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Playing For Keeps Series: book 4: Panther Plays With Fire

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I am the VP of the Freedom Rider MC. I met Beast's sister Star but she looked at me with such hate in her eyes. I want her for myself. She continues to avoid me. Rage tells me I am playing with fire. That I will get burnt if I can't earn her trust. I need to find out why she hates me so bad. I was sitting at the table when she walked in with the VP of the Creasent MC. I glared at him. I wanted to jerk her off of his arm. I waited until she walked down the hall. Toward the bathroom. I followed and pushed her against the wall. I looked down at Star and then kissed her. Get off me you bastard. She then slapped my face before walking into the ladies restroom. I am not a whore or slut and I am not yours to touch. Stay the hell away from me. I hate all of you. What don't you get about that Panther? I don't trust a any of you shit heads. You all cheat on your women. The minute a new whore walks in her you all want between her legs. Not a god dam one of you men are with a plug nickel.

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Chapter 1: Panther

I am the VP of the Freedom Rider MC. My name is Panther. I was looking past Rages Shoulder when the women walked into the club. I saw Panther looking at someone with lust. I turned to look at what he was staring at. My sister looks fine I thought. Then I saw Donna. My heart started beating fast and my cock stirred. But then I got angry. She should be wearing my cut. Everyone including Raven was watching us. I looked in her eyes and stormed out of the club.

I saw the rage in Stars eyes as her brother Beast, stormed out of the club. I walked over to Star. Panther, stay the hell away from me. If my own brother can cheat on his girl, and then storm out of the party when she walks into the room, I can do without any of that shit. Love is not real. All you men have is lust when a beautiful woman draws your attention.

I don’t need or want any of it. I refuse to be hurt like Donna is hurting. Just stay away from me. Oh, and I saw the pictures. You are no better than the rest of them. I may have had a woman sitting on my lap but, at least I don’t have a woman or girlfriend of my own.

You’re right about that. You don’t. And I will not be a whore for you or anyone. Been there don’t that, I learned my lesson well. I figured you all must have forgotten the unspoken rule around here. And you all can deny it all you want. You don’t fuck where you lived unless it is with your woman or girlfriend.

You can all deny that you don’t cheat when you are not here. I don’t buy it. And sooner or later it will come back to you. You can’t keep cheating hidden forever. I refuse to accept another man as my boyfriend. I sure as hell don’t want one to claim me. I enjoy being single. What is good for the goose is good for the gander. And Rage better learn real quick, how fast Donna can walk out that door and never come back.

So, just leave me alone. You sure that you like being single? So be it. I turned and walked down the hallway to my own room. I saw Rain follow me. Star, I heard what Panther said. He didn’t mean it. He meant it Rain, and he is right. I am not his girlfriend or his woman. He can let any woman he wants sit on his lap. It just won’t be me.

Not after what I saw in the pictures. He can deny all he wants that he didn’t know that woman. I know he knows her. How do you know that? Because she walked in the door as I walked away from him. I bet if you go out there right now she will be sitting on his lap.

I can’t believe that Star. Why don’t you go look for yourself. Come back and let me know if I am right or wrong. I watched Rain walk out of my room. I shut and locked the door. I should have known not to have feelings for Panther. I was never one to make the best choices where men were concerned.

I walked down the hall and into the bar. I found Panther and damn if Star was not right. Panther had the woman from the bar sitting on his lap. I walked over and pulled that bitch off of him. What the hell Rain. You can say that again Panther. Who the hell is that bitch? What is she to you?

I am his girlfriend. Is that true Panther? Not exactly. We are fuck buddies. Don’t bring her here again. Take your fuck buddy to the motel. The members only bring girlfriends here or wives. Bitch you can’t tell Panther what to do. He is the enforcer of this club. And I am the president’s wife and second in command of this club bitch.

If I tell him you can’t come here, you can’t come here. Tell her Panther. Tell her I am your girlfriend. You are not my girlfriend Brandy. So get out. Now. We watched as she stormed out the door. Oh, and Star was right. She told me I would find that bitch on your lap. Now, I have to go back and tell her she right.

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