The ball

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Jane get to go to the ball

Romance / Fantasy
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The ball

Next day Jane go to get the items on her aunt list alright done with the shopping for today?jane thought about going to the ball as she slowly drive out of the parking lot.the competition then...I wonder how exectly we are going to compete and Jane hit someone car she go out and said sorry the guy go out and said it fine .jame smile and g0 back in her car and drive past the stranger who watch you go ?well .that was something...why would he laugh at me ! And he’s car does it even matter to him ,I hope I won’t see him again anytime soon Jane thought .Jane got home safe and put the groceries in the fridge and enter the living room and no one seems to be home.Jane said suddenly Jane feel sad and devastated.who am I trying to fool here? Iam not doing great at all .I feel horrible and I miss home way to much.then an ideal pops into your mind ,I should run away from here I’m sure I’ll find a in LA .Jane started around the room.but want about dad ? O don’t want to cause him anymore trouble.he deserves a better life ! Jane?what going on here corey is standing right behind Jane back .Jane turned around and look at him .Jane see concern in he’s eyes , tell me you aren’t leaving! Not until , you’ve attached the ball at least! Said corey . Jane lower her eyes ,unsure of what to say ? Do you really want me to join this competition? Corey lower his head trying to meet your gaze .if I see you there on the day I’ll be a happy man said corey .Jane I feel like leaving this place forever ! But darn he really wants me to stay Jane thought .why me ? Out of all the wonderful ladies that will surely be there . Because you are like a precious Pearl Jane .you are not like the others said corey ,oh thanks you .I guess but you are not like my auntie and her friends either.Corey smile apologetically.but iam ,but iam. ,being born to a rich family here is burden of rules and responsibilities.I guess so .there are many things in this life that I cannot . Control.but i knowing it is in my power to have you there ! No more running away then ? You have my word .not until midnight at the ball at least haha the only fair ! And now I apologise.I’ve got to get ready for the day competition Oh sure i understand.Corey kisses Jane hand and leaves ,,in turn Jane go. Back to her daily duties it takes a good hour to make some lunch for the family ...Jane was in the middle of setting the table ,her aunt storms in and calls her. We like some tea quickly sure .good and mind you. This must be done right did you hear me got it said Jane .Jane take out the finest tea set trying not to think of its value .. Jane looked concerned.I wonder why .are we having an important guest ? Jane enter the living room bringing tea on a tray a beautiful and elegant women is sitting opposite to your aunt .as you serve the you notice the is watching you with curiosity.thank you dear is that darjeeling tea ? Oh yes the finest were always after the finest quality of everything yes , no matter the cost , aunt looks intently at her guest .Jane can’t help but notice that there is tension between the two women .Jane turn to the guest and ask her courteously if she need anything .iam perfectly fine .my dear being treat like a queen.Jane smile at her while aunt Regina waves you off great .you can go now .hold on a second.Regina are you now saying ,you are not going to introduce me to this beautiful young lady? Aunt Regina lingers for a moment and the clearly unwilling to introduce me to the guest this is my niece Jane she working as a Maid here . Hi I’m Amalia! Please to meet you Amalia. Amalia gave Jane a warm and tender look.thank goodness corey isn’t the only friendly person here! Come and sit with us for a bit
!!must remind you Amalia she’s got duties here ,which are first priority. Alright ! Alright! Tell me child are you going to the ball Jane caught off guard by her try to find the bets answer but before you manage to are interrupted by your aunt laughter hahaha !and her do you think she get the money for that provided somebody has invited her of course that just nonsense. Actually I got an invitation from Corey .you did .to your surprise Amalia claps her hands with excitement brilliant !you know what you should come to my place so we can have alittle chat . I’m sure you’ve got plenty of questions that somebody has to answer.I actually do . You turn to your who look incredibly unhappy aunt? Don’t eve be starting this Jane .come on Regina . Alittle break from work never hurt anyone ! Listen closely Jane just because I’m your kind aunt don’t mean I’ll let you neglect your work duties! I really don’t care where you go in your spare time .but you can only leave once you’re done that clear ? Absolutely.what should I wear .I don’t think it’s an appropriate look ! Maybe I should change before it too late ? I need to impress her .I can’t afford anything better . Half an hour later you knock on the door of Amalia house don’t know Amalia was Regina neighbour.oh hi there ! The guy car you hit early in the morning what ? Aaah Hmmm am I really that scary ?sorry no not at all I mean you ate a bit scary. But that was more of surprised Ah ! A bit scary suite me just fine so how can I help you ? I actually come to see Amalia she told me ..he turn around sharply that not a problem, follow me .hello there Jane daring have you met my son Kevin yet ? Oh yes I have actually , I run into him early today he’s very nice man ,that what everybody said about him ,so let get down to our business! What was that you wanted to know ? Can you tell me more about the ball and the competition? Oh ! So you don’t actually know what going on here poor thing ! Everytime a boy from a rich family in our .is old enough to get married .he’s family pick a bride for him Wow isn’t it a bit old fashioned? It might be , but it’s a local custom.we are all used to that that what our parents and grandparents did ,as you know this it’s Corey turn to set up completion.his parents have sent invitations to the best bride candidates and luckily you are one of them but what exectly will we do? The competition has four round the worst thing about them is that you are told what to do in the next round before it starts . Whoa that tough and let me guess the are Corey parents? They are and the grandparents are elders siblings.but what if he don’t like the bride they choose for him .? Then he just have to accept his fate ? The best thing he can do is give an invitation to one girl that he want to participate in the competition this way corey has a chance of marrying someone he likes ! Hold on a sec I got that invitation!that mean if I win corey will marry me ?that to much to take in right now ? I know what your thinking child .do you think I stand a chance with all theses pretty girls participating? You have the best chance if you was me .oh thank you! But the thought of getting married at such a young age kind of creeps me out..listern you’re quite the ambition type so let make it clear Hmmm I guess iam ,,,you win the contest and get the best guy in town or you refused to take part and keep being your aunts maid .but I’ll have to marry corey if I won ! You figure it out I’m sure you could teach corey some progressive thinking I guess? I suppose I could .and if O lose at least I’ll have fun at the ball .let’s make sure there no if ,you are no ordinary contestant after all , not a girl willing to. Marry a wealthy guy .are you saying there are women who are after corey money ? Amalia rolls her eyes and let’s out an elegant laught .you are one kind ,really I’d say most of them .okay that gross.that the reality and surely you are different from all of them . That why corey has chosen you . I guess that the benefits of being a stanger here .good thinking but I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you I still have lots of work to do .oh ! Sure but since your here .Kevin could teach you some ballroom etiquette, if you want to look good and feel confident out there .she can’t be at time. Ah I wish you could stay around for a bit longer Amalia wink at you ..I’m sure it be more fun then work ! Hopefully Kevin will be able to entertain you while I’m busy ? She right thought dancing with Kevin should be much more fun than work ! I think I could use a little help from Kevin .alright then first and foremost the posture. Said Kevin .the what said Jane Kevin poke Jane on her back with his middle finger . Straighten your back .Kevin index finger slowly travels down your spine .see ? Good posture is always sexy .so hold yourself high it ? Learning here oww! You’re ticking me .haha that’s the whole point Kevin said wow that’s very .... retro hold on is this waltz music ? That’s is correct.are you now saying... Jane said ballroom dancing position set ... alright no nee. To hurry ,do you want me to court the beats .. no I’m good for now your too far away you got to trust the leading partenet. You know Kevin said ..sorry I’m very used to all this ,is that better now ? Yep , it is what that Kevin said , sorry I’m very used to all this . Is that better now ? Yep ,it is what that Kevin said you have a nice. Cologne .that all said Jane thank ! Let me guess you didn’t expect a tramp like me to smell nice ?haha ! Quite you’re not a tramp thought don’t worry sweetheart I’m perfectly fine with my life as it is .the music stop Kevin bows to you alright I’ve done all that I could .cant say I feel like totally different person now , but that was interesting! Thanks , I knew you’d love it and you are welcome .thanks for making things clear for me .you know where to find of you need any more answers so I’m officially in the game now .?let’s see what the further brings ! You come home and u open the door quietly so there you are the ball queen herself her cousin said .glad to see you too Kate
.I bet ? Do you have a dress now not yet ! Make sure it will be stunning enough for our prince ! Cut it Kate .you’ve had to much alcohol. Come on corey ! She said alien to ur customs ! She doesn’t deserve to be part of the competition. I know you hate me Kate but your opinion is not everything that matters in this world . Corey tell me what do you think of me being a stranger to your social circle going to the ball? As I’ve said before your presence will adorn the place . Even thought I’m a stranger to your customs ?the maid been invited to the ball ! That not fair mommy ! Ah yes about the ball .Jane your not going ? What ! And what did you expect? The ball is on Saturday that your work day .now that just not fair I want to go what if all the work will be done beforehand can I go then ? If you’re don’t with all the Saturday work I scheduled for ? Exactly oh don’t worry I’ll find something to keep you busy . Well said mom but .. enough! Now get back to work !. Jane there all alone in the tiny maid room .you let your grief embrace your heart and Jane start to cry .you hear a soft voice addressing your there you are Corey said corey?yep that me how you doing ..not great ,I’m so sorry for what happened there ... it’s not your fault that I’m being treated this way ...still I feel sorry I let Regina shout at u Regina my aunt she probably thinks she does me good ,you know what I think I’ve got something that will make you feel better ! Really? What is it this letter with my personal seal as a contestant in our private family event ,you are exempt ngrom any work during the competition.Corey said .I....I didn’t know what to say this is Amazing! It’s ok Jane .I love how you always think about what fair and what’s isn’t ..I guess it’s part of my nature .but also have ping someone special around activate the protection mode in me haha Jane said thank you for making me feel better off ! What ? That was a really tight hug ? With mr it is always all or nothing ,yeah I noticed let see if you can hold me tight now .oh that’s my dreams coming true corey gently strokes your back while holding you .I hope that wasn’t accidental. I thought it’s was time to widen or horizons Jane said . I like where this is going said corey . I’m afraid I’ve got to go to sleep now .I can’t take it when u leave when the clock ticks I’ll try not to do that again haha ! Goodnight Jane good night forum .Cory leave .Jane got in to bed and sleep well .


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