Losing hope

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Chapter 53 - Chasing Cars

(Her - Hope) Now...

Anatoli is gone! Finally, He got what he deserves! I’m feeling so revealed! I would like to say everything is over but it’s never. We still have to find the pack who attacked us with Anatoli... But before that we want to enjoy our victory. I want some peaceful time with my son, my mate, my family and my friends. A huge weight has just been lifted from our shoulders and I feel how relieved we’re all.

We have dinner tonight with our family to at least enjoy. I wish Melinda and Al could be here with us. I think I’m going to check on Al soon. I know I can’t intervene but I need to know what’s going on. Noah is still taking it well and Dan loves to share his room with him. Only Duncan is missing. Noah is visiting his mother everyday and takes the time to explain everything that is doing every day. Right now he’s playing with Dan is his room.

I look at my right side, checking at Ryder who is lost in his own thoughts. Something is bothering him and he’s not really here with us. I can feel that his mind is occupied with something. We lost 4 wolves today which I feel really bad about. Maybe this is what is bothering him, it’s bothering me too. If only I would’ve come earlier.

"We will take revenge on him! Tomorrow we will find him!”My tiger comments.

“Agree but everybody needs some rest." I reply.

Her too is angry about their death and we’re both blaming ourselves. They were attacked because of me, because Anatoli wanted me.

"Don’t! Don’t blame yourself. It’s Anatoli’s fault and that fucking pack we dared attacked us!" Ryder says in my mind.

We didn’t have time to definitely finish the mating and I’m still not bearing his final mark but we didn’t have the time and once the excitement of Anatoli’s end had deflated we just think about mourning our loss. Anyway even if our mating is not complete since I helped him to win back his energy and his wolf is back, our bond is stronger and he can feel my emotions and hear my thoughts and I can too.

"I know you’re blaming yourself too. As an Alpha, you’re affected." I reply.

"And their Luna, you’re too."

Not officially yet.

"Soon to be Luna. It’s the same. As soon as I took care of the fucking pack who help that monster we will do the ceremony."

"Perfect!" I whisper in his mind.

"Be ready Baby Girl. Tomorrow first thing in the morning I will find who this fucking Alpha is and challenge him in this afternoon. He could be dead before the end of the day and you will crown Luna tomorrow night." He states.

“I know you’re upset Ryder, but you need to think before acting. You can’t attack an Alpha like that.”

" Wolves of mine died because of Him. I demand his blood!" He hisses in my mind. His Fury is palpable.

"Calm down, you’re growling!" I warn him.

“Ryder, are you okay?” His mother asks him.

He sighs: ” I’m fine. I just need some fresh air.”

He leaves the dining room quickly.

“It’s about the pack who attacked us?” His father asks but it’s more an affirmation than a question. I nod.

“I need to think before acting. Running and growling like a crazy wolf is not what is needed right now.” I comment.

I’m getting up and state: ” I want to speak to the families of the ones we lost today.”

Meeting the 4 families was so hard! Good thing is I was not alone. Ethan came with me. He knew everything about them and that helped me to express to them my sadness and respect. I cried with them, I cried for them. This is so hard.

“Are you okay, lil sis?” Ethan asks me on our way back to the pack house.

“No but I will be.” I reply still sniffing.

“You were good, you know. Amazing actually.”

“Thank you!” I reply blushing.

“You know, I’m pissed too. I’m the Beta of the pack and as the Alpha I’m really protective about our pack. I want revenge too and I will not rest until I’ve it. It’s the same for Ryder. Nobody is hurting our pack without any consequences.” He explains.

“They were here for me, not your pack. A lot of Alphas are not fans of me... I’m too powerful and out of control.” I say.

“And you’re my sister and my Luna! Do you think it makes things better?” He asks, stopping.

“We will fight for you, to protect you!” He adds.

“As if it was that simple!” I mumble.

“It is! We will defeat any Vampire, Werewolf or any other creatures who dare come after you.”

“I can defeat them easily. Moreover, they are more powerful than me.”

“You’re not alone, Hope! You’ve a pack who’s got your back. You don’t have to do it, alone.”

“You do know that some of the pack are scared of me. Some of them even shared the same opinion about how dangerous I am. Don’t you feel it through the pack link?”

“No I don’t but I didn’t try.” He replies.

"If there not happy with you being their Luna, they are free to leave." Ryder says in my head.

"Are you spying on me?" I ask.

"You let your wall down." he replies.

"Where are you?" I ask him.

“Ryder?” Ethan asks me.

I nod.

“How? You’re not fully marked?” He asks again.

"Come run with me, please? My wolf and I need to run with your tiger. Meet me in 15 minutes at the lake." Ryder asks in my head.

“Our bond is strong and It’s an elemental thing. I’ve to go. If we’re not back in an hour can you make sure Dan and Noah go to sleep, please?” I reply and ask Ethan.

“Do you really think you will be back on time?! You’re not marked properly yet. Now that his wolf is back, he will not let you go before it’s done.” He retorts smirking.

I shrug.

“He’s an Alpha, a very demanding Alpha. We will not see you before tomorrow! Don’t worry, I will be sure Dan and Noah will go to bed on time.” He adds.

“Thanks, big bro!” I say ready to join my mate.

“I love you Hope! I’m happy to have a real relationship with you. I’m so proud to be your brother.” He says, catching my arms before I can walk away.

“And I couldn’t ask for a better brother! I love you too!” I reply, tears of happiness in my eyes. We hug each other.

“You should go! Don’t let your mate wait too long.” He says.

“Thanks and good night!” I say.

“I’m not the one who is going to have a long night satisfying our Alpha.” He teases me.

I laugh and shake my head. Time to tease him back: “Oh, I will! Do you want me to give all the details tomorrow about how your best friend fucked your little sister?”

“Erk! Nope. I’m okay with you fucking together but I would rather not have the details.” He deapans.

“Are you sure? Because I can speak about his dick and his skilled fingers for hours.” I add, enjoying his incomfort and the wince on his face.

“Yep! I’m good! You’re still my little sister and he’s my best friend and Alpha.”

“Oh I forget his mouth, the thing is can do t-”

“Enough, that’s my clue to leave!” He says before walking (almost running) away. I smirk, it’s the bitter bit! I love it.

Time to find my mate. Why waiting 13 minutes when I can join him in the blink of an eye. I appear just in front of him. He looks surprised but didn’t jump. Oh how I missed his wolf. He’s just.. Wow! I’m mesmerized by him. I’m just stuck in awe.

"Mine! Mate!" My tiger states.

"Take a picture, it will last longer!" He teases me.

I close the distance between us and pet him. Touching his fur, being with him without any secrets is more than I was dreaming about. My skin is itching, my tiger demands to have control and to finally run with our mare, her mate.

“You’re breathtaking. We’ve dreamt so many times of running side by side with you.” I explain.

"Let that dream come true. Shift now and run with me." He mindlinks me.

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