Life After Lockup

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The next day was filled with chores I had neglected during the week. I packed the clothes from the washing mind lingered to Dimitri’s kisses and I shivered at the thought, but of course nothing happened further yesterday, Sassi totally killed the mood, and Dimitri and I only ended watching till episode 2 of Vampire Diaries before calling it quits for the day.

After I was done, I marched downstairs to the kitchen.

Dimitri came out from the bathroom, all dressed in casual wear. He looked handsome, in his dark jeans and black shirt, he was clean shaven and smelled of smoky musk, utterly delicious. A tingle ran down my spine. It looked like he was about to go somewhere, I knew it wasn’t the garage Dimitri was going to, it was his day off.

“Where you off to?” I asked frowning.

He smiled mischievously, “Well Jose, wants to have a causal get together, to promote JD Autoworks, it’s at some restaurant. He invited some people, a few customers and said we could invite people too.”

Dimitri smiled at me. “So, what do you say Lillie?”

I was stunned. “You want me to come with you?”

Dimitri nodded. “Why not… we could make it a mini date.”

I blushed and agreed to go with him.


We arrived at a place called Cheers Saloon, I heard the music echoing from the back area of the restaurant. I fixed my hair and applied makeup quickly in Dimitri’s truck, using the vanity mirror, I didn’t have enough time to do it properly at home, since we were in a hurry to get here. Once outside, I tucked in my white shirt into my jeans.

We walked into the open-planned restaurant that led to a huge outside area. The aroma of smoky barbeque hit my senses as the sound of something sizzling popped on a huge grill at the corner of the restaurant.

The place looked informal as people were scattered to the right and left of me. I was nervous, I knew no one. Dimitri held my hand and scanned the open area. He waved at a guy he worked with at the garage. We walked over to him and Dimitri introduced us.

“This is Ryder,” Dimitri said to me.

I smiled and greeted him.

“So, you must be Lillie, Dimitri’s talking about?” Ryder said.

I smiled as heat rushed to my face. What has Dimitri been talking about? I wondered.

I turned to Dimitri wanting to say something, but his attention was straight ahead towards the entrance. He pulled stiff next me, and his face tensed up. I turned to look in his direction, and my face suddenly fell too.


Dimitri’s ex-girlfriend was suddenly here and was accompanied by another man I never met. He had short brown hair and wore a leather jacket and jeans. Gosh, I hoped it was her boyfriend. She caught Dimitri looking at her, and my heart constricted.

Great! this is just what I needed to see right now.

Roxanne smirked, she wore a black leggings with a green top, her long black hair parted to the side, she slithered her way up to us walking one stiletto heel in front of the other with her hips swaying in tune. She gave a fake lash look that burnt into Dimitri as she approached.

Dimitri turned away and breathed in deep as she stood in front of us.

“Hey lover,” she purred at him. She looked at me in disdain as her smirk faded, eyeing me up and down. I stiffened at her cruel look, and insecurities crept in.

The man that came with her joined us.

“Hey Bleeder my man,” he smiled and played punched Dimitri.

Dimitri gave a tight smile, with a look of irritation. The man was standing next to Dimitri and seemed to be in deep conversation with him. Words were exchanged in hushed tones between the two.

Dimitri ended up looking pissed.

I made an excuse to get a drink and walked away from Dimitri, Ryder, the stranger, and Roxanne. I looked back and watched her clinging on to Dimitri like a monkey to a tree. I rolled my eyes. He kept on shaking her off from him, he ultimately had to get slightly aggressive with his approach.

I sat in an empty seat and hung my denim jacket over the chair.

Dimitri walked up to me at the bar, I smiled cautiously as he came nearer.

“Who is that man with Roxanne,” I asked him.

“His name is Kyle. He’s just an old friend,” Dimitri sighed.

“Why does he call you Bleeder?” I asked Dimitri frowning.

He smiled softly, “Coz I used to make people bleed,” he whispered.

I nodded lightly, keeping my mouth shut, what the hell was I supposed to say to that!

I looked back and saw Roxanne looking at me venomously. I nervously turned away and crept up closer to Dimitri, since a group of rowdy guys near to me at the bar were standing too close.

We spent some time at the bar, with Ryder as company. The loud man standing to the side kept on brushing against me and giving me the side eye. I tried to ignore him as much as I could but felt uncomfortable being next to him.

I stood up from my seat, but the same man stalked towards Dimitri and I. He was a tall guy, who looked athletic, like a jock from a football team. His approach was calm at first, apologizing for standing too close and slurring of words I couldn't fully understand, clearly this man had too much to drink!

But then he became more aggressive, when Dimitri wasn't listening any longer. He kept trying to touch me, grazing my arm and back. Dimitri noticed this, he pulled me away, but the jock grabbed hold of my hand.

Dimitri got into his drunken face and told him to let go, he refused.

The jock shoved Dimitri back, hitting his chest hard. “What the fuck you gonna do tough guy… your girl is giving me the eye all night?” The jock said cockily.

I stood stunned, clearly this man was baiting Dimitri for a fight.

Dimitri didn’t budge that much, but it was enough for a conflict to start. Dimitri moved me aside and got into the jock’s face further, I have never seen Dimitri like this before, so angry, so violent. I knew he was a fighter but seeing his aggression with my own eyes was something else. You could see he’d done this before and with such ease.

His face contorted tight and he clenched his jaw, he gave his menacing stare and both hands were balled up into fists by his sides, it looked like he was ready to tackle. My heart pounded faster, Dimitri might have been in his element, but I was totally out of mine.

The jock kept spitting words at him, and I couldn’t help but think this was my fault.

Roxanne walked up and tried to pull Dimitri away, but he pushed her aside, only seeing the jock in front of him, there was no tearing his eyes off this guy. Kyle just stood, his arms crossed, on the side lines watching the whole drama unfold.

Why wasn’t he helping his friend?

Dimitri went further and took the guy by his collar, I had to do something, I couldn’t allow him to jeopardize his parole and risk him going back to prison over something so stupid. This guy would probably charge him with assault or something.

I pushed my way through the crowd that had gathered around the two of them.

“Dimitri!” I called out his name, but he couldn’t hear me, he was too entranced by his victim.

I stood close to him now, the crowd pushing and poking my back. I flinched from all the discomfort.


I said his name a few more times, finally I placed my hand on his cheek.

“Dimitri,” I breathed. He finally glanced at me.

I frowned. “Please stop this… lets go home...please. he’s not worth it.” I pleaded softly only he could hear.

I saw the mechanics of his mind work, changing. His fiery stormy eyes, turned cooler, softer as he continued to look into my pleading ones. The scowl on his face eased into a man that I could break through to. He finally calmed down enough to let the jock go from his tight grip. Dimitri shook his head as if coming to his senses.

The jock looked scared but quickly saved face in front of the on looking crowd, shouting words out boastfully.

But I didn’t care what that asshole had to say. I took Dimitri’s hand and led him through the crowd, out the restaurant entrance, to where the truck was parked. We had to get out of this place.

Dimitri was huffing all the way, he placed his hands in his pockets, looking down, he looked ashamed or embarrassed for the way he had acted. He walked to the car, the breeze turned cold and I reached out for my jacket but realized I had forgotten it inside.

I scowled at myself.

I turned back and rushed into the restaurant while Dimitri went ahead. I jogged to the seat where we sat and grabbed the jacket I had left there still hanging. I turned around to leave again. But was stopped by Kyle who blocked my way standing slightly too close. I backed a step away from him, keeping my guard up.

A smile crept up the side of Kyle’s mouth. “You must be something really special to Dimitri, you know that Lillie,” he said smirking.

I frowned.

“Why would you say that?” I asked confused.

His smile deepened and his green eyes pierced into me, “You the only one that could do that…”

“Do what?” I asked impatiently.

“Break through his anger.” Kyle simply said.

I shook my head and pushed past him, not wanting to hear any more nonsense.

He chuckled behind me. “Seems like bleeder has a weakness after all,” he shouted.

I looked back uneasily, Kyle studied me and looked deep in thought.

A cold shudder ran down my spine.


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