Unexpected Happenings (Book 1)

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What happens when someone closes their heart to love? What happens when a spark ignites, turning the key and opening up her long forgotten feelings of love? For Ashley, things haven't been easy for her but on an eventful day, things begin to look turn around. Though, what happens next, she wasn't expecting at all.

Romance / Drama
Chloe Walker
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Rain pitter pattered down the glass of my bedroom window, condensation steaming the window as hot met cold. My eyes met the darkness of the outside, not daring to look around the house for, if I did, my heart would shatter and break into a million little pieces.

My head swam with thoughts. Thoughts of him, thoughts of happiness, peace, laughter and our petty little arguments together. Oh, how I wished I could take back every horrid word I had said to him!

Daring a look into the darkened room, I tiptoed around the room, eyes red and puffy from all the crying I had done.
On that day, I didn't know what would happen, what we would become. If I had known, I would have stayed as far away as I possibly could, locking my heart away for all eternity, throwing away the key.
But that key had been found, turning the locks that bound my fate, my heart opening up once again.

Only, on that day two months ago...That would be the very last time she loved another, for love was dead...And so was he.

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