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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I rolled over to see Ben next to me. It was Saturday, so I was in no hurry to get up when I saw him open his eyes and grin at me.

“Hi,” he smiled.


He scooted closer to me, pulled down the sheet to my waist and stroked my breast. “I’m glad you stayed.”

I felt him roll me onto my stomach, as I felt him on top of me from behind, as he swooped his arm underneath me, lifting my buttocks into the air. He hovered over me as he gently stroked my backside, I felt his lips kiss my butt cheek and then his teeth, he laughed out loud slightly. I squirmed some, but he firmly held me in place. I felt him spread my legs with his knees as he slowly entered inside me from behind. He was very large and from this position I could feel my insides throbbing for more. I arched my backside up instinctively and moved with his motions, slowly. I was a bit afraid he might attempt to enter my backside. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I’ve never done it. But this...this was definitely turning me on and he knew it. He was teasing me for sure. He squeezed my cheeks strongly, I know I was panting and heard myself moan out loud several times.

“Oh, you make me crazy,” he said out loud and then began pounding harder inside of me.

“Uh...” I moaned steadily and let him take the lead as he held me stronger in position, for him to enter me harder.

After a long whileI heard him say, “Turn around.”

I did as he said and spread my legs open for him to enter as I laid flat on my back. Again he devoured my mouth with his as he climaxed inside of me, then quickly collapsed on top of me, covering my body with his. I could feel his heart pounding against mine.

“Damn,” he whispered as he rolled off and held me by his side, still out of breath.

I heard my cell phone ringing from the other room. I grabbed the sheet and wrapped it around me as I walked to the living room to find my purse.

“Hello,” I said and then heard my sister’s voice.

“Hey Jenny, I’m just leaving now. I will be to you in 15 minutes.

“Rachael, hey...” I hesitated forgetting we were doing a girls day and going for pedicures and lunch. “I’m running late, sorry. You have your key. I am jumping in the shower now!” I hung up quickly and ran back to the bedroom saying, “Ben, I really have to go!” I was searching for my clothes.

“Everything ok?” he said worried.

“Yes, I just forgot my sister was coming over today, she’s on her way now!” I quickly dressed in front of him as he lay naked flat on the bed with his arms folded above his head, still grinning at me.

“Come here!” he reached his arm out for me.

I smiled, leaned over and kissed his lips slowly once more, “I have to go, really.”

“Ok, well...I know where you live, so I will catch up with you another time then?”

“Yes,” I whispered and then pulled away from his grasp.

I quickly ran down his stairs and up mine, fumbling for my keys. I dropped my things on the bathroom floor and climbed into the shower. As I soaped myself, I remembered his touch, his kisses on my breasts and his tongue between my legs. I recalled every moment of last night from our dinner conversations to our….”What do I call it?” At this point it definitely wasn’t love making, it was more than simple sex though, the thought crossed my mind that it was definitely ‘fucking’. The way he made me call out, the way he took control of my body. It was ‘fucking’ like I had never done before. Maybe it was so exciting because I didn’t know him well? Maybe because it happened so fast, we definitely have a sexual connection that I have never felt with anyone else. Part of me feels guilty, but a bigger part of me feels like…I can’t wait to do it again!

I heard my sister come in shouting, “Are you ready?”

I turned the water off and shouted back, “I just need five minutes, I promise!”

I left without a stitch of makeup on and my hair still soaking wet. We jumped in Rachael’s car and headed for the nail salon. She updated me on her office drama. I wanted to tell her what I had done but decided it was not the best image for my little sister. Rachael was five years younger than me. She recently graduated college and was working full time. We were close, I talked to her every few days and saw her several times a month.

As we sat in the salon chairs Rachael said, “You are awfully quiet this morning, what have you been up to this week?”

“Oh, you know, more of the same,” I smiled.

“I don’t know, you seem to be in a very good mood for more of the same. What aren’t you telling me?” she pried.

“I...I met someone!” I admitted.

“What, why didn’t you tell me!” she shouted.

“It just happened, he moved in next door to me and we just casually introduced ourselves, he’s a cop. Then he gave me a ride to work and then...he asked me to dinner!”

“Nice! When?”

“Last night, he asked and we went right then and there!”

“That’s fast, how’d it go, tell me!” She was excited for me.

“It was...amazing!” we giggled like school girls. I left out the major details. “It’s all happening really fast, but...I like him a lot Rachael. It’s hard to describe, I just feel a connection to him.”

“Like, a love at first sight connection?”

“No, not exactly.”

“So, did he take your number?”

“Well, no. But, I think it was just an oversight. I mean, he lives right next door to me. He knows how to get in touch with me.”

“I guess, but I think it would have been a better sign if he had asked for your number. Don’t get too excited yet Jenny.”

“I know. I don’t know what will come out of it.” A few minutes later I said, “but he is very handsome!” I laughed.

We decided on Applebees for lunch. As we sat and munched on nachos, chit chatting about our lives, I noticed a group of police officers coming through the doorway. They were all in uniform, in the distance I could see six or eight men. They were waiting in the lobby to be seated. Then I saw him! Ben! I felt my body tingle and then my head took over. What if my sister was right? Maybe it was just a one night stand? Maybe he hadn’t even thought about me again? I looked away and hoped the waitress wouldn’t seat them all next to us! I haven’t had time to process what happened between us. I’m not sure how to react to seeing him so soon afterwards and in a much different atmosphere than last night.

I heard my sister interrupt my thoughts, “What’s the matter Jenny?”

“Nothing.” I clenched my teeth. “Ok he’s here.”

“What? he...the cop?” she said excited.

“Yes, a group of them just walked in...DON’T TURN AROUND!” I scolded.

“Why wouldn’t you say hello?”

“I don’t know, I mean...he’s with his work friends. I don’t want to be pushy, like you said, maybe he wouldn’t even try to contact me again. I don’t know. SHIT!”

“Since when do you get so nervous around a guy?”

“It’s different. I’m not sure….oh God, he sees me!” I caught his glance and then his stare right into my eyes. I froze. I don’t know if I smiled or not? My sister’s right, it’s not like me to be so nervous around a man. I’m not inexperienced and I’m nearly 30 years old. I know it’s because we had sex, I mean... because we fucked. I don’t know how to act now.

I watched him leave the group and walk towards me. He was smiling for sure. “Jenny, hi,” he laughed a little. “This is a surprise for sure.” He stood at the table in front of us.

“Ben! Hi! Yes, it is a surprise. This is my sister, Rachael. Rachael this friend, Ben.” Crap, how should I have introduced him?

“Hello!” Rachael said nicely and then smiled at me. I can read her mind, she is thinking, “Oh! He is handsome!”

“I don’t mean to interrupt your girls lunch but I did want to say hi again,” he grinned at me. I had a change of plans this morning so decided to meet the gang for lunch before my shift.” he laughed and said, “I should get back.”

“I’m glad you came by,” I said politely and smiled.

He turned and walked away, when Rachael said it out loud, “He is cute!”

“Shh!” I rolled my eyes and watched him walk out of sight, thank goodness, to the other side of the dining room.

Rachael and I continued our afternoon with most of our conversation stuck on me and my policeman.

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