Losing hope

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Prologue - Part 2

(Him - Ryder) 5 years later...

“Daddy! Wake up! We’re hungry!” Eve says, shaking me!

Evelyn is my 4 years old daughter and when I open my eyes, I see she’s carrying her little brother who will be 2 in 10 days. Damn it, I just wanted to sleep a bit more! And Hope disappeared in the middle of the night, going I don’t know where. We really need to set up some rules about her whereabouts! I don’t like not knowing where she is and I can’t reach her through the mindlink so she’s pretty far. Anyway in the meanwhile I’ve 2 hungry kids looking at me and if I don’t feed them fast they will turn into screaming and crashing monsters.

Why is she always missing meals! She knows I can’t cook! I know there are 3 meals per day but come on she could think about it!

"Mom! I need your help. I’ve got two little monsters to feed." I mindlink my mom.

"Sorry I can’t!" She replies fast.

"Fuck! We’re doomed!" My wolf comments.

"Ivy. I need your help!” I mindlink my mother in law.

"I know! I’m already here. Dan already asked me to come!" She replies. Dan my savior!

“Let’s go munchkin, grandma is cooking us breakfast!” I say, kissing Eve and taking Nico in my arms.

“Hi Ivy! Hi Roman! Thank you so much for your help!” I say, joining them in the kitchen. They both nod at me.

“Good morning little men!” I say to Dan, kissing his head.

“Hey Dad!” He replies with a mouth full of pancakes.

“Do you know where she went this time?” Roman asks me.

I shake my head.

"We need to punish mate for leaving us like that!" My wolf states.

"Indeed!" I reply.

“She’s in America. She’s meeting with the Queen.” Dan shrugs.

His elemental' gifts are kicking in and he will be powerful too. This is how he knows where she’s. It’s been a while since we had our meeting with the M.I.B, I need to contact Anton and Al to see when we can have a drink together.

“Good to know!” I mutter.

“Eve starts to eat or you will be late for school.” I say out loud.

“But daddy, it’s Saturday.” She complains.

Damn! How I will survive today alone with them! Baby Girl you’re going to pay for this later.

I spent all the morning and the beginning of the afternoon playing with the kids. I’ve to say Dan is a great big brother and he’s helping a lot. He’s overprotective with them and even more with his little sister. She looks a lot like Hope but she has my smile. I know it’s too soon to say but I think she’s a tiger. The more I look at the way she behaves the more I know she’s. When I think of Hope at the same age it was obvious too, we were just not looking at the right signs.

My only break was during lunch and I ate with them so now that Eve and Nico are taking their nap and Dan went to play with Seth, I can finally breathe a little and I think I will take a nap too. It’s crazy how kids are full of energy and I’ve never expected them to be so tiring. Every minute with them is worth it but damn I’m so exhausted.

I’m woken up when I hear Nico crying in his bed. I groan! I slept for like what... 5 minutes?! I look at my watch and actually I slept for 40 minutes. Anyway, 5 or 4o minutes it’s not enough! Kids never stop! Why Ryder?! Why did you want so many kids?! Never again! Well, I want another one but before I would like to have a normal night and some times alone with my mate! When I take the time to listen, I don’t hear Nico’s cries. Did I dream of it? I focused my ears and I heard him laughing.

"Rest my Alpha, I got him!" I hear Hope saying in my head.

She’s home finally! As soon as I hear her I’m up. I need to see her, I missed her.

When I join her, she’s playing with Eve and Nico. Fuck I love my life! This is just perfect! As tiring and hard it is, it’s still perfect! I wouldn’t change a thing.

“Take a picture, it will last longer!” Hope teases me.

“I love you baby girl” I whisper, hugging her.

“And me?” Eve asks.

“I love all of you!” I reply, taking her in my arms.

"“Let’s play outside, it’s a sunny day today.” Hope proposes.

In the garden, we are joined by Ethan, Leyla, Seth and Liam (He’s 3 and half years old and Ethan and Leyla’s second son) and by Sam and Enzo and their 3 kids (Sheila, Maximo and Morgana). It’s so great to see the kids play all together and to be with adults sharing our parents’ problems.

I’m really lucky to be able to share everything with my friends and family. The good thing with the pack is that you keep in touch and stay close all your life. We are sharing our time between the pack and Imladris and the portal between both is always open. Some Alphas try time to time something against us but going after my mate is simply suicide!

“What are you thinking about?” Hope asks me.

“About everything... How lucky I’m. How great our kids are...” I reply.

“They were not too hard on you?” She asks me.

“Fucking exhausting! I love them but for the 4th one we will wait a bit.”

“Four is still your final number?” She asks, biting her lips.

“Yes... I don’t know... Why? You don’t want more?”

“It’s not that.” She mutters.

“You don’t want to wait?”

“About that... It’s kind of too late.”


“Are you trying to tell me we’re expecting!?” I say, smiling like an idiot.

She agrees.

I put my hand on her belly and state: ” Baby 4 is in here! And Daddy already loves you!”

She is making a weird and unreadable face.


“Well, it’s more like baby 4 and baby 5.”

“What!!!” I yell and everybody is looking at us.

"Twins?" I mindlink her.

Twins are common in werecats pregnancy for sure one of them will be a tiger. Sam and Enzo also have twins.

"Twins!" She confirms, pressing my hand again on her belly.

Through the bond she makes me feel what she’s feeling, the 2 lifes growing in her. Wow! I’m so doomed and damn it’s so good!

“Thank you Baby Girl!” I say, kissing her.

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