Losing hope

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Epilogue - Part 1

(Her - Hope) A month later...

Tonight it’s my Luna ceremony and I’m a bit stressed. We decided to wait to do it, the time to mourn our loss and to let the pack accept me. I know a part of them is scared of me. Traditionally everybody can challenge me for my position even if you have to be full to challenge me. I mean I’m a tiger and an elemental so you’ll have a death wish if you challenge me.

The pack house is bubbling with the preparation of the ceremony. I bought my dress 10 days ago while we went shopping with Sam, Leyla, and Mom. Avery, her mate and they arrived yesterday afternoon. She was not welcoming as Sam is and clearly disproved the way that I handle everything ( being a tiger shifter till hiding her nephew). After scrolling at me for more than half an hour she finally thanked me for having Dominic expelled from High school while he was bullying her everyday. Ryder was not happy with her but I deserved it. She’s only doing her sister’s job.

I haven’t seen him since this morning as we’re busy organizing everything. He took Dan with him, he wanted to share this day between men. I already missed both of them and it’s frustrating to know I will not see them for a few more hours.

“You know Ryder is doing a meeting at 4:00 to offer the possibility of leaving to the members that don’t want you as their Luna?” Avery asks, coming sitting at my right side.

“I know.” I sigh.

“It’s unusual. Normally you ask that during the ceremony not before. For you, he’s ready to not respect the tradition. To not hurt your feelings.” She states.

“Why do you want me to say, Avery?” I ask, annoyed.

“I shouldn’t let him do that!”

“I’m a tiger and an elemental. For both of that I’m... hm... difficult to accept. We just want peace and thought it would be easier like that.”

“Still it will impact his image!”

“Less than if he loses his cool during the ceremony. It was Ryder idea and decision. He wants this moment to be perfect for both of them, because they deserve that and he wouldn’t enjoy it if he’s pissed by the leaving pack members. Doing it 4 hours before the ceremony will let him the time to cool down. He’s doing it more for himself than for his mate. So let her breath, Av!” Sam says in our back.

"Thanks Sam!" I mindlink her.

"I need to put a stop now if not it will last for months! She gave hell to my best friend for almost a year because she cut the hair of my favorite doll after we fought and we were only 7! She’s overprotective and unforgiven when you hurt someone she loves and she saw Ryder hurt more than once because of your story." She explains.

Remind me of someone. We’re more alike than she thought... but I don’t think she would like to hear that. Not right now. I need to win her over before.

The meeting went better than I thought and even if a few members chose to leave they were only 10. So not so much. I know a few are still scared of me. During the ceremony, I swear to protect them and to have their best interests in mind. I’m happy to be part of this pack like it should always have been. This is where I belong!

During the ceremony we also officially introduce Dan as the heir of the pack and the future Alpha. He was so proud and us with him. The pack is finally full. Sam and Mom told how the members are more peaceful now. I can feel a lot of happiness through the bond and it’s really relaxing. I wish I could share that with Ryder but I’ve no idea where he’s and his walls are up so I can’t mindlink him. Well I could but I told him I will not as I will not spy on it, not too much at least. But if he’s not back in 5 minutes I will.

Suddenly, we hear someone playing piano. It’s Ludovico Enaudi Divenire, one of my favorite music. The one who is playing is a good pianist with by hands, I know how hard is it to play. When I go to check who is playing, I see... Impossible! It’s Ryder! How? Why? When he finishes everybody applauds him. I do to in awe in front of my mate.

“Surprise!” He mouths for me.

“Wow! I didn’t know you were a great pianist. When did you learn?” I whisper in his ears when he comes to hug me.

“When I realized how you loved that song when we were in high school. I wanted to surprise you by playing for your 18th birthday. I’m happy to know I didn’t learn it for nothing!” He replies.

“I love you! I’m so happy you found your way back to me! That you never gave up on us.” I tell him, my eyes full of happy tears.

“You’re my all world Baby Girl!” He says before kissing me. Everybody applause around me. Damn I forgot we’re not alone.

"Let’s go rum with the pack, and after you will me all your Alpha! Once we’re alone I will thank you properly." I mindlink him.

"I can’t wait to have you all for myself!" He replies back.

After a crazy night and woke up pretty late as it’s already 1:00 pm. Ryder is already up and I decide to go take a shower before joining everyone. I kind of smell sex. I’m washing my body when suddenly something scratches my skin. I look at my hand.

“What the fuck!” I say looking at it, incredible. I’ve an engagement ring on my ring finger.

“Ryder!” I scream!

“What is it, Baby Girl?” He asks innocently once he joins me in the bathroom.

“Did something happen that I don’t remember last night?”

“Not that I know” He replies, coming behind me and hugging me.

“I’m speaking of that!” I state, pointing to the ring as I look at him through the mirror.

“Oh that! It’s just the logical next step.” He shrugs, kissing my neck then my mark.

“You could’ve asked!”

“Duh! As if you’ve the choice!”

“I know but still it would’ve been nice to see you on a knee.” I sulk.

“Depend would you be in your knees in return.” He teases me, smirking.

“Obviously!” I say, rolling my eyes.

“Damn!” He mutters, while I turn around to face him.

“I want to be your everything, Baby Girl. Your lover, your friend, the father of your kids, your partner in crime,your mate, your Alpha, your husband. I love you so much that I also need to call you my wife.” He says seriously.

“I would love to be your wife as you’re already my everything.” I say passing my arm around his neck and checking the ring on my finger. I start kissing him.

“I love it! It’s perfect! You chose it perfectly! Thank you, Alpha!” I tell him between two kisses.

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