Losing hope

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Chapter 8 - My Way Or The Highway

(Her - Hope) 6 years ago...

Henri died 2 months and half ago and still I can’t control any element. For sure he was mistaken, I’m in reality not sensitive to elements and I’m the same old me as before. Which is not bad. In Imladris everything is great.It’s the name I gave to my sanctuary, I know I just discovered Tolkien and I’m a huge fan. If I could time traveling I would go meet him! If only I could build the city for real!!! The dream!!!

Anyway, we’re now 11 to live permanently here. Phoebe, Enzo, Maria, Francisco, baby Duncan, Daniel, Vladim (a vampire friend of Daniel), Savannah ( she ran away from her pack to avoid a forced mating), Laura (a bear shifter that was living not so far from here) and Jordan (Laura’s mate). I miss someone.... Me of course! Alistair spent 2 months with us but left 5 days ago. Alpha order to come home for an emergency. I think his parents are getting impatient, finding his mate hunting a bit long now.

Right now, Masha is also staying a few days with us. She arrived yesterday and we’re leaving for Ezequiel’s wedding in 4 days. He’s getting married to some chick, Lilly, that’s not his mate. I totally disagree! I will never marry someone who is not my mate. Even worse, someone else mate! But who am I to judge.. This is not my business and I was rejected by my mate so I’m not the best to speak about love and mates. Alisatair was supposed to be one of Ezequiel’s best men but unfortunately he can’t be here. They are getting married in Formentera, so we’re going there in 2 days for the bachelor’s party. The good thing is we don’t need to fly over there with a witch. Oh, maybe I can rent a private jet for our way back! That could be super cool!

Speaking of Phoebe, we’re really close and I can say for the first time in my life that I’m her best friend! We even did the sisterhood spell to be sure that we will never be apart no matter how far we’re for each other. I grew close with Enzo for the last 2 months too. We’re sharing a bond that I don’t understand but that I can’t deny. It’s not a mate bond or a family bond for sure but still it’s as strong as them. Phoebe, Enzo, Alistair and I are a team, a really great team. We have so much fun together. We wanted to sneak Alistair just for the wedding but he told us that it was impossible. Too bad it will not be the same without him.

Formentera is such a beautiful island and the wedding was beautiful. I didn’t really enjoy it because I met the famous Melinda Warren, aka Phoebe’s evil sister. I’m exaggerating a bit, she’s not so evil. Not at all, I think they are actually very similar but I would not dare say it out loud because both of them will take it badly. Their parents always compared both of them, and I know they often reproached Phoebe to not be like Melinda. Fun fact that I didn’t know they’re twins. Well, “they share the same pregnancy” but Melinda was born the 24 of May at 23:50 while Phoebe was born the 25th of May at 2:45. So they’re not twins, just sister, Phoebe’s words. As it’s a touchy subject, I will not push it.

Anyway, Melinda was the main of honor as she’s Lilly’s best friend. Let me tell you that it was not a happy reunion between them, which is sad. I hope that if I meet my brother by surprise that we will fall into each other’s arms. Our relationship was not perfect but I miss him. Anyway, we didn’t stay long at the wedding, just enough time to make Ezequiel happy but not too much before an argument broke out between Phoeble and Melinda. Ezequiel promised he will come to visit us soon.

We are now canyoning in the Pyrenees, with Phoebe, Enzo, Maria and Francisco. And let me tell you this is so fun! Or at least it was until the weather changed and became stormy. Our Instructor is now worried and pushes us to move faster. We’re all supernatural beings but still we could be severely hurt if the water rises suddenly. And it happened a few seconds later in a horrible sound. It’s coming too fast Phoebe will not have time to create a portal to evacuate us. I can see fear in everyone’s face and when I see the water coming so fast so strongly towards us I can’t help myself but close my eyes, scream while I raise my hands... I wait and wait, my eyes still closed but I feel nothing. Was it so violent that I didn’t feel anything?

“Hope...” Enzo whispers in awe.


"Open your eyes!" My tiger says in a duh tone.

This is impossible! The water is stopped by an invisible wall only a few centimeters from us.

“Is that you?” I ask Phoebe.

She shakes her head: ” No, it’s you. This is amazing!”

How? I look at my hands.

“We should go now before you lose control of it.” Francisco says.

Phoebe nods and in a minute she opens a portal to Imladris. As I pass in last, some water passes through the portail too. Thank goddess, she opened a portal outside the house! I look at my hands.

“How?” I mutter.

“What happened?” Daniel asks running towards us.

“She can control water!” Enzo says, excited.

The others explained what happened to Daniel, I’m too shocked to explain anything myself. Daniel was amazed that I was able to do it. They also decided that it was best to make Juan (our instructor) forget everything before sending it back.

I spent the next weeks training with Daniel’s help. Daniel told me being in danger unlocked my gift. I only stopped training when Ezequiel and Lilly went to visit us, 2 weeks after their wedding. I don’t know what she is but she is powerful! She’s not so bad, we exchanged ideas. She liked my ideas of hidden paradise and will build one in America and I liked her Team L agency, so I will be her team here in Europe. She told me I should stop hiding my tiger but I did it all my life, I am so used to it and it’s even difficult for me to not hide it. This, however, is like using Beelzebub to cast out the Devil. She’s absolutely hiding her aura and what she’s too. I don't know why I'm sure she's a Lycan but that's impossible as they disappeared centuries ago…

Maria and Francisco are speaking about another baby, which would be great. I can't wait to have other kids around!

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