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You ever been hated for no reason, or be deprived of love and happiness for something that isn't your fault?

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My story

Hey there my name's Xarah..I'm 17 years old. I go to Twin Rivers High and well my life is pretty shitty.

You see i have two elder brothers who just so happen to be twins, co captains of the football team and the most popular hunks in the school. Yup i know very well that my brothers are good looking, beautiful red hair, deep blue eyes, bright smiles and the dimples, not forgetting that they are the tallest buffest boys im the whole school. Every girl in the school wants to claim them but one thing about my brothers, they haven't changed girls since junior high, those boys are loyal af and well i love their girlfriends. I think they are the only friends i have. But what sucks is they changed schools and ever since then I've been alone.

Unlike my brothers who get attention without even looking for it i practically stay in the shadows. I have short red hair like them the only difference is that mine is curly. I have emerald green eyes like my mom's and instead of dimples i have freckles. I'm what you call slim thick but i tend to hide my figure with the baggy clothes wear, and I'm bullied for that, and well my brothers don't care, actually it's because of them that i have scars all over my body, well some of them are my fault.

You see, when my mother was pregnant with me something happened at the doctors and my mother was told she would be having a son. She was so happy because she really wanted to have three boys but my dad on the other hand wanted a daughter by that time my brothers were almost a year old. So on the day of her final checkup the doctor announced that she was having a girl. Boy was she mad whilst dad was ecstatic. The day i was born a dark cloud started hovering over their relationship. Mom would refuse to feed me, she'd spend her days at work and only come home after midnight. On my fifth birthday, i walked in on mom and dad fighting again "i never wanted her Gerald hence i will not take care of her" She said. "Come on Tara she looks exactly like you you're names even rhyme and she really loves you, you can't hate her because of her gender. Sometimes i wonder how the fuck you replaced my loving wife for this sorry excuse for a woman". At that moment she turned towards me and grabbed me by the hair "you see you little witch, everything was perfect until you came and ruined my marriage" Then she threw me on the floor. I don't know when it happened or how it happened but all i know is dad made it to mom's side in record time and slapped her."i won't stand for this Gerald, since you love her so much then you can stay with her then. I'm leaving." She said."mom please don't go. If it makes you happy I'll be a boy I'll be like Adrian and Addely please mom just don't leave. I need you" I said with tears running down my cheeks. Then she began laughing at me "you really are more of an idiot than i thought you were." At than moment the boys came in "mom where are you going, aren't you staying for Xara's party" They said almost on unison. She bent down with tears in her eyes and kissed both boys and said "well boys youre sister Xara ruined my marriage so I'm leaving and I'm not coming back and you have that little reject to thank"and just like that she was out the door and out of our lives forever.

Life only got harder after that. My dad worked so much as to forget so i never got to see him as much as before, that gave my brothers opportunities to beat me up, steal my clothes all because it was my fault they lost their mother. And to be honest i deserved it it was my fault. The only time they are ever nice to me is when their girlfriends are around. But since they go to different schools now well i can't ever say I'm safe.

Today is the day i dread more than any other day of the year, my birthday. The bell just rung so I'm on my way to my locker to grab my lunch and find i quiet classroom to eat it. I double check to make sure I'm alone. I slowly make my way to my locker before i even make it, I'm punched in the face by some unknown figure. I stumble backwards and fall on my back. I look up to see it's none other than Addely. I always felt like he hated me the most were as Adrian had a soft spot for me.
Suddenly the rest other friends are kicking me punching me stepping on my head and throwing who knows what at me. Then i hear the twins say "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU REJECT" And all of then burst out laughing and leave.

Since they were captains they could easily influence everyone to treat me like shit, and the rule was anyone found helping me would become a social outcast and be subjected to the same treatment i get.

I started coughing horribly and with every cough i saw bits of blood come out and i couldn't breathe.The world started bleeding and everything went dark.
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