Life After Lockup

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I sat up in my bed, the sheets crumpled on top of me, and looked out the window. The moonlight illuminated the bedroom, giving everything a shadowy effect. The moon was bright tonight and full, I gazed at it.

I was glad I could calm Sassi down earlier and persuade her to give Dimitri a chance and that everything would be just fine. She seemed reluctant though. But I couldn’t be concerned about her feelings, it was my life and I felt it was the right thing to do.

I understood where Sassi was coming from, but she didn’t know Dimitri like I knew him from all those letters we’ve written to each other. And now that we’ve met in person, things were different.

I checked my alarm clock on the side of my bed, it was 11:30pm and I couldn’t sleep. Dimitri was downstairs, sleeping in the living room on the sleeping couch I had set up neatly for him earlier. I hoped he was comfortable at least. He looked slightly discouraged when I left him downstairs, I hoped he didn’t feel bad about Sassi.

I rubbed my forehead, if I could keep my family and friends away from Dimitri I would, they simply wouldn’t understand the situation at all.

I sighed.

It was strange having him here in my house.

So close.

I mean I could walk right downstairs, creep right in the sleeping couch next to him and cuddle against his masculine warm body if I wanted to. I shook my head hard, what the hell was wrong with me. I shouldn’t even have such silly thoughts.

I got out of bed and opened a window halfway, it was getting hot in my room, and I needed to cool down. I crept back into bed, determined not to think about Dimitri like that again, I should be thinking about Arthur instead, even though we haven’t really talked much in a while. Gosh, no thinking about boys period! I hoped sleep would find me soon.


The next morning, I got up fresh for the new day ahead. I was both nervous and excited to see Dimitri downstairs, I had to look appropriate. I took a shower and slipped on a floral shirt and skinny jeans, allowing my brown curls to flow over my shoulders. I applied blush to bring out my rosy cheeks and applied a touch of lipstick. I didn’t want Dimitri seeing me a mess first thing in the morning, if I could help it.

I ran downstairs to make some breakfast. It was Dimitri’s first morning here and I wanted to make something scrumptious, then the slop he had in prison, he so eloquently put it. I went to the kitchen and glanced at the living room. Dimitri was already up and dressed in his t-shirt and grey trousers. He was sitting on the couch already neatly folded up, watching T.V.

I hesitated to approach him, but went ahead anyway, if we were to stay together there couldn’t be any awkwardness. He sensed my approach and turned his head around.

“Morning! how did you sleep?” I asked with a chirp.

Dimitri smiled. “Morning Lillie... great thanks.”

“Since it’s your first morning here, what would you like to eat for breakfast?” I continued.

Dimitri’s smile broadened, a look I wasn’t used to seeing on him. It suited him though.

“I’ll be happy with whatever’s on the menu,” he said beaming.

“hmmm… okay. Does eggs, bacon and pancakes sound good?” I asked playfully.

Dimitri looked at me in a ravenous way. His look made me shy… jeez this man can stare, if he could act like this just for breakfast, I shivered what will he do for dessert.

Dimitri bounced up from the couch and followed me to the kitchen.

Once inside, I began to take out the ingredients and started cooking. After the bacon and eggs were fried, and the pancakes made we sat at the table and ate. Well, I ate, Dimitri wolfed down his eggs and bacon and took a heap of pancakes drizzled with maple syrup.

We looked at each other and smiled. I started to giggle for no apparent reason. I was genuinely happy in this moment.

“I can get started with the roof today.” Dimitri said, his mouth full of pancakes.

I nodded.

The rest of breakfast was filled with easy conversation between Dimitri and me. It was wonderful.


Dimitri was working on the kitchen ceiling and I was practicing notes my violin in the bedroom. After practice I headed to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and to check up on Dimitri and let him know I’ll be out. I peeked around the wall to see Dimitri standing on the third and fourth step of the steel ladder with his tools sitting on top, he was tall and could reach the ceiling with ease.

I admired Dimitri secretly as he worked. His strong arms were working on the ceiling leakage. He took off his t-shirt, only wearing a tank top. I admired his toned masculine bronzed arms, he’s tattoos invading his arms and crept up his neck, I couldn’t see the tattoos on his back, his clothes concealing them.

The sweat slowly dripped from his neck down his lean chest and back. Wow, prison did wonders for him. He was way more defined and masculine than Arthur. Watching him work a sweat made me feel giddy, my breathe hitched and I felt very warm inside all of a sudden. My breathing became more shallow and I ended up clutching the wall with my hand slightly too tight.

I swallowed hard.

Gosh, get a damn grip of yourself Lillie, what if he catches you ogling at him for crying out loud. I closed my eyes shut trying to gather myself. I snapped them open and saw Dimitri looking straight at me.

Shit! I looked like a freaking peeping tom.

I immediately went to the kitchen tap, grabbed a glass and poured myself water. Goodness knows I needed it at that moment anyways. I felt flustered and hot and red in my face. I could feel Dimitri’s eyes on me, and it sent tingles down my spine.

I had to act casual. “How’s the leakage coming along?” I asked trying to concentrate.

Dimitri chuckled. “It’s coming along, will take another two hours or so,” he replied taking out a hammer from his toolbox.

“I’m going out for my quartet practice now and we having lunch after that, see you later then?” I said.

“Sure, I’ll be fine,” he said nodding.

I trusted Dimitri, so I wasn’t worried about leaving him alone at the house. I grabbed my sling bag, violin case and keys and headed to the front door.


It was the first time I’ll be seeing Arthur again after our romantic session ten days ago. We did message each other now and again to plan to meet up, but it never happened yet.

I walked into the music room and all three were there already, setting up. I took my place and tuned my violin. I glanced at Arthur and he was tuning his cello seated on his chair. He looked casual and handsome today in jeans and a white shirt. My mind snapped to that evening, his bare naked chest in those same jeans. My heart gave a flutter. Sensing me looking at him, he caught my eye and smiled at me, I softly smiled too. At least there wasn’t any awkwardness, thank goodness.

Kenny led the way as we all played our musical pieces for the concert coming up in two weeks. Our practice sessions lasted longer now, an extra hour each to be exact since the concert loomed closer. Kenny was adamant we get as much practice together as possible.

After the grueling session, Kenny suggested we blow some steam and head to a café and have lunch, everyone agreed. My mind wondered to Dimitri if he was okay at home.

I texted him.

Hi, just checking in if you’re doing okay? Will be slightly late home.

Message sent.

Dimitri replied immediately.

Hey, don’t worry about me, I’m okay. Your kitchen leakage is fixed.

I smiled with a giggle.

“Who’s stealing your smile?” a velvety voice said.

I looked up and saw Arthur eyeing me with a side smirk. I hadn’t realized he moved so close. I stood still, not knowing what exactly to say to him. I couldn’t say to Arthur, oh an ex-convict is living with me that I was pen palling for like six months and I kinda have the hots for him but I’m denying it because I like you too.

I swallowed. “It’s just a friend,” I said giving a fake laugh. A tinge of guilt crept in me, I shook it away, I have nothing to feel guilty about. Or did I?

Arthur nodded. “We haven’t spent that much time after our last dinner? I’m sorry for that, things got really busy lately,” he said apologetically.

“No, its okay, really… time seemed to have slipped away,” I replied.

He unexpectedly hugged me, a warm tight one. It was nice to be held by Arthur again.

“Should we go together to the café,” he whispered in my ear.

I nodded against the crook of his neck and looked up to his striking face.

I forgot how you could get lost in his ocean blue eyes, especially when they were looking into mine. I forgot our special connection and how close we were at having sex. His minty masculine cologne flooding my senses. I suddenly became weak as the memories came flooding back. He broke our hug and placed a gentle hand down my lower back.

It felt warm and good as we walked out the music room together.

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