the pack house.

She smirks when she sees the effect she has on me. I definitely need to find a pair of shorts before going inside.

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