Life After Lockup

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Almost a month had past, and I was living in absolute bliss.

I walked through the bakery aisle of the supermarket, grabbing the last few items on my grocery list. Falling into every day life with Dimitri felt so easy. So right!

The relationship developed between Dimitri and I, as we became more and more intimate. I never had so much sex in my life. Dimitri took me every chance he got, trying to make up for lost time. I blushed at the thought, but it got me excited at the same time. Even Sassi got jealous, since I've been talking about Dimitri non-stop. I giggled at the thought.

Summer had come to an end, and in no time it was back to school, and that meant back to teaching. It was difficult to get back into the swing of things, but I managed. Same workload, different 4th graders. I could only wonder what this academic year would bring.

My mind drifted to Arthur again, I felt guilty for not allowing him fully in my life, he was a good guy that did everything right and what any girl would dream of. The remorse stung a little, I wish I could have given him more, I probably would if Dimitri wasn’t in my life.

But Dimitri was and what I felt for him was much stronger than what I felt for Arthur. I sighed, hoping Arthur didn’t decide to move to New York because of me.

And now another celloist needs to be replaced in the quartet, Arthur will be missed, he was talented and perfect for the team. But it would be probably for the best, seeing him every time at practice would have been too difficult.

Sassi and my mom would be disappointed in my choice of men, no doubt, and letting Arthur go. He was an epitome of ‘the perfect man’. I decided not to let my mother know about my relationship with Dimitri just yet, I wouldn’t want her to get a heart attack. Sassi was a hard case to convince as is. I'll let my mom know in due course.

Dimitri might not have impressed everyone in my life, but I have grown to care for him deeply, more than I’ll admit. He was rough around the edges, but gentle too and I can see he cared for me. I trusted Dimitri and believed he wouldn’t hurt me.

I strolled out the supermarket, still consumed by my delightful thoughts, and walked to the car with two grocery bags in hand. I fiddled for my car keys in my bag and opened the driver’s side.

“Hello there… little lady.” a voice called out.

I turned around and saw a bulky ginger haired man with an Irish accent walking my way.

“Hello?” I said confused.

“Need help over there?” the stranger asked, his presence making me uncomfortable.

I gave a fake polite smile. “No thanks, I’m fine.” and continued to pack the bags in the passenger seat.

“You must be Lillie?” he said extending his pudgy hand.

How did he know my name? I turned around and looked at the stranger, he looked menacing. He had a scar on his upper lip and a dark smirk on his face. I felt uneasy around him. Damn, where was that mace when I needed it.

“Yes,” I said nervously, taking his hand. He held a firm grip on mine and shook it.

“Pretty girl you are,” he snarled studying me from head to toe. My blood ran cold.

I smiled awkwardly. “Can I help you?” I asked, wanting this man to go away.

“Bleeder stays with you?” he said, gripping my hand tighter.

I was stunned at his question and shook my head. “I don’t know... any Bleeder,” I lied, trying to shake off his grip. But the stranger held on tighter.

“Don’t play with me girl…say hello to bleeder from me, will ya.” The stranger sneered coming up to my face. His grip hurting me. I winced in pain. “And tell him Big Ben says Hi.”

“Let go of my hand!” I shouted. Feeling intimidated.

With one last squeeze he let go. I held my aching hand against my chest massaging the throb away. He chuckled darkly and walked away.

I immediately got in the driver’s seat, shaken by the strange and unpleasant encounter. I looked around the area to see if it was safe. But the man was gone.

I rushed back home. “Why was that man looking for Dimitri? He was Bleeder, wasn’t he? And who the hell was that man?” I murmured to myself.

I drove up my street and parked the car on the sidewalk. I ran to the front door opened and dashed inside. Dimitri wasn’t home, he was at the garage working. He was only going to return home in about an hour. But I had to let him know about my brush with the threatening stranger.

I decided to call him.

I grabbed my phone and dialed his number.

The phone rang for some time until Dimitri picked up.

“Hey Lillie,” he said, I could hear something steel grinding in the background.

“Hey… I need to tell you something,” I said.

“Yeah…” Dimitri said.

“There was this strange man asking about you, he called you bleeder?” I asked.

“How did he look like,” Dimitri said evenly.

“He had ginger hair and an Irish accent I think. The man scared me, he held my hand in a strong grip and squeezed it not letting me go, he knew my name too.” I answered frantically.

The grinding came to a halt and silence took hold through the phone.

I frowned. “Dimitri?”

“What did he say?” Dimitri said, his voice tight

I swallowed. “He said to tell you that Big Ben or something said hello.”

Again silence.

“Dimitri… Do you know who this guy is?”

“Don’t go anywhere till I get there, I gotta go.” he said in a serious tone.


But he hung up. I looked at the phone confused. I didn’t know what the hell was happening, but whatever it was, it didn’t feel right.

The way Dimitri sounded… something was wrong.

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