Life After Lockup

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It’s been a full week since I stayed at Lillie’s house. I fixed the kitchen’s ceiling and plumbing already. She was happy about the results. I liked her happy, and it felt great that I could make her feel that way, although there were many sensual ways I could make her feel too. I smirked and shook away my erotic thoughts, Lillie made it clear that we were just friends… for now anyways.

But I had a sneaky suspicion there might be another guy encroaching on my girl. I couldn’t bring the subject up to her though, we weren’t anything… yet.

Our conversations were light and friendly as we got to know each other better, she even invited me to see her quartet in the music concert next weekend.

It was amazing being with Lillie, her cooking was out of this world, real home cooking, she made me feel comfortable in her home, something I wasn’t used to. And not to mention, listening to Lillie play the violin in her room was incredible, she was a real talented woman.

I would be proud to have a woman like Lillie by my side.

I was getting ready for work. I showered and got out, and dressed in my work attire. I had a quick breakfast and headed for the front door.

Outside I found Lillie struggling starting up her car.

I walked to the driver’s window and tapped. She looked at me and rolled it down.

“What’s wrong?” I said confused.

Lillie frowned, “The car… it won’t start,” she said miserably.

“Here, let me take a look at it,” I said, motioning her to get out.

She got out and I sat in her place. I revved the engine, and it came up dead every time. I got out the car and checked underneath the hood, I had an idea what might be the problem.

“I can tow it to the garage and look at it there?” I suggested to her.

She bit her bottom lip, thinking.

“Don’t worry, its free of charge,” I said smiling.

“Are you sure?” she said shyly.

“Yes of course, anything for you Lillie.” I said with a smirk.

She blushed and I swelled up inside that I could do that to her. She agreed to it. I clamped up the truck’s tow bar to her mini cooper.

I just have to put in extra hours today at work, I groaned at the thought. But it would be worth it. Lillie was always worth it.


It was Midday and hot and humid as usual at the garage, the fan blowing didn’t do much good to cool me down. I repaired Lillie’s car and got the damn ignition to work, I gave her a call to come and collect it. It was near lunch time and she would be here any moment.

I was skeptical at first to let Lillie see where I worked. But quickly eased when I saw her beautiful face, filled with smiles as she excitedly walked in. She had a basket in her hands, no doubt filled with goodies and treats for lunch. She walked up to me and gave me a peep inside. I was right, she brought me a chicken cesar salad sandwich, an apple and a bottle of ice water.

I smiled. She was an angel, an angel I fucking didn’t deserve. This is what it probably felt like, when someone you cared for gave a damn about you.

“It’s just a little something to say thanks for fixing my car,” Lillie cooed. She was fucking breath taking in her pink summer dress and she didn’t even know it.

I smiled as I gazed at her in adoration. I hadn’t even noticed who stepped in the garage.

“Hey lover,” I sultry voice jerked me out of my infatuation.

I turned around to see Roxanne standing a few feet away, her head tilted to the side as her black long hair glided over her revealing shoulder.

My blood ran cold as I stood staring at her. Roxanne’s eyes glued to Lillie and me. My eyes snapped to Lillie, she looked at Roxanne suspiciously.

“Roxanne,” I briskly walked to her, grabbed her arm and wanted to usher her out before Lillie got any ideas. She jerked out from my grip and turned to give me a hug instead, I quickly broke out of her lazy grasp.

“You shouldn’t be here,” I said in a serious low tone.

She smirked and laughed, touching my damn chest.

I turned around to see Lillie approaching, fidgeting with her hands, looking between me and Roxanne. I shoved Roxanne’s hands off my chest.

Roxanne noticed Lillie approaching and her smile faded. “Who you?” she asked Lillie, her words oozing with attitude.

“It’s none of your damn business Roxy.” I said.

But Lillie spoke out. “I’m Lillie… Dimitri’s friend.”

Roxanne eyed Lillie up and down, the snarl on her face turned into a catlike smile. “I’m Roxanne… Dimitri’s girlfriend and lover.” she said smoothly.

FUCK! I had to do damage control soon. I stared open eyed at Roxanne shocked at what came out of her fucking mouth. I turned to see Lillie flinch at her words, and then looked to me. Her eyes mixed with confusion and disappointment, FUCKING DISSAPOINTMENT! I wanted to die inside.

“She’s an EX-girlfriend.” I said to Lillie, wanting her so badly to believe me. But Lillie turned away, I caught her wrist and looked at her, she glanced at me then looked away again.

“I have to be somewhere. I’ll take the car,” she said with a forced smile. I didn’t believe her.

I watched Lillie, get into her car, and drive off. I turned to Roxanne as she watched Lillie go, a smile on her red lips.

Anger creeped up in me.

“What the hell are doing here Roxanne!?” I shouted.

“What do you fucking think Dimitri?” she said walking, inches away from my face. I backed my head up glaring at her. “I’m here for you!”

And with that she kissed me!

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