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Chapter 7

Chapter 7

I was in my office when the knock at the door startled me. I turned to see Ben standing at the doorway with a huge bouquet of flowers. “I’m sorry,” he said and came and put them on the desk beside me.

I smiled slightly, “They are beautiful.”

“I came by to see my Mother see you too. Forgive me? I had too much to drink, I know. That’s not like me.”

“I saw her a few days ago, she’s weak but in good spirits.”

“She told me she had a new friend coming by, would that be you?”


He bent down and kissed my cheek, “Thank you for looking out for her.”

“I’m happy to,” I smiled. “Thank you for my flowers.”

“You’re welcome. Could we do dinner tonight? We could go out? I’m getting around better and better on these damn crutches.”

“Ok, what time?” He was still hard to resist.


I smiled, shook my head and said, “I have to get back to work.” I watched as he hobbled away.

Just then my cell phone rang, it was Rachael. “Hey, are we still set for tonight?”

Crap! I’d forgotten our dinner plans. “Umm, yes, but...I’m sure he won’t mind, Ben will be joining us too. Meet me at the house at 6.”

“Ok, that’s fine with me, see you then!”

I got up quickly and looked down the hall but didn’t see Ben to tell him Rachael would be joining us tonight. As I turned back to the office I heard a screech coming from down the hall. I quickly ran to see what was going on, as I turned the corner I could see Miss Mary on the floor in tears and screaming out in pain.

“Oh my God! Are you OK?” I shouted.

“My hip Jenny, it hurts!”

The nurses came around the corner too, one called on her radio for emergency help as she ran down the hallway. Before I knew it, there were people everywhere crowded in the small hallway, nurses, doctors and residents. I tried to clear the residents away to avoid some of the commotion. “I promise all of you, I will update you as soon as I hear something about Mary’s condition. I know we are all worried for her but she doesn’t need an audience. Please let’s go back to the dining room and wait.” I tried to stay calm.

The news spread quickly and residents gathered into the dining hall to show their concern. After a brief pep talk, I called for my assistants to bring down papers, markers and any craft items they could carry down with them for us all to make cards for Mary.

Before I knew it, it was 5:45 and I was just packing up my things to head home. I wouldn’t have time to shower and change for dinner.

As I pulled up to the house, I saw Ben and Rachael waiting inside for me. “Hey! I’m sorry I’m late, I had a crazy day, one of our residents fell and broke her hip,” I said.

“My gosh, that’s awful!” Rachael exclaimed. “I used my key and then Ben came knocking. We just got here a few minutes ago.”

Ben said out loud, “Jenny, you didn’t tell me we were going to have company?”

“I totally got distracted today, with all the commotion at work, I meant to call you,” I said and tried to smile, but thought it was a bit rude of him to announce it out loud like that.

Rachael said, “I mean, if you all had special plans, no big deal. I can fend for myself.”

“No!” I insisted. “You are welcome to come Rachael, don’t be silly. Actually, Ben, Rachael and I had planned tonight a while ago.” I said sarcastically to him. “I’m ready, let’s go.” I announced. We quickly decided to go for pizza.

Rachael said, “Ben, you are doing so well with the crutches. I think I’d break my neck trying to go up and down these stairs. Have you had to use them before?”

“Yes, a few times actually. You get used to it,” he politely replied.

As we approached the market, I could tell the lights were on inside, Jonathan must be installing the floors. I wanted to see them. I wanted to tell him about the other ideas I had too.

Rachael interrupted my thoughts, “Jenny, I can’t believe you forgot to tell me you found out Jonathan was married!”

“I know, I’m sorry, I’ve just been so busy.”

Ben broke in, “Who’s Jonathan?”

“He’s a friend of mine from the market here. He’s remodeling it. I am really excited to see the changes…”

Ben interrupted again, “He can’t be too good a friend if you didn’t even know he was married.”

“I’ve known him a long time now. I don’t know, it just never came up.” We chose to sit outdoors at the restaurant and to share a large pizza. I tried to be aware of Ben’s reactions, he didn’t seem like himself tonight, but then I guess I didn’t really know his mannerisms yet. As we ate I tried to include him in the conversation, he didn’t easily join in.

Coming from behind me I heard, “Hey Rachael, Jenny! How are you?” It was Jonathan.

“Hey! Hi!” I said excited to see him again. “Can you take a break? Sit with us!” I smiled. “This friend, Ben. Ben, this is Jonathan. We were just talking about how you were remodeling the store.”

Jonathan went over and extended his hand to Ben and said hello. “I can’t, sorry. I just came to pick up a sandwich. I’m in the middle of installing a floor over there.”

Rachael said, “I love having my alarm Jonathan, I feel so much safer having it, thank you again.”

“You are very welcome Rachael. I’m glad to hear it.” He smiled sincerely. “I should get my food.” He left and then waived again as he exited the pizza parlor.

“He is such a nice man,” I began to say but was interrupted by Ben who said, “for a hick.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” I snapped at him.

He laughed, “A hick, you know someone who has probably never left…”

“I know what it means Ben, why would you say such a thing? You don’t even know him.”

Rachael sat in silence, but I caught a glimpse of her expression and she knew I was upset.

“I don’t actually know him. But I know his type. I’ve been to the store several times. I’m sure he has worked there since he’s in high school, probably didn’t go to college and will likely work his way up to being a manager, if he’s lucky some day.”

“Really? Well, you obviously don’t know him at all.”

“And you obviously do?” he snapped at me.“And now he comes to your house to...install alarms, right?” he raised his eyebrow at me.

Rachael interrupted us. “I think it’s time I headed home, I had a long day.” She yawned and grabbed for her purse.

“Yes, me too, Rachael,” I responded and was glad to drop our current conversation.

Rachael left without coming back to the house. Ben however, took it upon himself to hobble up the stairs alongside me. I thought perhaps we would talk about his actions tonight. I was not impressed.

“Jenny,” he said as he came close to me. “I can tell you’re angry with me.” He kissed my cheek.

“I just...I don’t judge people the way that you do.”

He shook his head, “Well, in my line of work, I don’t usually see the positive in people, you know.”

“I guess not.” I stood still as I felt his hand wander up my arm and to the back of my head.

“I think you are a good influence on me, maybe some of your optimism will rub off on me,” he smiled.

“Maybe,” I made eye contact with him.

“You are so kind, so sweet,” he mumbled as he kissed my lips. “I was jealous,” he said.

“Jealous of what, who?”

“Your friend, Jonathan! I don’t like when you introduce me as your friend.” He stayed close to me still. Then began lifting my shirt up. “I am more than your friend.” He kissed my neck, “Aren’t I?”

“Yes,” I whispered back.

“I would like for Jonathan to know that.”

“Jonathan is married!” I said shocked at Ben’s insinuation.

He lifted my shirt over my head and kissed me again, harder this time.

“Jenny, don’t be naive,” he whispered. “You are so beautiful, any man would want you.”

I should be angry. I should want to explain my side of the situation. I should tell him that he was rude tonight to my sister, but I didn’t. I don’t know why. I have become entangled in his desire for me and can’t seem to get enough of him. His newfound shortcomings have been pushed to the back of my mind now as all I can think of is his touch on me. I went to lift his shirt when he pushed my arms aside and then shook his head, “no.” It’s your turn to be pleasured.

He teased my mouth with his tongue as he undressed me and then quickly lifted me on top of the counter top. “Open your legs,” he said grinning at me.

I did as he said, leaned back and supported myself with my elbows. I felt him caress my belly and then the inside of my thighs as he stood before me and made me long for his touch. He touched me with his finger, stroking me up and down. “That’s what you like, isn’t it,” I heard him whisper but didn’t respond. I closed my eyes and put my head back as I enjoyed his touch. After a few moments he stopped. I was frustrated and wanted more and he knew it. He was teasing me. I felt his tongue on my hairline and heard him ask, “You want me to lick you?”

I urged my body up to his mouth in reply.

“Tell me,” he commanded.

I simply whispered back, “Yes.”

He did so instantly and I heard myself gasp out loud, anxious for him to make me wet. I lost control of my body, it was now in his control. After several minutes, I felt him enter his finger inside of me and then another as he motioned in and out. “That feels good, doesn’t it?” he said as he pushed harder. “Tell me Jenny.”

“Yes,” I answered again with my breaths becoming shorter.

He took his other finger and played with me as he continued to finger me harder and harder still as I moaned out loud. My breasts shook up and down as I lay flat on my back now, unable to hold myself up any longer.

“Should I make you cum now? Hmm?” he said as he removed his fingers.

I wanted him to so badly, I was more than ready. I eagerly awaited for his tongue to touch me. I felt my hard nipples and played with my breasts, waiting almost in agony.

“Tell me,” he said as he leaned over and licked me a few times. “Tell me, you want me to make you cum.” He pressed his tongue harder and spread my legs firmly with his hands.

“Uh...Yeah…” I moaned with pleasure not having to say the words as my body shook and he knew it was already happening.

I felt him lift me off the counter top to my feet. “Bend over,” he said as he took a hold of my buttocks and moved me in front of him. He slammed hard into me. I quickly supported my hands against the countertop as he continued in and out. I felt him squeezing my cheeks hard as his breaths became louder and shorter too. I felt his finger enter my behind. I tried to shift some but he held me too tight. Then I felt him release himself.

I stood straight up, my legs sore from being in that position for so long, I turned to see him. He quickly devoured my mouth with his.

I had heard my phone vibrate several times during our escapade. After dressing I reached into my purse to check. It was Rachael. I started reading through her texts, but then dismissed them as they were about Ben and I was afraid he might catch a glimpse of them.

“I have to go,” he announced.

“Ok,” I smiled and kissed his cheek.

I called Rachael back, “I know he was a bit rude tonight, I’m sorry.”

“Jenny, I don’t like him!” “You don’t even know him Rachael!” Why would you judge him so quickly?”

“I think he’s possessive.”

“What? How? Seriously, you are overreacting Rachael.”

“I’m telling you, I got a bad vibe from him Rachael. Slow down. You don’t really know him yet.”

“I’m not falling in love, little sister. I promise, I’m just having fun, for now. You don’t have to worry about me getting hurt.”

“I hope so Jenny,” she said disappointed.

“I’m going to watch Outlander on Netflix. Don’t tell me what happened last season!” I yelled.

“Oh my God!” she gasped, call me after episode 4!

I laughed, “Ok, I will.”

I settled in under the blanket on the couch, fully content, watching Netflix. My insides still throbbed from Ben entering me so hard. I haven’t figured us out yet. The only thing I know is that he has awakened desires in me, I didn’t know I had. I have always enjoyed sex but he takes it to another level for sure. Maybe that’s possessive? I’m not sure, but I am enjoying it!

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