Losing hope

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Chapter 6 - We used to be friends

(Her - Hope) 6 years and 5 months ago...

A lot happened in the last 3 months. Meeting Ezequiel, my cousin, was great! Meeting Dariya was ... Not so great. Ezequiel warned me that she was a bit bitchy but the truth is she was a lot worse than that! Knowing her now, I don’t understand how grandpa fell in love with her and I think it’s better for my father that I grew up without knowing her. She’s a psychotic bitch and I’m not even joking. This is why I didn’t tell my father I found the missing part of his family. I’m calling him every few weeks.

I also met my uncle Nikolaï and my cousin Masha. Nikolaï lost his mate 4 months ago and is the shadow of himself and Masha is a super cute strong girl. She’s 12 and she’s the one taking everything while my uncle is grieving. Well, “Grandma” Dariya is here to help you but not sure she’s doing the best for them. Ezequiel doesn’t get along with her, this is why he left Russia but as soon as he can, he’s taking Masha with her. Nikolaï is a wolf while Ezequiel and Masha are both tigers. Anastasia, their mother, was a tiger too.

Phoebe decided to stay stuck with me and on our way back to Ezequiel’s university, I met a couple in need that we decided to protect, Maria and Francisco. They have a little boy, Duncan 4months. She is a shifter - she can shift in any animal she wants and he’s a gifting werewolf - he’s a healer. When they marked each other, he shared his gift with her. And now they’re hunting for this rare capacity. We decided to protect them and they are now traveling with us. We became close friends with Alistair and Enzo. Alistair had to come back to his pack but we’re still in touch.

Another big change, I became fucking rich. I won a super lottery about 2 months and 4 days ago. I met a girl in a bar that told me I should play at the lottery but I will need it. Even if I didn’t understand why I would need it more than someone else, I followed her advice and voilà! I won over 126 millions euros! Me, that I had never played before! The only thing is you can’t play if you’re not 18 but thanks to Ezequiel’s friends, I’m now 20! Older Ethan! I wish I could tell him...

I don’t want to spend all this money for nothing. I might already buy a Lamborghini Huracan, expensive clothes that I thought I will never be able to buy and a star. What?! I always wanted to have a star in my name! As for the Lamborghini, I need to wait 2 more months before having it. Urgg! So long! The good news is it gives me the time to have my driving license. I almost crashed into Enzo’s car when he tried to drive me. Made me realize that I really should learn how to drive before crashing a beautiful and expensive car.

Anyway, I felt really touched by Maria and Francisco’s story and I want to create a safe place for people like them. Somewhere protected where you could be who you’re. I spent so many years hiding myself, to play shy too scared to be discovered and killed. I don’t want anyone to feel the same way. I found the perfect place, in Slovenia, in the middle of the mountain, last week. I fell in love with this place. It’s so peaceful and quiet. It’s perfect!

I was able to buy 500 hectares and on the south side there is an old farm that we need to renovate but I can already see how this place will be. Right now we’re 6: Phoebe, Enzo, Maria, Francisco, baby Duncan and me. Francisco loves renovated houses so he’s the one in charge of it and Maria is starting a vegetable garden. We also bought cows and sheep. Phoebe cast spells all around the property to protect us. We are really closed and after a month and half together she has decided to leave her coven. I think she’s just happy to be only herself and not someone’s sister. Like me, she suffered to be in the shadows. Ezequiel was supposed to join us 2 weeks ago once he finished his internship in Barcelona but he met someone. And I’ve no idea when he will join us or if he will.

“Someone is coming, they just passed my barrier.” Phoebe informed me.

“How many? Where?” I ask.

“Tow. South, so they should be here in a minute.” She replies.

We both run outside waiting for those unexpected visitors. From far, we can already see two men running toward us. They’re not humans, not with that speed.

"Vampires..." My Tiger informs me.

“What are you doing here, Vampires!” Roars Enzo, coming in front of us.

“We didn’t know the place was taken. We just need to rest. We don’t want any trouble. I’m Daniel and this is my friend Henri. Please, we really have a break.” Daniel says looking at us while Daniel is looking at the floor.

I move past Enzo and tell them: “This place is exactly what you’re looking for. This is a sanctuary for everyone who needs one.”

“But be aware that we will kill you if you’re not here in peace.” Enzo warns them.

“Don’t listen to him! And Welcome to our home! I’m Hope, This is Phoebe and Enzo. There are also Maria and Francisco but they’re not here right now.” I extend my hand.

“Thank you for letting us stay. It’s nice to meet you all.” Daniel says, shaking my hand. For the first time, Henri raises his head and he looks directly at me.

“It’s you! Finally I found you!” He says, amazed.

“What?!” I asks.

“Are you sure? She is so young.” Daniel says at the same time.

“Yes, it’s her.” Henri replies.

“What’s going on?” Enzo asks.

“Do you know what an elemental is?” Henri asks, looking only at me.

“Someone who can control one or more elements like fire, earth, water...” Phoebe replies for me.

“Indeed and you my dear, you’re sensible to it.” Henri says, again focusing only on me.

“What does that mean?” I ask, confused.

“I’m the only one left in my family and I’m choosing as my heir.”

“What? Are you crazy?” Enzo asks.

" I’m 100% sure. I’ve been looking for you for so long. The seer, I saw years ago, told me the day I will meet you I will know and she was right. I need to teach as much as I can and we don’t have a lot of time.” Daniel tells me.

“Are you sure it can’t wait, Henri? She’s so young.” Daniel asks him.

“No, we don’t have time anymore.” He says firmly.

We spent the next 13 weeks together and Henri explained to me how being an elemental is working, teaching me all he could. He was strict but kind hearted. He was like another father to me and made me realize how I missed my family. I still don’t know why he chose me, what he saw in me that convinced him that I was the one. What I didn’t realize was that to pass me on his gift he had to die. He left before I was ready and it was heart broken and I’m not even sure it worked because I didn’t feel anything different nor I’m able to control any elements since he passed away.

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