Life After Lockup

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Today was a new day, a good day. I decided to fix Lillie’s bottom house windows outside after knocking off early at the garage. I felt good about the path Lillie and I were going on, our relationship was developing, even if it was at a slow pace. I was happy about it, I could be patient for Lillie.

But I had a nagging feeling that bugged me, like a thorn in my side I couldn’t pull out, no matter how much I wanted to ignore it, it wouldn’t go away, it was still there giving me pain.

Gunner came to me, Big Ben wants me to fight for him again. Shit, I couldn’t catch a break not before prison and now not after it too. But above all, my concern was for Lillie, the last thing I wanted was for her to be involved in my previous life I so desperately wanted to leave behind me. The thought of losing my brother was too much to bear. It devastated me to my core, I couldn’t lose another person I cared for or possibly loved.

I grabbed a screwdriver and continued to work on the windows, eliminating the squeaks out of them. The heat stung the back of my neck as the sun was at its peak. The sweat dripped from my face, down my neck soaking the top part of my grey vest.

Lillie came outside with a glass of iced lemonade in her hand, the angel she was. She looked cute today, wearing a casual short dress and sandals, her hair freshly washed blowing through the gentle warm breeze. I wish I could run my hand through her soft hair. I glanced down her shapely legs as I took the lemonade from her hand.


Lillie’s POV

“I made for us a grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch.” I said smiling.

“That’s great, I’m just about done,” Dimitri said with a smirk, that gave my heart a flutter.

Dimitri followed me inside and I could feel his eyes lingering on my legs and up my ass. Heat crept up my cheeks once again.

We sat on the sofa watching season 1, episode 1, of Vampire Diaries. I had always wanted to watch it and I persuaded Dimitri to go on a binge with me. Luckily for me, he agreed.

I sat next to him as we watched and ate our grilled cheese sandwiches. 20 minutes into episode 1, Dimitri scooted closer to me, my heart skipped a beat at his proximity. He slowly placed an arm across the sofa top, brushing my shoulder lightly, my breath hitched. Dimitri then moved his muscular arm around my shoulders, my stomach fluttered. He turned to me and moved his face close to mine, breathing me in, I continued watching TV vacantly, holding my breath at this point.

He moved his head lower, brushing the delicate skin on my neck with his lips, I felt is hot breath against my skin and then a soft kiss. He continued to kiss my neck tenderly, sensually, it made my toes curl, I squirmed against the sofa and started to arch my back at this small pleasure.

I could feel him smile against my skin, I felt his tongue lick me next and sucking gently at the side of my neck. I gave a small whimper, he placed his calloused hand on my cheek and turned me towards him, my mouth inches away from his, I looked at his stormy eyes hunger with desire… for me. Like I was double chocolate fudge ice-cream and he was the spoon.

My lips parted for his.

“You’re perfect,” he whispered looking at me with longing.

My insecurities melting away, every time Dimitri looked at me.

He placed his lips softly against mine and we moved it in sync. It was the most sensual and loving kiss I ever had. It was small and sweet, not dominating in any way, that seemed so out of character for Dimitri. But he was giving a tender side that I came to like.

But his gentle kisses turned fervent, desperate, as he grabbed me in both arms. He pushed my body down the couch. His eager hands hiking up my dress cupping my breast in my bra. Dimitri gently squeezed them as he laid on top of me, careful not to place his full weight on me, not breaking our kiss once.

This couldn’t happen, I thought, it just would complicate everything. But it felt so good, the way he was making me feel was amazing.

My lustful thoughts were halted by a knock at the door, slow at first and then it came intensely. Dimitri stopped midway too, groaning slightly.

I got up unsteady and walked to the door, patting away the flustered look on my face.

Sassi could come up at the wrong time, I thought rolling my eyes.

I opened the door, revealing Sassi with all smiles, she held a pizza in her hand. The pepperoni and cheese wafting in my nose.

“Hey girl,” she chirped as she wisped pass me into the house with the hot pizza.

“Sassi! You can’t just pitch up here without letting me know,” I shouted at to her while slamming the front door.

She completely ignored me as usual as I walked in after her, of course she’ll be in the living room where Dimitri was still sitting on the sofa.

Sassi stopped and studied the living room, inspecting what we were up to no doubt. I sighed and rolled my eyes yet again.

“Hey Dimitri… you still here?” she asked him.

Dimitri straightened up, he seemed still flustered from our earlier activity, but kept his composure.

“Sassi,” he simply replied.

“You look flustered Dimitri,” she continued narrowing her eyes and cocking her head to the side.

Sassi then turned to me, “Come to think of it, you look flustered too Lil,” she said studying my face. I gave her a pointed stare.

She nodded slowly, walked around, still investigating the scene.

“So, what have you guys been doing… about 5 minutes ago?” she questioned, glancing between Dimitri and I.

“OH MY GOSH SASSI… none of your business,” I said shooing her out the living room. Dimitri smiled.

I gently pushed Sassi to the door. She turned around facing me.

“Oh my gosh, you having sex with Dimitri,” she said gawking.

I closed my eyes shut. “I am not having sex with Dimitri,” I said through gritted teeth.

Sassi shook her head and laughed. “Listen, I didn’t mean to spoil your fun, I know I’ll be pissed if you did that to me and I was about to get it on,” she said casually, still chuckling.

“Here,” Sassi handed me the hot pizza. “You guys deserve this… you know you might get famished after working up a sweat.”

I sighed.

“Thank you Sassi,” I said sarcastically.

As she opened the door to go out, she stopped and turned. “Oh, one more thing, I hope you on birth control Lil,” she said giving me a pointed look.

“Of course Sassi, I never stopped since Mason,” I huffed.

She laughed. “Good girl… now go ride that dick.”

My mouth dropped open, and with that she was gone.

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