Life After Lockup

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The cars were different shades of blur as I drove past. Reflecting all the thoughts of my mind that were jumbled up.

My mind was occupied with Big Bens words and the consequences of that. I couldn’t believe I fucking started where I left off, before prison. A tidal wave of memories and emotions washed over me. The life of crime I had before creeping up on me, and the life with Lillie I wanted was slipping out of my fingers, like sand to a tide.

I gulped hard.

Maybe I needed to stay away from Lillie. But the thought of letting her go, I couldn’t fathom, at least not today. I still have her, she was still safe, as safe as I could provide her… I just didn’t know for how long.

In no time I was pulling up at Lillie’s house. I looked at it. I fixed it up pretty good the time I stayed here. It made me happy and warmed my heart I could do that for her.

I stepped inside the cozy house I always felt welcomed in. A ball formed in the pit of my stomach. I walked in the kitchen and watched Lillie in her element, baking something that I only knew would be delicious. I smiled, she was damn beautiful.

I watched her, envisioning a glimpse of what the future could hold. I could possibly come to her every single day of my damn life and wake up with her every single morning. I wanted it so bad, desperate for it, I could taste it.

Lillie turned to me and ran up hugging me tight. Her head against my chest. I breathed her rose scented hair in, she felt warm and soft. I fucking melted in her.

“You late, I was worried?” she said concerned looking up to me.

I saw the alarm in her eyes. I hoped she didn’t see the distress in mine.

“Don’t worry Lillie love, I’m fine… and don’t worry about the guy earlier, he’s just a guy I knew back then. He’s just rough around the edges. He won’t bother you again.” I said, hoping she’ll buy the excuse.

She frowned. Doubt in her eyes. “Are you sure everything is okay Dimitri? You seem tense.”

Of course, everything was not okay, but I couldn’t tell Lillie that. The worry in her expression was already killing me inside.

I smiled softly and came to her ear. “Everything’s okay, I promise…”

She looked up to me and nodded uneasily.

“But you know what… You are right about me being tense… maybe we should work the tension out.” I whispered in her ear, a wicked smirk forming on my face.

Lillie looked up to me, the familiar heat growing in her eyes. Her lips parted.

“I was about to take a shower upstairs… maybe the warm water could ease your tension,” she said huskily.

I tried to hide my excitement. “Yes… maybe it could.” I said trying not to focus on my dick twitching at the invitation.

I swooped her up in my arms, bridal style and carried her up the stairs to her bedroom. We entered the bathroom and I placed her gently down. She immediately took off my jacket and helped me out of my clothes, I was pleasantly surprised. I obliged and helped her by unbuttoning her dress and let it drop to the floor.

She turned the water on in the shower and warm water gushed out.

The mist in the bathroom was rising, swirling around us. Lillie first stepped in the shower and I came in after. The shower was small but was cozy enough to fit us both comfortably. Seeing Lillie naked like this already made my excitement grow.

We faced each other. Lillie grabbed the shampoo and squeezed some in her hand. She reached up to my short cut hair and started to lather it, giving it a deep massage. I slightly bent my head for her to reach it with ease. She smiled all the way.

I rinsed my head under the streaming water.

“My turn,” I said smirking.

I turned Lillie around and gently washed her back, up her shoulders and neck. Her body brushed against mine. The bruises on my body from the beating was healing and didn’t hurt that much, though it was still tender.

My eager hands moved around her soft waist going up cupping her naked breasts. I massaged each one as I nipped her left ear, bringing my lips down to her neck kissing and sucking it gently.

Lillie giggled from the tickles.

A delicate whimper escaped Lillie’s lips, and it drove me fucking crazy that I could get that reaction. She no doubt felt my arousal poking her from behind, as I brought her lips to mine in a hard kiss.

“Let’s take that tension out of you.” Lillie said breaking our kiss.

I watched Lillie get down on her knees, she held onto my thighs as she hovered in front of my throbbing dick.

She brought her eyes to mine in anticipation and smirked. I couldn’t help but grin, I felt like a damn schoolboy receiving an early birthday gift.

She brought me into her warm mouth and I almost fucking lost it. It felt perfect. She sucked me softly at first, and then harder as her one hand helped stroke me along. I stifled a moan and closed my eyes shut. But snapped it open again wanting to see this fantasy coming true before me.

The sensation overtook me. I grabbed Lillie’s soft curls and began to thrust slightly in her mouth. The familiar feeling was threatening to take me over the edge as I gritted my teeth. But I didn’t want it to end there.

I grabbed Lillie from the shower floor, I wanted to finish off inside her. I pushed Lillie against the shower glass door, hiked her leg up and entered her wet core. I thrusted into her, earning sweet moans from Lillie. I kissed her swallowing her whimpers and moans.

“Dimitri…” she cried out.

Music to my ears.

I turned her around, and with a few more thrusts, finished inside her from behind. The final thrust sending me over the edge as I reached my own climax.

“Shit!” I groaned out.

I clung onto her body as I slanted over her, both of us panting for breath.

After we recovered, we washed the sex off in the shower until we were clean. I don’t even know how long we spent in the bathroom.

We didn’t bother putting on clothes for bed as we crept up under the covers still damp from the shower.

“So much for showering.” I said playfully.

There was no way we were going to sleep now… it was going to be one dirty night.

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