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Chapter 14

Chapter 14

Jonathan was so busy now, we hardly got to spend much time together. The store was doing so well, he had decided to hire a third full time employee. It’s been several weeks and the crowds keep coming. Ginger is growing unbelievably fast. She must be 25 pounds already. I’d asked Jonathan to come check out an apartment with me this morning. It was further out of town then I’d have liked but I did have a car now.

“Jenny, don’t get your hopes up, this is not the best part of town,” he explained on the way.

“Yeah, It’s not what I was expecting,” I said disappointed. But still, we went up to look. It was tiny and in an old building above an old antique shop.

“How much was this place?” Jonathan questioned on the way home.

“$1200 a month,” I replied.

“Damn Jenny, that is crazy. I just can’t believe how much rentals have increased around here. I pay less than that for my mortgage on the old farmhouse.”


“That’s not saying much though, considering the shape it was in when I bought it. I never planned on living in it for so long, it was supposed to be very temporary.”

“I remember you saying that.”

“I’m ready to do it Jenny,” he looked to me, “I’m going to knock down that house and build my dream house.”

“In what time? You are so busy already?”

“Well, I just hired George and I’m thinking of promoting Jack to assistant manager. He’s really a good worker and that would give me the time I need to work on the house.”

“Sounds like you’ve got a plan.”

“Not quite, I know it’s going to take me a long time to build what I want and I’ll want to do a lot of the work myself. I’m in no hurry really, if it takes a year or more, so what?”

“That’s true. So, would you build the new house further back on the property?”

“No, there’s the one hitch I’m coming across. When I bought the place we had the septic and well inspected. It’s in great shape still so there’s no sense in wasting money to replace something that’s not broken. That being said, I need to put the new house in close range to where the old one is. Maybe I should redo the upstairs garage into a small apartment? I don’t need the storage for the shop any more. There’s plenty of room onsite now. I bet I could redo that upstairs loft in the garage in a weekend easy enough.”

“Really? That’s a good idea.” My mind started brainstorming. “You could always use it as a little guest house afterwards? Or even rent it out?”

We pulled into his driveway, “Want to come up and check it out with me?”


We walked up the staircase to the loft. It was bigger than I thought it would be. I said, “Wow, Jonathan, there’s plenty of room up here.”

“Yeah, I could put a sink and fridge here easily and then a bathroom here. This could really work.” He took out his tape measure and started planning.

I said, “I think this is twice the size of the apartment we just left!”

“You’re right, When I built it I needed the storage area…”

“You built this?” I interrupted.

“Yeah, it was the first thing I did when I bought the place. Damn! I have a crazy idea,” he said looking at me.


“You’re not finding anywhere affordable to live…we could be roommates.”

“Jonathan? Are you asking me to live here with you?” I was shocked.

“I don’t know, yeah, I’d hardly be here, between the store and working on the new house and you could help me design it...I know you have ideas, I can see your mind racing already with thoughts of how to design a house.” He came and put his arms around my waist and kissed my cheek. “Let’s talk about it, seriously. It could benefit us both. You could pay me half the amount they were charging for that crappy apartment and live here. You could see Ginger all the time...and me.”

“I...I don’t know that we are ready for this, it’s a big step and we haven’t even...I mean...I thought we were taking things slow? We haven’t even had sex but next week, you want us to move in together? That’s not slow, Jonathan!”

He laughed, “Well, there’s an easy fix to that first statement,” he leaned in and kissed me. “If you’re ready, I’m more than happy to move forward physically,” he grinned. “I know I’ve been busy and we haven’t had a lot of time together lately…See if we were roommates we could see each other every night,” he grinned.

“It’s not that I’m not ready to be with you...I just feel a bit... awkward at your house. I mean it’s Linda’s house and …”

“I get it. I feel it too. And you living with your parents makes it hard to have alone time..”

“For sure.”

He held my hand and kissed it, “but you are ready?” he questioned.

I shook my head yes. “ are?”

“Definitely.” He kissed me once more and said, “I think I have all the encouragement I need to get to work on this loft now!”

I laughed, “I could help you get it done.”

“Yeah, I’d like that,” he said, while running his hands through my hair. “In fact, hold on,” He grabbed his cell phone from his pocket. “Jack, hey do you think you could handle things at the store the rest of the day? And tomorrow too? I really need a day or two off. I know it’s short sure?....I’m just a phone call away...No, nothing’s wrong...Ok, keep me posted. Thank you.” He grinned, putting the phone back into his pocket, “There, I have plenty of time right now.”

I smiled back at him, “I don’t have to be at work till Monday.” I grinned and kissed his lips.

“Stay here a minute.” He ran towards the stairs.

“What are you doing?” I yelled.

“Just wait!” he hollered back.

I stood scanning the loft. It was plenty big for a temporary stay. It already had drywall up, just needed to be painted, put a floor in, some appliances. Maybe I would consider staying? Maybe just till I found something else? The thought was exciting. I heard Jonathan coming up the stairs again. I turned to see him carrying a blanket, pillow and a candle.

“What’s all this? Are you spending the night here already?”

“No,” he said. It will get too cold tonight. I will need to get some heat up here first thing. Are you cold now?”

“No, I’m ok.” I watched him light the candle and lay the blanket out on the floor. Then he stood up, came close to me and said, “I know it’s not ideal but… I have thought about making love to you so many times… I just can’t wait any longer.” He wrapped his arms around me and took control of my mouth with his.

I heard him say those words over and over in my head, “making love”. I wanted to make love to him.

He looked deeply into my eyes and again traced the outline of my lips with his finger. I watched him smile as he held me in his arms. He looked at me so lovingly. I felt his hands on my waist lifting my shirt up slowly as he gazed over my body. He took his hand and traced the outline of my bra before removing it. Then gently cupped my breast in his hand as he traced the outline of my nipple. Again, he looked into my eyes smiling.

I slowly lifted his shirt above his head and let my hands wander down his chest. He played with my tongue as he enjoyed every moment of my touch on his bare skin. I felt him undo my jeans and then slid down my pants. I did the same to him.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered. He took my hand in his as he sat down on the blanket, bringing me down with him. He ran his hand down my leg and then up again, taking his time. He kissed my hand, my shoulder and then moved to my breast. He fondled my nipple with his tongue.

I rubbed his shoulders welcoming his touches. He kissed me with such passion each and every time. I felt his hand slide between my legs. He rubbed my hair teasingly before feeling inside of me. He kissed my belly, my thighs and every part of me. I waited with anticipation as he hovered over my body to enter inside of me. I heard him moan slightly.

He moved in and out gently as I rocked with his motions, holding him tight, until he finally collapsed on top of me. He lay there on top of me, inside of me still for a long while resting his head on my chest. I ran my fingers through his hair and continued to hold him. We lay for a long time together, kissing again, touching again, making love to each other.

Finally he rolled over and moaned as he stretched his arms up in the air. I snuggled next to him. “Miss Jenny,” he whispered. “How’d I get so lucky?” and he kissed the top of my head. “I have to admit something to you.”

“What?” I said worried.

“I knew...last year when you came into the store those first few weeks. I knew you were flirting with me,” he laughed out loud. “And I always wanted to ask...the timing just wasn’t right.”

“I understand, but I’m glad to hear you noticed.” I kissed his chest.

“I’ve imagined tonight many times, Jenny but none of them were of us on a floor in the middle of an empty attic.” He sat up, “I can’t wait to fix this place up, knock down the house and start a new life.”

“That sounds good,” I sat up beside him.

He said, “I can’t imagine my new life without you in it.”

“I’m not going anywhere,” I smiled. “I need my Manfriend.”

I laughed. “Should we get started on this place? It’s still early.”

“Yeah,” he reached over once more and kissed my lips softly.

“I love you Jonathan.” It just came out, so naturally. I guess life really is all about the timing.

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