Life After Lockup

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I drove fast. I drove mad. As I rushed to my destination. The cars and buildings beside me a blur of colours as I raced by.

So much emotion was seen in Lillie’s eyes… sadness… confusion… pain.

All of them I hated!

And it fucking killed me that I was the reason to cause her to hurt. A thick lump formed in my throat as I watched her crying as I drove away. It was the last thing on earth I wanted to do, to leave HER, but I had no other choice.

Lillie deserved better than me, I was unworthy of her. The scene in her living room, felt like a fist punching me in the gut knocking the wind out of me. I vowed I’ll repay everything back to Lillie. I blew out a hard breath. Damn! I couldn't even keep her safe.

My mind flashed to the note. You can’t win in this Bleeder, it read. It made my blood boil that I couldn’t get out, I couldn’t break free. I was out of prison, but I felt more caged than ever. I couldn’t fucking win!

I banged my steering wheel with my fist, jolting it and cursed out loud. Why was this happening? Couldn’t I escape my past life. And now another person that I cared about has been affected by all of this bullshit.


Adrenaline pumped into me, as rage took over once again. That familiar old friend that I could always count on. I blew deep breaths as I tried to control my bubbling anger before it blinded me completely.

I gritted my teeth.

The fuckers violated the woman I love, and that means they violated me.

I called Jose immediately after I left Lillie’s house, he was still working at the garage. He gave me a guy’s name once, some time ago, I could get a hold of if I needed anything for extracurricular activities. I never thought I would approach him… until today.

The parole officer will just have to wait. I have more pressing matters to see to.

I didn’t care anymore, about my freedom, about my parole or trying to be a better man. What happened today meant that I had lost Lillie, I couldn’t protect her anymore. My world seemed to be crashing down in one afternoon. The feeble hope I had dwindled away, and I was left empty except for hostile rage.

The thick clouds outside were darkening, thunder and lightning rumbled with it threatening a menacing storm, as if reflecting my own feelings and what was about to come.

I arrived at the dodgy apartment building Jose gave directions to. The place looked like a dump. I jumped out the truck and jogged up the dilapidated stairway. Once inside the building I turned left to the darkened passage. The air was foul, filled with the smell of weed. But I couldn't care less, I came here with one sole purpose in mind.

I walked to the door, unit 18. I knocked hard.


I knocked harder… A thin pale man with a beanie partly opened the door, dark circles under his eyes. He looked like a crack dealer. Hell, he probably was one. The guy studied me up and down suspiciously.

“Jose Rodriguez sent me,” I said re-assuring.

He peeked out scanning left and right, gave me a nod and let me in.


I was out of the guys apartment in a flash, our transaction was quick. I climbed back in the truck and drove to The Velvet Room, one of the clubs Big Ben owned in a few cities. No doubt he’ll be there with his goons, and I fucking hoped Gunner was with him too.

It took me almost an hour to get there. I sat in the truck watching, opposite the fancy club. It was late afternoon, so the club was still closed. Two bouncers dressed all in black were hanging around smoking and chatting outside. The heavy black doors were closed behind them.

I shut my eyes as I reminisced Lillie’s face… filled with pain and tear stained, how I disappointed her. My eyes stung for a moment, but I shook it away, the feeling of sadness dissipated quickly, replaced by a surge of fury.

I fucked up bad.

The feeling overwhelmed me that I couldn’t be with Lillie… to have her. But the feeling was fleet… all I felt now was fueled by aggression. This had to end one way or the other.

My eyes snapped open driven with new purpose.

Big Ben and his gang threatened the woman I loved.

He was going to pay!

I got out the truck, walked towards the Velvet Room, with a loaded Glock 19 pistol in my hand.

~ End of Book 2 ~

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