Life After Lockup

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Lillie this close to me was unbearable.

Watching her tend to my wounds sparked something inside me. Nobody cared for me like this before, and I wasn’t used it. I hoped I hadn’t scared her looking like this, all bruised and battered. I didn’t want Lillie to be afraid of me and felt guilty for lying to her, but I couldn't allow Lillie to know the truth, I needed to protect her from it.

I breathed in Lillie’s delicate scent, that wafted around me bringing me comfort. The same scent I had inhaled night after night in prison. It brought back memories of how I wanted this woman, how good she could be for me. And she was, in every way. I wanted her more than I wanted any woman in this world.

I gazed at her in a dream like state. Her soft brown curls hung around her shoulders, she kept pushing the sides of her hair behind her ear as she worked. I imagined running my fingers through them, I was so close to stretching out my hand and touching her. Her olive skin looked delectable, tasty enough to eat, my eyes trailed down to her full pink lips, she bit the bottom one and it practically drove me insane.

I stifled a groan and pulled my muscles stiff, earning an ache in my ribs, I didn’t want Lillie to notice the growing arousal in my jeans. I looked at anything but her, trying to conceal my emotions.

Lillie dared to just wear her white silk nightie, I stared at her supple breasts shapely underneath. Her nipples peaked as she bent down on her knees to clean the cut on my torso. I had a pretty good view of it.

Here was this woman, I’ve been dreaming about so long, in a position that was way too tempting, even for me. I had to make this quick, I didn’t trust myself. I was tempted to take her right now in her bathroom, against the sink.

She was so near my growing bulge that I almost burst at the seams in front of her. She looked at me with hazy eyes, in an almost shy like way. Her lips parted. Time seemed to have stopped, as we gazed at each other. I looked into her hazel eyes I have come to love, and noticed something deeper in them I’ve never seen before.

It resembled heat.

My throbbing dick twitched.

Hope rose within me, was she thinking what I was thinking? Or should I get out of her bathroom and diffuse the situation and ignore what was happening between us? I wasn’t sure what the fuck to do or what she wanted.

Lillie touched both of my thighs for support as she stood up, and a bolt of electricity shot up through me. I looked up to her standing in front of me, she looked down not breaking eye contact. I’ve never seen Lillie like this, I could feel the air charged around us. But whatever it was, it fucking excited me.

“You good as new,” she said.

My heart dropped… was that all? Was that it?

I frowned.

“Yeah… thanks Lillie,” I said confused.

I stood up from the edge of the bathtub but Lillie gently pushed me to sit down again.

“I’m not done yet,” she murmured, her words filled with heat.

I gulped.

“There’s a few questions I want to ask you?” she continued.

My eyes glued to hers, I nodded, not knowing where the fuck this was going.

She tapped her chin with her finger lightly and tilted her head in thought.

“Do you see me in your future?” Lillie asked playfully.

I raised a brow at the question, but nodded.

She tapped her chin with her finger again, asking her questions achingly slow.

“How do you feel about me?” she continued.

I couldn’t help but think that this was a trick question. “You mean more to me than you could imagine Lillie,” I said cautiously.

The answer seemed to have satisfied her, a small smile crept up her lips. She regarded me for a moment and bit her bottom lip, coming dangerously closer.

“Have you ever tried to picture me naked?” she said, a naughty gleam in her eye.

My right eye twitched… I sucked in a breath and nodded.

“Did my perfume drive you crazy in prison?” Lillie asked seductively.


My heart pumped faster and my erection throbbed threatening to burst out of my jeans. It practically hurt.

“Fucking crazy,” I breathed out huskily.

She purposefully placed her face close to mine, her scent intoxicating. “Do you want me as a friend or… something more?” she said her breathing becoming shallow.

I was fucking losing it at this point.

“More…” I breathed out.

I stood up slowly, all my injuries numbed and forgotten.

She looked up at me as I loomed over her, desire in her eyes as she spoke out her next words, breathlessly.

“How do you want me?”


I grabbed her in my arms and fucking devoured her.

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