Life After Lockup

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The sun had just set, and the warm evening set in. I arrived at Lillie’s house late, after working the extra hours. My mind flashed to Roxanne this afternoon, I had shoved her off me the moment she fucking kissed me, and then told her to get the hell out.

Roxanne left without complaint, but deep down I knew that wasn’t going to be the last time I’ll see her again. She was with Kyle and a few other people I knew for their business near Michigan.

I thought about Lillie’s reaction to meeting Roxanne, the damn look in her eyes. I clenched up inside as I got out the truck. I had to explain things to her.

I entered the house and it smelled of chocolate and butter, something delicious was baking. I walked into the kitchen and watched Lillie cooking. She wore her pink gown, the robes tied up by her waist, her hair was freshly washed, it looked like she just stepped out of the shower. She noticed me looking at her and smiled.

“There’s spaghetti bolognaise for you on the table, I already ate,” she said.

I nodded and made my way to the bathroom and freshened up. I returned and sat at the kitchen counter, ravishing my pasta. I watched Lillie as she continued to work. We exchanged quick glances to each other and I didn’t know how to bring the subject of Roxanne up.

“Is Roxanne your girlfriend?” Lillie asked not looking up at me, rinsing off a plate in the sink.

“No, she’s not… she’s an ex from long ago,” I said adamantly. “She can’t take no for an answer, but she knows where she stands with me, what happened between her and I are over.”

Lillie stopped and looked at me. “Okay… just asking,” she said awkwardly.

I so fucking badly wanted to let her know, that she was the woman I wanted, her and only her. I walked up to her as she washed dishes at the sink. I came close behind her, her hair smelled of roses as I neared closer, I breathed her in, her perfume and scent intoxicating me.

I unknowingly placed my finger down the back of her gown. She shivered under my touch but didn’t turn around. I slipped my hands on each waist side and felt her soft curves. She sucked in a breath, and mine became shallow. I moved in closer, my hands wrapping around her waist from behind, if I got any closer Lillie would feel just how excited I was for her. But she turned around quickly and moved away from me towards the oven.

My eyes trailed after her as she took out the chocolate chip cookies she had baked and placed them on the rack.

“Cookies before fun or fun before cookies?” I asked her with a sly grin. She looked at me and blush appeared on her cheeks, as she shook her head.

“We can just have cookies,” Lillie said focusing on the milk she had just taken out of the fridge and poured it in a glass on the table.

I sat across from her at the counter as she slid the glass of milk in my direction. She placed the freshly baked chocolate chip cookies between us. I grabbed a cookie and ate one. It was warm and gooey, delicious! Lillie watched me grab another one as I devoured it. A smirk hidden on her face.

“Did you think about me in prison?” I asked curiously.

Lillie leaned over the counter, revealing a peek of her breasts. My eyes glued to them, enjoying the show. She took a cookie and slowly dunked it in my milk and ate it achingly slow, licking and biting her bottom lip. I stared in awe, watching her do that fucking got to me, there was some chocolate left on the corner of her lip that I wanted to suck off.

Lillie cleared her throat and nodded, snapping me out of my infatuation.

“I did think about you in prison Dimitri,” she said licking the chocolate from her lips. “And did you think about me?”

“More than you know.” I replied softly, swallowing hard.

Her gown came undone and I could see her white silk pajamas with lace edgings underneath. I gazed at her body as it peeked. I wanted to rip that gown off and take her from behind right here on this counter, my mouth watered, and it wasn’t because of the cookies.

“What was your first impression of me?” she came and sat down next to me.

I smiled, there were so much I wanted to say. She was fucking perfect for me. “Your beautiful hazel eyes,” I gazed at her dove like eyes as she looked deep into mine.

“Do you still want Roxanne?” she asked me.

I frowned, “Of course not, I want someone else… very very much.”

Her lips parted as I dropped my gaze at them deliciously, I wanted to bite her bottom one and show her how good my touch could make her feel. I longed to feel every inch of her body and show how much I yearned for her in prison. I haven’t slept with a woman, since before prison and my erection was practically bursting out of my pants. I wanted her badly that I thought I might lose it.

I swallowed hard again and blinked slowly, trying to control my wanting hunger.

“What would you do if I kissed you right now?” I said my voice husky with desire. I didn't care if I freaked her out, I had to ask this question.

Lillie dropped her gaze to my lips and her eyes seemed unfocused. We both seemed to find ourselves in a bubble of lust.

She came forward and I closed the gap. My lips met her soft lips in a gentle kiss, I started off soft and slow, but my body involuntary reacted to her, I grabbed her waist roughly and tugged her towards me, I pressed my body against hers grinding myself against her core.

Our kiss became intense, a fiery sensation passed through my body landing between us. Our kiss turned fervent as I dominated her tongue against mine, Lillie seemed hesitant in the beginning, but allowed me full control of her lips. I bit, licked, and sucked them between my teeth, earning a soft moan from her.

It fucking drove me wild.

I grabbed her ass and moved her against the counter as I lit a trail of kisses down her neck. I pressed my hard arousal against her so she could see what the fuck she was doing to me. I was about to rip off her gown when we interrupted.


My damn phone rang in my pants, a vibration she could feel as well. We stopped, breathing hard against each other. I went for her lips again, ignoring the damn phone vibration in my trousers! But Lillie jerked away and stopped me. She placed her hand on my beating chest and gently pushed me away.

I decided to take out my phone to end the call, so we could get back to business, but Lillie looked down and caught the caller ID, I checked it too.

The name that popped up was damn Roxanne. Lillie pulled away from me. And the moment we had fizzled out as quickly as it came, our bubble of desire was suddenly burst by Roxanne’s call.

I swore under my breathe.

“You should get that,” Lillie said flustered as she re-tied her gown around her waist. She walked away silently out of the kitchen.

The phone was still vibrating in my hand. I looked at it and ended the call, there was no damn way I was about to answer it anyhow.

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