Life After Lockup

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Dimitri’s kiss was intense and sizzling, igniting sparks within me. He dominated my lips, forcing his tongue against mine in a pulsing need. I felt his powerful hands grabbing my ass and his strong arms lifting me up. My arms held tightly around his neck, I wrapped my legs around him as we kissed passionately. It felt so good to be in his arms, for a moment I forgot about his injuries, but he lifted me so effortlessly, it didn’t cross my mind.

Dimitri was fully in control as he walked us out of the bathroom, to my bed. My body bounced as he threw me against the undone covers.

“Your injuries…” I breathed out.

“Don’t worry about them,” he said huskily. “Tonight, you all mine and nothing is going to stop me.”

A thrilling shiver ran through me and my heart pounded rapidly against my chest.

Dimitri sauntered around the bed, eyeing me from head to toe, a suggestive smirk creeping up his face. Heat pooled between my legs, aching for him.

I breathed deep, in and out.

He loosened his belt and popped open the buttons on his jeans, quickly sliding out of them, kicking off his sneakers after. He was wearing nothing but his black boxers, my eyes popped at the huge bulge protruding out of them.

I instantly felt shy and very exposed, as he continued to stare at my body. I instantly covered my chest with my arms.

Dimitri noticed this move and shook his head slowly. He crept on the bed, slowly creeping over my body till I was fully underneath him. He slowly moved my arms away from my chest.

“Don’t hide yourself from me Lillie.” he said gently, biting me on the lips. “Your beautiful,” he whispered against them.

He grabbed my silk nightie and undressed me, revealing my breasts and panties.

I slightly moaned into his mouth as he kissed me. Dimitri moved to my neck leaving feather light kisses. His calloused hands grabbing my left breast, massaging them.

My aching core pulsed.

His kisses moved down to my breasts, taking one into his mouth, I gasped at the sensation. He kissed and sucked my peaking nipple, and moved to the other breast, not neglecting it.

His hand slid downwards, reaching inside my panties, it was slick already, ready for him. He rubbed over my slick folds and I whimpered. Dimitri's lips made its way across my stomach traveling lower and lower, leaving a trial of fiery kisses in its wake.

He stopped and stared at my pink panties, with a picture of a kitten on it. I covered my hands over my face and wanted to die of embarrassment. Why couldn’t I have worn my lacey ones instead? I peeked at Dimitri between my fingers. He looked back up at me and smiled wickedly. I gave a light giggle. He slowly dropped my kitty panties down my legs, I gasped at my exposure, as he placed his head between my thighs.

I writhed as he sucked and licked at my core. My mind became hazy, and my legs shuddered as the pleasure overwhelmed me, but Dimitri held my thighs steady as he continued to taste me. I stifled my moan, that was threatening to escape and gripped the bedsheet beneath me tight.

Dimitri came up, moved his body against mine and kissed me softly on the mouth, giving me a taste of my own salty essence. He raised himself up and removed his boxers, unravelling his impressive erection. I gasped at the sight.

He gave a sly smile.

“Are you ready for me?” He whispered in my ear, his hot breath sizzling it.

I whined impatiently.

Dimitri hovered above my entrance and waited in anticipation. In one swift movement he entered me with a groan. I screamed and my breath hitched, as he filled me up. I closed my eyes shut, as he thrusted into me again and again. Dimitri didn't seem to care not to exert his wounds.

It was slow at first, but became more urgent, more aggressive as he pumped into me. We kept the rhythm up for a short moment. I gripped his back with both hands, digging in as my climax was building up in my core, with one thrust, Dimitri sent me over the edge, I screamed out as sparks burst behind my eyes, I quaked in his arms.

Dimitri still went strong, I wrapped my hands around his head, he began to moan, his hands gripped my hips tighter, digging into me, I felt the pain, but didn't care. I looked into his hooded eyes, he thrusted two more times and fell apart in my hands, as he felt his own release.

Dimitri collapsed on top of me, we both breathed heavily, trying to catch our breaths for a while. He came gently up to my mouth and kissed me softly.

“I’m not done with you yet,” Dimitri breathed out.

I blinked. Could he really go a second round this soon?

Dimitri chuckled. “It’s been a while.”

And with that he began to kiss me more sensually as he flipped me on my left side.

Seemed like we were about to begin round two.

After three hours, we were spent. We gazed at each other lying side by side, sweat dripping from our bodies. Dimitri played with a piece of my hair.

“That was amazing,” he said. “You amazing Lillie,” he whispered.

I smiled softly too lazy to talk. I have never experienced sex like that before. Dimitri had a lot of stamina, it had to be all the frustration he held in during years of lockup, I was surprised and impressed with myself for keeping up though.

“Are you a snuggler?” I managed to ask.

Dimitri smiled and opened his arms up. I accepted the invitation and snuggled up in his arms, he held me tight. We both in silent bliss, as we drifted off to sleep.


I slowly opened my eyes and squinted at the lazy morning sun seeping through my bedroom curtains. Dimitri’s light snoring filled the room. I still found myself in his arms, I placed my head gently on his chest, watching it rise and fall, with his steady breathing. I surveyed his injuries, his ribs were bruised and it made me wince, hoping last night activity didn't cause more damage.

My attachment to Dimitri grew and my feelings for him developed with each passing day. He made me feel amazing and I have never felt this way before, not even with Mason. A part of that thought scared me. I was afraid of getting my heart broken again. But I shook the thought away, I didn’t want to spoil this moment.

He looked peaceful, and I didn’t want to wake him up, especially after the night he had, he needed the rest. I carefully wiggled my way out his arms and crept softly out of bed, careful not to wake him. He stirred lightly as I slipped into a shorts and top. I tip toed to the bedroom door and glanced back at Dimitri basked in the morning sun, highlighting his rippled body. I smiled, thinking that’s the man I just slept with.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen. I grounded some fresh coffee and got out two mugs. I jumped up when there was an unexpected knock at the front door.

I walked quickly to it and opened it, thinking it was probably just Sassi again popping up at yet an inconvenient time.

But it wasn’t Sassi, I was stunned to see Arthur standing in front of me.

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