Psychotic ramblings of a teenage reject

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What happened

Fuck. It it morning already. Why the hell is it so bright in here. My room is never this bright. Wait a minute. Slowly i open my eyes and look around and see posters of Metallica and AC/DC on the grey walls, a poster with a quote on it definitely Arctic Monkey lyrics. I look down and see I'm on a double bed with white sheets and a black duvet. Wait this isnt my t shirt, were are my clothes, where did these bandages come from were am i. Yup I think I'm gonna have a panic attack.

Slowly the door creeps open and the most beautiful boy I've ever seen walks in. Jet black hair, charcoal grey eyes (never seen those before), a tatoo on his right hand it's of a vine of 4 black roses and a single blue lily. He's wearing a tight black muscle tope and i can clearly see his defined abs, and i notice he has a couple of cuts on his arms, similar to those that i have.

"Glad to see you're finally awake you've been out for two days" He says with a sad smile on his face "i brought you breakfast, now eat up." "That's really nice of you and thank you but, who are you, where am i, how did i get here, where did these bandages come from and were are my clothes?" I said with an obvious look of fear in my eyes. "Ok little lily relax a bit , eat whilst i explain"he said putting the tray on my lap and i did as i was told. Then he began explaining "My name's Chase Lively ,I'm 19 years old and you're and my house, my dad wanted me to pick a school to attend for my senior year coz I'm home schooled so i was by your school looking around and i saw a bunch of boys lead by two boys that kSilent people tend to have the loudest minds.inda look like you beat you up until you were out cold so, i took you and brought you here were i took of you're clothes coz thes smelled awful and had blood stains all over them and gave you my t shirt and laid you on my bed. My brother's a doctor he's the one who came and put the bandages. You took quit a beating I'm surprised you survived. Now tell me something why were they beating you and from what i heard on your birthday?" At that question the fork froze mid air and i looked into the beautiful boy's eyes and i began to cry as i explained everything to him.

He put the tray aside and held me tightly and said "don't worry my little lily they can't hurt you anymore" And i looked at him and said "wait you actually believe me, when i told my father he said I'm exaggerating and it's just the psychotic ramblings of a teenager looking for attention" And he just looked at me stunned. He opened his mouth to speak but before he could say anything the door opened and i saw a guy exactly like Chase but he was taller and a bit skinnier, with glasses and a docters coat.'Chase I'm heading out. Oh your little girlfriend is awake i guess i should check her vitals before i go' he said as he walked in. 'Xara this is my brother Noah ,Noah this is Xara' we both nodded on acknowledgement. As Noah did his work my eyes darted between the two of them and something began to click. Noah said 'every seems normal but you almost broke a rib so i advice you take it easy for a while and if you have any trouble breathing call me hey' i nodded and he turned to his brother and said 'goodbye buddy take care of her and call me if you need anything' they embraced each other and Noah left closing the door behind him.

I looked at Chase and said 'you said you're name is Chase Lively as in son of Mr Wesley Lively the most generous and powerful business man ever ' he shook his head yes whilst laughing and i felt my cheeks heat up.
He finally spoke and said 'Yup that's my father I'll introduce you to him tonight if he comes home early tonight, meanwhile let's get to know each other.

We spent the day talking watching movies talking and i learnt that his mom died of cancer a year ago, his favourite colours are blue and black like me, we have the same taste in music and he's studying so he can be an environmental lawyer and i told him a bit about myself too. I don't know why i felt so safe around him but i felt like maybe the universe was finally working with me.

I kept staring at his arm tracing his tattoo and moving down to his arms 'why do you have all those scars on your arms?' He looked and me with the saddest expression I've ever seen and seen 'when i lost mom its like a part of me died with her and well i became a bit suicidal and a lot depressed but I'm getting better now. I'm guessing same with you' he said whilst pointing at my arm and i stiffened turning away from him.

He came closer to me and took my face in his hand and planted a kiss on my lips. Time literally stopped as i melted into his arms. We kissed until we both needed oxygen and he looked me in the eyes and said 'I'll protect you little lily, noone will ever hurt you again' and he kissed me again
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