Life After Lockup

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The front door closed quietly underneath, I turned to check the clock next to me, it was 00:30am. Dimitri took longer than expected to return home. I laid in bed, listening intently in the dark. I heard rustling downstairs, and something bumped over. I decided to go down and investigate what’s happening.

I slipped out of bed, not bothering to wear my gown or slippers. I tip toed down the dark stairs into the living room, but Dimitri wasn’t there. I glanced to where the bathroom light was on, the only light that illuminated through the house. I quietly walked towards the rustling inside it. The door was ajar, and I carefully opened it. I peeked through but was met with shock, I slowly opened the door further to see a bloody Dimitri.

Blood ran from his nose and from a deep cut on his forehead, he seemed to hold the side of his body as his other hand took tissues to wipe his bloody nose. He looked a mess. His hoodie splattered with blood and T-shirt was thrown on the floor in the corner. Dimitri was standing only in his jeans and sneakers.

I gasped at the scene.

Dimitri saw my shocked reflection in the mirror hanging above the sink he was hovering over. His pained eyes caught my terrified ones.

He turned his head towards me, but not fully all the way, refusing to look at me. “You shouldn’t see me like this Lillie,” he said softly. “Please go back to bed.”

I took a terrified step closer.

“What happened to you Dimitri?” I said concerned.

He turned around and took in my appearance by scanning me up and down. Goosebumps broke out on my skin under his stormy gaze.

Seeing him so raw like this, I didn’t know what to make of it, I took a step back.

Dimitri flinched at my movement.

“You don’t have to worry about it,” he simply said, his voice tight.

I frowned, “How can I not worry about this, you look beaten up, did someone do this? Were you in an accident?”

Dimitri shook his head and then hung it low, his hands gripping the basin tight.

“Dimitri?” I said tenderly.

He shut his eyes. “I was robbed, a bunch of stupid teenagers got a jump on me,” his eyes snapped open and looked at me. “Don’t worry nothing was stolen, I made sure of that.”

“You should go to a hospital and the police?” I said alarmed, as I crossed my arms.

“Nah, this is nothing I can’t handle. There’s no use for the cops, the boys fled,” Dimitri smiled at me softly, but I was still terrified. “Believe it or not, I’ve been through much worse, this is just a scratch”.

I sighed. “Okay… at least let me help you clean your wounds, you not doing a very good job of it.”

Dimitri shook his head.

“I’m not taking no for an answer, you hurt, and I can help you,” I told him sternly.

I told him to follow me to my bedroom’s bathroom. The first aid kit was there. Dimitri followed me slowly upstairs to my bedroom. I could see that his ribs were tender, it already started to bruise slightly, I cringed when he contorted his face in pain as he sat on the edge of the bathtub.

I immediately grabbed the first aid kit from the cabinet underneath the sink. Opened it and rummaged for some disinfectant and swabs. I placed the swab on Dimitri’s forehead, dabbing on the deep cut. The bleeding stopped at least. Dimitri flinched at each contact. I tried to be as gentle as I could as I placed a band aid on it.

“How’s your ribs?” I asked.

Dimitri slightly moaned.

“Just bruised… but I’ll survive,” he said smiling weakly.

I continued tendering the small cuts on his face, my body was close to Dimitri, I felt him breathing down my chest. I could feel him pulling stiff under my touch and looked anywhere else but my eyes.

I bit my bottom lip as I felt heat creep up my cheeks. I continued tendering to Dimitri’s lips, he had a small cut on the bottom of it, I dabbed it with a swab.

This was the first time I could study Dimitri up close. And I couldn’t help but wonder how my body would feel right now, if his lips were on mine… my neck… my breasts, all over my body.

Dimitri’s breath hitched up, and I felt my breathing getting slightly haggard. My body was inches away from Dimitri now, I moved my way down to his well-defined mid- torso, I noticed a cut earlier on the left side. I bent on my knees and dabbed some disinfected on it.

My eyes unknowingly roamed Dimitri’s firm defined body, his arms were muscled, covered with tattoo patterns, his rock-hard abs were tantalizing, I wanted to reach out and touch each ripple. The tattoo of a hawk on his upper chest looked intimidating as it stared back, daring me in some way.

I could feel Dimitri’s heavy stare on me, sparks ran across my body like electricity as tingles ran down to my core. Heat pooling up between my legs. I glanced up meekly, and I felt lightheaded under the weight of his stormy eyes, that were filled with something… need.

Dimitri looked vulnerable and powerful all at once. I felt that tug again, this time stronger than ever.

All I could think of is wanting this man in front of me.

I wanted Dimitri now… Inside me.

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