Love After War

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After the (fictional) war of 1795 comes to a close, newlyweds Princess Clarice and Prince Francis have a passionate wedding night...

Romance / Erotica
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Love After War

The door to a beautiful bedroom filled with only the finest decorations suddenly slammed open as two people stumbled inside. One was a six-foot tall warrior of a man with long crow’s wing hair, brown sugar skin, and muscles for days. But he wasn’t a warrior- he was the newlywed Prince Francis of Abigail, England who had just married his new wife, Princess Clarice. She was a tiny hummingbird of a woman with cinnamon skin, soft jet black hair, and voluptous curves. Their country had been at war with Scotland for more than a year and when peace had finally descended on June 1, 1795, the couple were married less than a week later.

After a long day of fun and festivities, Clarice and Francis were both washed up in separate chambers by different handmaidens and met each other outside of their bedroom door. From there, it was nothing but love as neither of them could stop kissing the other long enough to take off their pajamas. Francis was pawing at Clarice’s off-white nightdress, trying to tear it away from her body without breaking off his kiss. He grew so impatient that he decided to just lay her down at the foot of their bed - a breathtaking work of art made of the most expensive wood available and the reddest of silk curtains - pull up the garment so that her entire cinnamon body was exposed to him, and get to work tasting her.

“I thought they would never leave us alone...” he murmured.

Clarice squirmed underneath him as Francis licked her puckered nipples, sucking on the buds one at a time. But no matter how badly she wanted to just lay there in pleasure, she also wasn’t about to let her new husband do all the work... not by himself, anyway.

“My dear... won’t you please lay down for me? I want to try something with you...”

Francis stopped licking his wife long enough to look her in the eyes with a sneaky smile.

“What do you have in mind, my beautiful lady?”

Blushing, Clarice took a deep breath, took her night dress all the way off, and stated simply, “I want to... suck on your willy while you eat my cunt...”

Francis devoured her cinnamon lips with his strong hands caressing her face before pulling away.

“As you wish, my sweet baby...”

He ripped off his pajama pants and positioned his head between her creamy legs so that his face was only inches from her slit. Clarice grabbed onto his throbbing cock in one of her tiny hands and took as much as she could into her mouth without choking. But her horny husband would not be outdone- Francis went straight for his little wife’s clit, holding her legs in place while he ate. His long tongue went up and down the sensitive organ and captured every drop of sweet nectar.

Determined to make him orgasm first, Clarice gently cupped his sack in her right hand and used the other one to massage his left foot. She swirled her own tongue around the engorged head of his willy and applied some light pressure to his sex organ.

Francis stubbornly held himself back from climaxing, desperately wanting Clarice to break before he did. All the blood in his body seemed to rush straight to where she was sucking him off, making him that much harder. So he zeroed in on her swollen clit and noticed how hot and wet it was getting. The erotic bud poked out of her pussy like a piece of fruit ready to be picked and Francis ever so gently bit right into it.

With his cock still in her mouth, Clarice moaned loudly as her orgasm ripped through her insides like wildfire. Then her husband released his own climax straight into her eager throat and she gulped it all down. After he was fully emptied, Francis finished licking up her cream and moved to give her a kiss. The little princess wrapped her arms around his neck as far as they could go.

“Think we can make it to the bed this time?” she mumbled.

“Mmm... let’s make it quick...”

Francis lifted Clarice up in both of his strong arms, carried her over the bed, and didn’t let go even when he had laid her down on top. He just barely managed to position them both so that they were all wrapped up underneath the soft quilt. It had been a handmade present just for them on their wedding night. Clarice couldn't help but giggle.

“Looks like we made it...”

“Mm... kiss me...” was all that Francis could say.

He slipped his long tongue into her mouth and adjusted his erection between her thighs. One swift movement was all it took for him to bury his erection into her pussy and start thrusting. Clarice mewled and threw her dark head back against the pile of soft pillows in absolute pleasure. Francis stopped kissing her and hungrily watched her cinnamon breasts bouncing up and down as he fucked her hard and fast. It gave him great pride to know that he was the one making her like this and he latched onto her nipple. Having already orgasmed once, it didn’t take long for Clarice to feel another one approaching.

“F-Francis... ha... I’m... I’m... almost...”

At the very last minute, Francis pulled out of Clarice, flipped her over onto her stomach, and slipped right back into her glistening cunt with no hesitation. The young princess didn’t hold back her cries this time.

“OH! Yes! Francis... baby...! H-Harder...!”

“Gladly...” he murmured.

He wrapped his little wife tightly in his embrace and impaled himself even further into her core while both of his hands grabbed her breasts and squeezed. Clarice was on the edge and just about ready to fall over when Francis reached her sweet spot.

“Francis...!” she cried out.

“Cum for me, Clarice...”

One last push and that was it. The princess orgasmed so hard her entire body shivered. Her prince simply held onto her and let her ride the pleasurable waves as long as possible before he, too, orgasmed inside her walls. It lasted for a long hot minute and didn’t fully die down until he collapsed on top of her, completely exhausted.

“I love you... my sweet princess...” he whispered as he kissed her one last time.

“I love you more... my darling prince...”

Francis adjusted himself so that Clarice was spooned more comfortably against his belly.

“Are we going to have more nights like this?” she asked innocently.

Her husband looked her dead in the eyes.

“Only for the rest of your life, Clarice... and for every life that follows!”

Covering them both up with the quilt, the prince and his princess fell asleep wrapped in each other's arms.
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