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It All Started With A Shoe

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One day on a walk along the beach you meet this perfect stranger who can't help but catch your eye. While you learn more about this mystery man that's caught your attention, your dad tried to come back into your life, after being gone for the last ten years. You don't trust him and can't tell if he's lying or not, but how much of a choice do you have, he's your father. Do you have daddy issues? Who knows 🤷‍♀️

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The First Touch

It’s a Friday summer night in the middle of July, and your light brown nearly blonde curled hair rests on the silky sleeveless red dress you had in the back of your closet, it goes about five inches above your knees, your wearing an yellow and orange eye-shadow combo with the yellow on your inner eyelid and the orange on your outer eyelid, you have on a little bit of blush that has faded throughout the night and your wearing a tiny bit of eyeliner with a small wing so you didn’t overdo your makeup, your carrying your black heels, you just got home from a family get together so you decide to go out for a walk on the beach an nearly perfect stranger approaches you and taps you on the shoulder, he’s wearing an unbuttoned over shirt that rests perfectly over his tan muscular body, revealing his perfect abs, he’s tall with dark brown hair, it looks nearly black, he has beautiful blue eyes, with an perfectly straight smile, he looks like a model.

You smile and blush just looking at him you think to yourself “he is breathtaking.” you shyly look up and say

“h-hi” and he looks down at you and hands you one of your heels and says

“you dropped this” his voice is deep. You look down and see your only holding one heel then look back up at him and spoke

“I didn’t realize I dropped it, I’d lose my head if it wasn’t attached” he chuckles and asks

“are you from around here?” and you explain

“yeah I live right up the road from here” he looks a little shocked and asks flirtatiously

“do you come here often? Because there’s no way I wouldn’t notice a gorgeous girl like you” you blush and get butterflies by hearing him say that and you reply

“I come here almost every day, there’s no way I haven’t noticed you yet” he smiles and says

“I’m the lifeguard here, but I like to go on walks during the night” you then smirk and say

“we should go grab a few drinks and talk, my sister owns the cafe” he smiles and responds

“I’d love to.”

You lead the way and nervously grab his hands and get butterflies when you realize how small your hands are compared to his and he chuckles saying

“tiny hands!” You act angry and demand

“they are not tiny!” He laughs then compares his hands to yours then you admit

“okay maybe a little but that’s not the point!”

You guys make it to your sister’s cafe and you see your sister and she walks up to you and calls to you

“Ana!” The stranger giggles

“I never got to introduce myself.”

He reaches out his hand to give you a handshake and says

“I’m Josiah Smith, you can call me Josh or Jay” you smile while shaking his hand you respond saying

“I go by Ana, short for Ana-belle, and if I call you anything other than Josiah it’s Josh”

Your sister looks completely shocked and a little offended, she belts teasingly

“is this your lover boy, you never told me you had a boyfriend” I blush and smile and say

“Johanne! We just met!!” She smiles while saying

“looks like you guys are on a date to me” then she looks at Josh and sneers

“if you hurt her I will have you fired and I mean it” he smiles and looks at me while saying

“Miss. Davis I have zero intentions of hurting her” she smiles and adds

“You may call me Johanne” she pauses for a second pondering and remarks “I think Ana would love it if you’d attend dinner tomorrow night, I would say tonight but she just ate at our family get together.”

He looks you up and down and reports

“that explains why you’re dressed up” you smile and giggle saying

“I wanted to look cute” then do a tiny little twirl and state

“don’t I look cute?” He chuckles and says

“I don’t care how dressed up you are in my eyes you’ll always be cute”

you smile and look deeply into his eyes while your heart beats rapidly you can hear it in your ears and feel it in your throat, but it’s not in a bad way like it is when your anxious, it’s the heartbeat that makes you smile and feel warm inside, he’s staring back and he puts his hands on your hips and you look up and think

“he’s going to kiss me” but of course your sister Johanne ruins the moment and clears her throat asking

“are you guys going to sit somewhere or just stand there like idiots?” You giggle nervously when he turns to Johanne removing one of his hands from your hip and he pulls you closer to his side by your waist resting his hand there and he smiles nervously saying

“right I forgot” then leads you to a table for two that has a singular rose and states

“we’ll sit here” you smile and sit then respond saying

“I would like a vanilla shake to please” and Josh smiles and adds

“I’ll have the same.”

You rest your arms on the table while looking at him, then suddenly your phone goes off, so you check your phone and it’s a text from your mom and it says

“where are you?” You look at the time and it’s 12:30! You text her and say

“I ran into a cute boy, we’re on a date at Johannes cafe I’ll call when I’m on my way home!” Josh looks confused and asks

“who was that?” You reply

“it was my mom, she’s always worrying about me but I’m 17, I’m going to be an adult soon” he looks at you and states

“my parents always check on me and I have my own house and I’m 20!” You add

“parents are so overprotective at times, but let’s not let my mom ruin our night.”You guys finish your drinks and you ask

“how does star gazing sound?” He smiles and responds

“I’ve never star-gazed with anyone before”

Before I get to say anything slow and romantic music starts playing and Josh stands up and grabs your hand and asks

“would you like to dance with me?” I look up at him and my face turns bright red and I say

“wow your tall” he chuckles and says

“no you’re just short” you roll your eyes giggling and you stand up and say

“maybe but we’re just going to say you’re just tall”

he smiles and you both start to slow dance, he holds you close by your waist and you guys slow dance and you rest your head on his chest you can hear his heartbeat increase and you smile and blush. He looks down at you and says

“even though we just met today it feels like I’ve known you my entire life” you smile and blush while saying

“I feel safe here” he looks confused and asks

“what do you mean?” You smile and blush and say

“in your arms dummy” he smiles and says

“that’s cute.”

You get a call from your mom and you see the time, and it’s almost 1! You frown and look at Josh and say

“I think my mom wants me home I’m so sorry” he asks

“are you gonna answer that?” So you answer it and your mom says

“Ana where are you?!” She was so loud Josh could hear her and you say

“I’m so sorry I lost track of time!” Your mom says

“you have until 1:15 to get home” you say

“yes ma’am”

You look like your about to cry and she hangs up

Josh hugs you tightly and says “it’s gonna be an alright princess” you smile at him after he says that and you say

“can you walk me home?” He says

“of course”

and picks you up carrying you like a princess and you smile softly and tell him where you live and he walks with you as you guys are walking to your house and he’s carrying you. He acts like he’s gonna drop you and you say

“Josh no!!” He giggles and says

“I would never drop you”

He smiles and puts you down to hand you his phone and says, “here put your number in it and text your number” then he picks you back up and you say,

“you don’t have to carry me the entire way”

He smirks and says

“you’re small so it’s okay”

you guys arrive at your house and it’s 1:14, you had left at 1:00. He frowns and puts you down then says “may I meet your parents?” You smile and say,

“of course you can” he smiles and puts his hand in yours with his fingers in between your fingers.

You think to yourself “I’ve never felt like this holding someone else’s hand, I’ve never felt the way I do with him before, I’ve had similar feelings but not this.”

He smirks and says “lead the way” you walk him to the door and grab your key out of your pocket and unlock the door then take a breath in and open the door and you say,

“I’m home” your mom walks downstairs, and he looks around and says,

“wow you have a beautiful house” you smile and your mom says,

“thank you young man, but where is your shirt?” You smile

“mom I met him at the beach, of course, he’s only wearing the overshirt, I’m surprised he’s wearing anything besides shorts”

She rolls her eyes and says “what’s your name young man?”

He smiles and says “my name is Josiah, but I go by Josh or Jay” she smiles and says,

“that’s a wonderful name” then turns to me “Ana, is he staying the night?”

You smile and say “Josh, do you want to stay the night?” He smiles and nods his head, your step-dad walks in and says,

“No funny business, you’ll be staying in the living room we have a fold-out bed” he nods and your little five-year-old sister walks in and yells “sissy!”

You giggle and say “sissy it’s time for bed”

She frowns and says “will you tuck me in?” You nod and grab Josh’s hand and you both go and tuck her in, then you lead Josh to the living room that has a fireplace with a tv attached to the wall above it then across the room from it is the couch and a coffee table in front of it, the toys that belong to you’re five-year-old sister grace and you’re six-year-old brother James are scattered out in front of the toy box in the corner, you’re step-dad is setting up the bed and you’re older brother Alex brings you and Josh some blankets and pillows, you’re exhausted so you go to the bathroom and Josh says,

“what are you doing?”

You say “I have to wash my makeup off” he says,

“oh yeah I forgot” he walks into the bathroom with you and he smiles and waits for you to be done doing your makeup, and after about five minutes you completely clean your face off and he looks at you and smiles and you playfully say,


While still smiling he says “you’re gorgeous is all” he leaves the room for you to change, you change into an oversized shirt and sweatpants and then you sit on the counter and say,

“I’m dressed” he comes back in and you look at him while he’s still standing, he looks at you and says,


You smile and say “horror or romance? Or both?”

He looks at you and can tell you’re a horror fan so he says “how about both”

Then picks you up and you wrap your arms and legs around him smiling while your heart is beating rapidly, you and Josh lay down on the couch and you set up a horror and romance movie called “Our house” you cuddled up to Josh while watching the movie, you fell asleep over halfway through the movie sleeping on Josh’s chest with one hand on his chest and the other resting in his hair from you playing with it, he continues to play with your hair and hold you asyou sleep, he falls asleep towards the end of the movie, you forgot to tell him you have night terrors and you wake up crying at 5:30 in the morning and he wakes up and says,

“are you okay?” And he holds you tightly while saying,

“it’s okay princess I’m right here” you start to calm down and look at him and say,

“I’m sorry for waking you up” and he says,

“no it’s okay, I’m just glad I was here” you completely stop crying and calm down and you say,

“I had a nightmare” he says,

“it’s okay baby” and you get butterflies as soon as he says “baby” he smiles because you started blushing, and he says “did that make you happy?” You nod and then suddenly someone’s bangs on the door, your sister looks at the camera and runs downstairs.

She says “Ana call the cops he’s back” you start calling the cops and try not to panic, and Josh gets up and says,

“who’s back?” Johanne grabs the baseball bat that rested against the corner by the door and says,

“her ex-boyfriend the reason Ana wakes up in panic attacks” Josh clenches his fists and looks pissed when Johanne says that, Ana’s ex gets through the door and says creepily,

“oh Ana I’m home” and Ana’s stepdad walks down the stairs and says,

“Jacob what are you doing here?” Josh is furious, and Jacob tries to walk towards Ana then Josh gets ready to hit Jacob in the face and Jacob says,

“oh come on you wouldn’t punch your best friend now, would you?” Josh starts getting angrier and says,

“I’m not your friend anymore Jacob” and Jacob smirks and says,

“what about the money we made together Josh” and Josh goes to punch Jacob but the police arrive before Josh hits Jacob and they arrest Jacob for violation of a restraining order, Josh sits on the bed and calms down then sees Ana still having a panic attack so he quickly gets up and walks to Ana and hugs her tightly and says,

“are you alright?”

She says “yea I was scared he was gonna hurt me again”

Josh says “I will never let that happen”

You smile and say “I’m exhausted“ he picks you up and carries you to the bed and you and him fall back asleep cuddling and you lay on him with your head rested on his chest, you wake up the next morning and your parents are arguing but Josh is in the kitchen making you and him breakfast, so you get up and brush your hair then put it in a messy bun, then you walk into the kitchen smiling and say “that’s my favorite food” the delicious pancakes and eggs and bacon and sausage smells wonderful, you say “I don’t normally have both sausage and bacon but they’re both good”

He smirks and says “I had to ask your sister what foods you like for breakfast” you smile and giggle, he puts two pancakes on a plate and hands you peanut butter and syrup then puts sausage bacon and scrambled eggs on a plate then sets both plates in front of you, he hands you ketchup as well, he then makes his plate of sausage bacon and eggs with another plate of two pancakes, you spread the peanut butter on your pancakes and put syrup over the top, and you eat your food, you put ketchup on your eggs and dipped your bacon and sausage in syrup. He eats his about the same but he isn’t a huge fan of peanut butter so he doesn’t have peanut butter on his pancakes, you smile and say,

“Great minds think alike” when he dips his bacon and sausage in the syrup, he made enough for everyone in your house but of course your parents are still arguing so nobody leaves their room.

Josh says “is it always like this?”

You say “pretty much, I wish my dad was still around but he left 10 years ago” he looks at you sympathetically and you say “don’t, if he wanted to be here he would be, the last thing he said to me was that he hates me and wishes he never screwed my mom, I have at least 6 other sisters and 3 other brothers, they’re half brothers and sisters and I’ve never met them.” He still looks at you with sympathy and you say “I’m used to him being gone” and your about to cry and he says,

“babe you shouldn’t have to be” you start to cry and put your head in your arms, he gets up and lifts you up to stand up and you’re balling at this point and he wraps his arms around you tightly and says “it’ll be okay I promise” you sob while saying,

“I just wish he was here I wish he loved me” and then suddenly as if someone heard you say that you get a call Josh looks at your phone and says,

“may I answer it?” You nod your head and he answers the call and puts it on speaker and the person says,

“hello, Ana? It’s your father” you start to cry even more while he holds you, he says,

“this is her boyfriend, may I help you?”

Your father says “yes, may I speak to Ana?” You say while tears run down your face


Your father says “Ana dear I’m so sorry, I’m home” then there’s a knock at the door and you open the door knowing it’s your father and you don’t hug him because you don’t know if you hate him or love him, he says “Ana I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean those things I said” and you say,

“if you were actually sorry you wouldn’t have waited ten years to finally apologize, why would you tell a 7-year-old little girl you hate her and wish you never screwed her mom? Those words have been carved into my brain, I’ve seen several therapists and none of them have helped because all I ever think of is how I wasn’t good enough for my father to love”

your father looks shocked, and you never dreamed of the first time seeing your father in 10 years to be like this, Josh holds you close to him and your father says “I’m sorry, do you not get that?”

Johanne comes down stairs, and says “what are you doing here?”

You turn away from everyone’s holding Josh’s hand and grab your phone and start walking to the beach, you call your mom and say “mom I’m going to stay with Josh until dad either leaves or realizes what he actually has done”

she says “I called him, he’s not leaving.”

You hang up on her and look at Josh and say “so I have two questions” he says

“go for it”

you smile and say “are we dating now, and can I stay with you for awhile?”

He smiles and says “yes of course you can baby and yes” you smile calmly and seem at peace even after what seemed to be an complete disaster, you guys walk to the beach and he says “I’ll drive us there we’re not walking the entire way”

you smile and say “that’d be nice” you and Josh make it to his car and you and him drive to his house, you text your sister and say “I need a lot of clothes and all of my beauty stuff please” Your sister agreed to bring you your stuff and Josh says while driving,

“you have a rough life”

you say “I’d rather me than someone who wouldn’t emotionally be able to take this, I have a lot of emotional issues”

he smiles and says “and I’ll love every last one of them because they’re a part of you, the only reason I didn’t go off on your dad or punch him in the face back there is because he’s your father”

you say “I could care less about him, hey! We should get some food I’m starving”

he chuckles and says “what’s your favorite food?”

You say “Chinese of course”

he smiles and says “mine too” then starts heading to his favorite Chinese restaurant.

you say “we have a lot in common, you know?” He nods while smiling, they make it to the Chinese place and you immediately know what you want and you say “I would like an order of general Tsi chicken with dr. pepper please” and he says,

“I’ll have the shrimp and noodles with a water please and thank you” they tell you what your total is and give you a seat, you sit next to each other in a booth and hold hands and talk about your hobbies and favorite things. Then the food makes it to the table and you and Josh are laughing about the stupidest reasons you guys have been dumped for and your father texts you but before you read it you hand it to Josh for him to reply, after he sends his text he says “your father said Ana I’m so sorry, so I replied with she will not see your message until later because as of right now she’s happy and I’m not letting this ruin it”

you then say “okay, I kind of want to know what my mother means by he’s not leaving” he looks confused and says

“that’s kind of odd for her to say about her ex-husband” you frown and say

“ex-fling, they wanted her to get pregnant but they never ended up dating”

he hugs you tightly and says “we’ll get through this together” you smile at him saying that and feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, he squeezed your hand smiling and you looked at him and playfully said “are you making fun of my small hands” he grinned and said “of course, I can’t help it that you’re just a tiny person”

you giggle and say “you’re just a bigger person than me, I can’t help it I’m 5’5”

he smiles and says “I’m 6’4” your eyes widen and your face is bright red and you think to yourself “wow this man is perfect but boy is he tall″

He playfully nudges you and says “why’s your face so red?” You’re food finally makes it to the table and you and him eat it, you don’t eat it a special way this time but after a couple of pieces of chicken you say,

“this is spicy”

he giggles and says “let me try”

you say “only if I can try yours” so you give him a bite of your general Tsi chicken and he gives you a bite of his shrimp and noodles and he says “wow this is pretty spicy” you then say,

“it’s the way I like it though, yours is pretty good I do have to say”

he smiles and says “of course.”

As if your day couldn’t get any worse, your sister calls you and she’s crying and you say “hey, is everything alright?”

She responds with “no I caught my girlfriend sleeping with my best friend”

so you say “it’s gonna be alright I’m so sorry”

your sister then says “can you take over my shift? I’ll count those hours as yours”

you sigh and say “yes I can, I’ll be there in a few, I love you bye” then you hang up and Josh says,

“so you have to go to work?” You nod with a frown on your face and he says,

“I’ll be right there with you if you need any help” you then say,

“thank you it means a lot” instead of saying anything he hugs you and you say,

“can we go back to my house so I can get ready”

you sigh “I didn’t want to go back while father is there but I guess I have to.”

He hugs you and says “I’ll be right by your side” he holds your hand as he pays for the food and leaves a tip, he continues to hold your hand as you go to the car and when you get in he looks you deeply in your eyes and say “you have pretty blue eyes, and you’re just absolutely gorgeous” you smile as your stomach fills with butterflies and he cups his hand on your cheek and he starts to lean in and as he leans in your heart is beating and your nervous and your face turns bright red as he leans in, as he leans in he rests the other hand on your thigh and when your lips are nearly touching you close your eyes and both of you lean in and he kisses you passionately for a few seconds and then softly pulls away and you shyly say,

“h-hi” your smiling the biggest smile you can smile, your smiling with your teeth, which is something you don’t do often because you don’t like your braces, your braces have blue bands, but your butterflies don’t leave for awhile and he starts the car and you and him head towards your house and after a few minutes he says,

“did you like that kiss?” You smile not expecting him to ask and you say,


he giggles and says “somebody’s nervous”

you smile and nod and say “just a little after I get off work do you wanna swim and hang out for a while?” He smiles and nods, you make it to your house and you go in already for anything, you hear your step father screaming at your siblings and you see your parents making out, you say to Josh,

“I didn’t mean for that wish to come true”

he nods and says “I didn’t know it would” you hold Josh’s hand and you both go to your room, he’s packing your stuff for you to stay for awhile and your in the bathroom getting ready for work, you put on your work uniform which of course your sister made it cute, it’s a black tank top under a denim shorts overall with only one side buttoned and on the tank top in white writing it says “Johannes cafe” it’s written in cursive and under it, it says “we’re always in the mood for coffee” she doesn’t only serve coffee though, she serves all kinds of things, the coffee is just the main thing you put on a red and orange combo of eyeshadow with the orange in the center, you do a small eyeliner wing and put on a little bit of blush and highlighter, then you leave the bathroom and walk into your room, and Josh immediately looks you up and down so you do a little twirl and say,

“what do you think?”

He smiles and says “wow, I don’t know what to say, you look absolutely gorgeous, but you always look gorgeous” he smiles and you see almost everything is in your suitcase you use when you travel, you go back to the bathroom and grab a toothbrush and your makeup bag and come back to your room and hand him those things, he puts them in your suitcase and he says “I’ll go to the store before my shift, okay?” You smile and nod, then your father knocks on the door and says,

“are you still my little Ana bug?”

You say “dad I’m not five, the only person I want to speak to right now is the only one who was there for me for those Ten years of my life that you weren’t, so please go away, and no I’m not talking about mom I’m mad at her.” Your father walks away and you say to Josh “am I being too harsh”

Josh says “you have every right to be angry at him” you nod and continue packing, you pack your drawing book and journal, and you also grab the picture of you and your father and pack it, you look at Josh and say “maybe he’s always been this way”

your step father knocks on the door and says “Annie it’s me” he’s the only one you let call you Annie because it was special, your nana called you Bella-bug because it was unique, you open the door and hug him and say,

“I’m so sorry I have to leave, what’s going on between you and mom?”

He frowns and says “Annie I’m afraid your mom has been seeing your father behind my back, but I’m not leaving your life like he did, I’ve been around since you were three as your moms best friend and when you were 7 and a half I became your father figure” you smile knowing he would never leave you like your father left you. Your stepfather says “you look pretty” you smile and say “thank you” he nods and he helps you pack some things you forgot, you hug him goodbye and say,

“I’ll call you” Josh carries your things so you don’t have to and you and him get in the car and you say,

“at least my father left me alone for a while”

he laughs and says “yeah, do you want to go to the store together after you get off?” You smile and say,

“I’d like that” he nods and you and him continue driving towards the beach, it’s not far away but the road on the way is lonely, you and him live on country like roads and in opposite directions from the beach, there’s a circular area of forest between the two of you and behind your houses are forests, but it’s nice and peaceful so it doesn’t bother you much, it’s calming, it would be at least if you could have a calm and peaceful house. You and him make it to the beach and get out of the car, he walks you in the cafe then goes and starts his shift you and him work from noon to 8 and you go to the beach when the next person comes in for their shift, you have to close the shop later but you go to the lifeguard changing room because Josh let you go in there.

You change into a black two piece the top barely fits because you have a bigger bust than most females, your bottoms has little tie ups on the side and your butt sticks out a tiny bit, you look at yourself in the mirror no smile then try to fix the bottoms, and you succeeded but it won’t stay fixed forever, you walk out to Josh and see him kissing another girl, your eyes fill with tears and your devastated you walk up to him and hear him say

“get off of me I have a girlfriend” but you think he said it because he saw you because this has happened to you before, and you look at him while crying and he tries to hug you and you say,

“I don’t need a hug, what the heck was that?”

He says “that was my ex-girlfriend she just did that out of nowhere”

his coworkers nod their head and one says “he’s telling the truth, he was watching the water and suddenly she kisses him”

your still crying and don’t know if he’s telling the truth but you hug him tightly anyways and say

“I’m scared”

he says “I know princess, but I would never do that to you, I promise” you smile a little but you’re still sad about it because you thought he was trying to kiss her, you wait for him on the steps to finish his shift.

Your father texts you and says “do you want to meet your siblings?” You ignore it and Josh comes back but you don’t see him so he comes up behind you and picks you up to scare you at first you scream then he turns you around and you giggle and hug him, you and him walk to the water together and you splash him with the water immediately and he yells,


You laugh and say “I know” he smiles and you can tell he’s about to pick you up so you run and he runs after you and after a few minutes he catches up to you and picks you up and says,

“can you swim?” You nod and plug your nose and hold your breath, he dunked you! You smile and hop on his back and say,

“rude! It’s cold”

he smiles devilishly and says “I know” you smile and think “ugh he’s such a tease” he pretends he’s gonna drop you and as he does you scream because you’re almost an entire foot higher than you normally are and you say,

“put me down!!”

He laughs and says “make me” you smile and climb off his back and you’re absolutely petrified but relieved when you get down, he smiles and says “that was fun”

you smile and say “no it was not”

he smiles and says “don’t make me pick you up again”

you smile and laugh while you say “don’t you dare” he smiles and pretends like he’s gonna pick you up and you try to tackle him into the water but instead he tackles you into the water he smiles and kisses you softly then pulls away and says “haha” you smile and try to get up and he laughs because you can’t get up, after a few minutes he lets you up you giggle and he takes your hand and helps you up he smiles because his brother was standing by them getting a fire ready for s’mores and his brother also had a guitar with him, you look over at what he’s smiling at and say,

“who’s that”

Josh says “he’s my brother”

you say “why’s he holding a guitar?”

Josh smiles and says “you’ll see, I met your parents and brothers and sisters so I decided to contact mine, he was the first to get here”

you smile and say “can we go to him now?” He nods and holds your hand while walking to his brother Josh says,

“Michael this is my girlfriend”

Michael smiles and says “your pretty lucky Josh” and you recognize the name but you don’t know where you recognize the name from you brush it off and hope it’s nothing. Michael smiles and says “come on you don’t remember me? That little boy you’d always hangout with in middle school”

the mention of middle school disgusts you, you say “Michael if you do know me from that time you know middle school wasn’t a good time for me”

Michael then says “ah I forgot”

Josh asks “what about Middle school, is this the girl you saved from that bad situation?”

Michael nods and you look away while saying “this isn’t a good subject please stop talking about it”

Josh holds you close and kisses your forehead then says “I’m sorry baby girl” you smile and say,

“so s’mores?” Josh smiles and gets out the graham crackers while you get out the chocolate and Michael gets the marshmallows, before you get to open any of the stuff Josh’s parents and other siblings arrive, you holds Josh’s hand smiling and Josh’s mom says,

“you can’t have s’mores before dinner and Josh smiles while walking with you to his mom, he lets go of your hand to hug her he says ,

“I’m glad you and pa could make it” she smiles and says “of course, we wanted to meet this girl you won’t stop talking about”

you smile and shyly say “hi I’m Ana-belle” Josh smiles after he lets go of his mom and says,

“she goes by Ana” he holds your hand while smiling and says “this is my girlfriend ma” she smiles and says,

“she is absolutely gorgeous” you smile hearing that and say “thank you so much ma’am”

Michael says “so pa what’s for dinner”

they’re father says “let’s eat at that cafe” you smile and say,

“my sisters cafe?”

His father says “your Johannes sister?” You smile and nod, he looks shocked but doesn’t say anything, and you and Josh and everyone else besides Michael walk to the cafe to get food, everyone orders and take their food back to the fire, Josh orders Michael the same thing he gets, you get a burger and fries with a salad and Josh and Michael both get the same, you walk back to the fire with your food and you see a few people you don’t know along with your father and mother waiting at the campfire.

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