Life After Lockup

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Why did Gunner approach Lillie?

Rage flared up in me like a deadly volcano ready to erupt. My worst fears were coming true. I ran both my hands hard over my head as I paced back and forth in the garage.

What the fuck was I supposed to do know?

I was rigid and fuming and had to let this aggression out. I slammed my right fist hard against the garage’s brick wall, the vehicle's window, I was working on, was my first option, but I couldn’t risk losing my job. My knuckles seared with agony from the blow, I hissed taking in the pain as scratches formed on my knuckles. I fucking deserved it.

I grabbed my phone from my back pocket, stepped outside the garage and called Gunner.

He picked up at the first ring.

“Yeah.” he slurred.

“What the fuck are you stepping out to Lillie for, huh? Leave her the hell out of this!” I said through clenched teeth.

Gunner laughed loud. “Bleeder, thought I’ll be hearing for you soon enough.”

My jaw clenched, “Where can Big Ben and I talk?” I said evenly.

There was a short silence. “Where you at?” he said smugly.

I felt sick to my stomach for even doing this. “The garage I work at, if you want to come here, the address is-”

“I know where it is,” Gunner said haughtily.

I tensed up. Why wasn’t I surprised. I breathed out hard.

“And…” I said irritated.

“We’ll be there soon… don’t go anywhere,” he grunted. The line went dead.


The garage closed up two hours ago, and I sat against my truck in the parking bay, waiting for this bastard to come. It was night already, I looked down the dark street and watched a streetlight flickering. I placed both my hands in my pockets staring at the ground, a million thoughts running through my head.

I didn’t know how this meeting was going to go or what would be said. All I knew is that I needed to fucking end this, the only way I knew how. It’s been seven years since I saw Big Ben, and I wanted to keep it in the past. The thought of seeing the bastard again made my blood run cold.

I blew a hard breath.

Tyres pulled up beside me. I looked up from the ground and saw the black SUV with tinted windows. I stood up straight, expecting the worst coming out.

All the doors swung open at once. Gunner got out first from the passenger seat, one big guy I recognized as the one knocking me with the bat, stepped out from the drivers seat, the other short blonde one came from the back seat… and finally, Big Ben himself, stepped out the other side.

My body stiffened at the sight of him, memories came flooding back hitting me in waves. I almost forgot what a massive man he was. He was still bald and wore a checked green and mustard coloured two-piece suit, it looked almost Scottish. Big Ben strolled slowly towards me with a growing grin on his face. The others stood close behind him.

“Long time no see, Dimitri my boy,” Big Ben said cheerfully. “You a hard one to get hold of.”

He smirked.

My mouth pulled tight and my face was expressionless, although heat of anger was hidden beneath it.

“What do you want Big Ben?” I asked wearily.

Big Ben chortled. “You know exactly what I want boy.”

My jaw twitched. We stared at each other. I knew Big Ben wouldn’t give up on his debt or me fighting for him. I felt the debate in my head losing. And I knew what I had to do.

A moment passed when I spoke up.

“I’ll fight… just this one time.” I swallowed hard. “Then you leave me alone and stay away from the people I love.” I looked at him dead in the eye.

“Love…?” Big Ben said intrigued.

Shit! I concealed my nerves before Big Ben could catch on.

He considered my words for a moment and nodded lightly. “Good boy. We’ll talk the details later. There’s a fight coming up in a week. Gunner will text you the details.”

He gave a dark chuckle and slapped me on the back. “It’s good to have you back.”

“You don’t have me back. And in future you deal with me and only me.” I said tightly.

Big Ben gave a nod and waved to his goons to head to the SUV. He followed suit and looked back at me.

“Don’t disappoint boy,” he said evenly.

I turned away and scowled.

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