Losing hope

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Chapter 54 - Hit Sale

(Him - Ryder) Now...

Warning: explicit content in this chapter.

Running with Hope side by side is so amazing! It’s even better than I expected! Finally everything is at the right place! She’s where she belongs. We’ve been running for a long time now but something changed... A tension is rising and the both of us can feel it.

"It’s time to mark mate!" My wolf demands.

As if Hope feel our change of mood she runs faster, daring me to catch her. Oh we will catch you Baby Girl! Nothing is better than a good hunt.

"Run Hope as fast as you can! In the end I will still catch you!" I warn her.

"We will see about that!" She retorts that I am running even faster.

Game one Baby Girl!

*****Mature content******

Finally I caught her and she’s right now beneath me! It’s time to collect my price.

"Shift Baby Girl!" I order her and she complies right away.

Goddess, that body! She is just perfect! I shift back and the fact that she is checking me out shamelessly is turning me on even more. I can also smell how aroused she is! She’s going to be the death of me! And I love it!

“You like what you’re seeing?” I ask her.

“I’m loving it, Alpha!” He replies and I moan as she uses my title.

“Are you wet for me, Baby Girl?” I ask.

“You’ve no idea. I want to submit to you.”

“Then submit. I’m your Alpha. If you follow my order I will take a good care of you!” I swear to her before kissing her roughly. I need her, all of her.

“Make me your Alpha!” She begs.

My hands travel around her naked body and while my right hand find her very erect niple, my left hand finds her way between her legs. She’s already so wet for me. The hunt has excited her as much as me.

“You’re soaking for Baby Girl! I love how needy you are and how I’m the only one who can satisfy your needs.”

“Please, Alpha!” She begs. I’m driving her crazy by teasing her clitoris. My fingers are running close to it but never touching it. When I finally touch it she moans so loud that that makes me growl.

“More! I need more!” She’s begging so hard that she makes me feel like I’m the king of the world.

“This is what you want, Baby Girl?” I ask her while I’m fingering her.

“Yes, please!”

She moans and I’m in paradize. Seeing the pleasure on her face and knowing it’s my doing... Making her cum in my fingers... It’s amazing! I’m feeling so powerful right now.

“I love you Baby Girl!” I whisper to him.

“I love you too!” She replies, her eyes full of love.

“Now lover boy, take me and show me how much you love me!” She inquires.

“On your hands and your knees, Baby Girl!” I order her.

“Gosh! You feel so good!” She tells me, once I’m inside her. Indeed it feels so good!

“You’re so wet for me! You love it when I’m deep like that, don’t you?”

“Goddess yes! You’re so hard for me!” She moans.

The need to mark her is becoming stronger so I switch our position.

“Ride me Baby Girl! Make you come on me cock.” I demand her while kissing her neck. Once she’s reaching her orgasm, I bit her, marking her as mine forever.


It feels to be marked and mated definitely! We are now in our room where we finished the night. Going wild in nature is great but the comfort of a bed without any better is even better. Hope is still sleeping in my arms as I’m looking transfixed by her beauty. She’s mine, all mine, only mine.

“Hmmm, I love your possessiveness!” She whispers, her eyes still closed and a ghost of the smile one her face.

“Do you feel how strong it is, through the bond?” I ask her. As strong as my love for you Baby Girl.

“Yes. I even feel it poking on my ass.” She says smirking.

“That’s not my possessiveness Hope, it’s your sexy body my little temptress.” I reply, slapping her ass.

“Do you think we still have time for another round? I know we should get up but once we will, we will have to face reality.” She asks me.

“I know! Let’s enjoy one last time!” I say before kissing her.

"Alpha, Luna, I’m sorry to disturb you but it can’t wait anymore." Ethan mindlinks us.

"What’s going on?" I ask back.

“A bunch of Alphas are demanding an assembly with you. Apparently we’re hiding a fugitive, a very dangerous one or something like that.” He explains.

Hope rolls her eyes and gets up.

“Give us 10 minutes and we’ll be here.” I tell him.

Hope puts.

“You could’ve said 30 minutes. That bunch of assholes can wait anyway!” She complains.

“Are you the fugitive that the pack is hiding?” I tease her.

“They just can’t accept that I’m more powerful than them! They’ve no right to say that I’m a fugitive! I didn’t do anything illegal.” She protests.

“Nothing that they know, anyway.” She mutters, making me smirk.

“Let’s get ready Baby Girl. The sooner we handle them the faster we’ll be together.” I tell her, kissing her forehead.

“Maybe you should go alone, I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep my cool in front of them.” She tells me.

“Alpha Ryder, sorry to come here unannounced but we’ve a urgent matter to speak with you.” Alpha Theo tells me when I join them at the border.

“Alpha Theo, what is so urgent that you all have to come instead of calling me?” I ask him. They’re 6 Alpha in total and one of them is the one who helped Anatoli but I need to get closer if I want to know which one it is.

“Can you invite us, please?” Alpha Theo asks.

“I would rather not as one of you attacked my pack 2 days ago.” I retort.

Alpha Theo looks with stern disapproval at an Alpha on his back. So it’s him.

I growl looking at him. Hide fucker it will change nothing.

"Challenge him!" My wolf demands. We’re both furious.

We will but we need his name and evaluate if there is another threat." I reply.

“I’m sorry about that and we were not aware of this and it was an individual initiative. I’m Alpha Oleg.” Another Alpha says with a strong accent.

“Will you let us in if we swear we mean no arm and with Alpha Zane waiting for us here?” Alpha Theo says.

I nod and invite them to follow them.

"Don’t leave him!" I order my father and Ethan, who came with me to meet them.

"We won’t!" Dad swears.

"Sam, can you do some research about Alpha Zane, I want to know anything about him." I ask her while walking toward the pack house.

"Enzo said he’s a pathetic prick! He can’t accept that a woman is stronger than him. His pack is in Moldavia. Small pack, less than 250 members." She replies after a few seconds.

Once we’re all sitting in the meeting room, Alpha Theo starts: “There is a high possibility that a dangerous person is hidden in your pack.”

“What did he do?” I ask, keeping my wolf in bay.

“It’s a She and she holds some kind of power that she shouldn’t and she’s unstable.” Alpha Theo develops.

“Has she done anything illegal?” I ask.

“No that we can prouve but she’s dangerous. You can’t trust her. She’s lying to you. She’s a werecat and we know how your pack doesn’t like them.” Another Alpha says.

I don’t reply so another Alpha keeps going. I’m do fucking livid. I need to make a list of them and I will go after all of them one by one. Now I understand why Hope didn’t want to face them! They are just a bunch of judgemental assholes!

I growl and punch the table.

“You’re speaking of my mate!” I hiss.

“That’s impossible! You can’t be! You’re a fair Alpha, you can’t be that power angry!” An Alpha says.

“You’re not welcome here anymore and any act against my mate will be seen as an act of war against my pack!” I warn them.

My warriors enter the room and we escort them towards the border. When I see Alpha Zane I state: “I, Alpha Ryder, challenge you Alpha Zane for attacking my pack! You’ve 48 hours to fix the date.”

He pales. He knows he has no choice.

Before leaving Alpha Oleg turns toward me and stretches his hand: ” I’m sorry Alpha Ryder. I hope we will find middle ground in the future!”

I’ve not choice than to shake his hand, if not it will be a diplomatic incident, Fucking annoying rules. As soon as I reach it, he shares one of his memories. Wow.

“I don’t we will!” I reply, still surprised by what I saw.

I’m still looking at them leaving when I feel something touching my groin. What the fuck! Nobody is touching me.

"Baby Girl! That’s not nice to arouse me in front of our warriors!" I mindlink her.

"You’re so hot when you defend me!" She says while I see her coming out of her hidden place.

“You’ve a spy in their rank! How?” I ask her while taking her in my arms.

“I saved his son a few years ago. If they try something against us, he will let us know.” She replies, kissing my neck.

“I challenged an Alpha and you don’t look concerned at all.” I comment, a bit disappointed.

“Nah! You could face 10 alphas like him at the same time. It will be so easy and boring! Moreover if, if he was a real threat I would intervene. I’m not playing fair when the ones I love are involved. I never have and I never will.”

“I love you Baby Girl!” I say kissing her.

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