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There is a kind of waiting that feels like gentle onshore breezes kissing salty stones. It isn't warm but there is a sense of calm, of nature, of things expected. Then there is the kind that feels like the head of a medieval mace is loose in my guts and my head has taken a beating with a hefty plank of wood. A legacy can be negative ripples or positive waves, each taking on a life of their own in the fabric of the universe, interacting with karma, chance and fate. But, my birth has been a mystery till now. I choose the most perfect memory of my mother and cling to it. I choose it because in that moment she was the person she should have been, would have been. Even if the mystery was revealed, would people still consider me in their life?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

The room is blue with beautiful murals on the wall, hand painted by someone who knew what they were doing. The scene is of the stilt walkers that cruise down the Vancouver streets in the winter festival. The colors are like nothing else, vibrant, strong. All new looking and expensive. I reached out toward the curtain and drew it aside in one strong motion. The light-flooded in, bathing me in its warm golds, revealing the colors it had brought to the world beyond my window pane. My dormitory was just perfect!

The first day of spring comes as the first song to newly opened ears and hearts. In this place, I could be anyone, or perhaps no-one at all. The people flowed like rivers, never stopping for obstacles but swirling around them. I was sitting quietly, peeking out the window and pointing at people. A brilliant flash of white, followed by a harsh click of a camera, blinded my eyes and shook me out. She sat heavily over the bed.

" Hey, May I know who you are? It’s kinda uncomfortable when someone just barges into my room and clicks a picture of me staring outside the window! ”

She sat on the edge of my bed, her eyes trained keenly looking into mine. It was odd for her to make a connection so fast, to give her trust so easily. There was something in the way she smiled, a warmth, a genuineness, a softness of spirit she just couldn’t pass up. She listened like she was absorbing my words.

" What, you’re uncomfortable? Well, take Angelina Jolie and put forty pounds on her, make her hair way less perfect, take off the make-up, and add some freckles. Make the bone structure not quite so perfect, and take a few inches off her height, imagine her standing right in front of you, that’s when you say you’re uncomfortable, Princess, and not when I enter into my room finding someone who’s in the wrong place. Lol! ”

She saw the shock register on my face before I could hide it. A small smile played on her lips, I guess he gets that a lot. Her words were like vanilla pudding, sweet in their ordinary sort of way, it was the richness of her tones – luxurious and warm.

" This is room 304 and how do you assume that to be wrong? I’m in the right place and I’m sure that the reception lady in this building guided me to this place! ”

" Do you remember her name? ”

" Who? The lady? Indeed, I remember! It was Ms.Cora...... ”

" Would you please mind getting yourself out to check the number plate above my dorm room? ”

" Umm....Yes! ”

I stepped out for a moment, and almost swallowed my gum, turning to take in the expression on her face. Her gaze was steady, my eyes wide like an innocent child, I released a short sharp breath.

" Oops! ”, I stood beside her hiding behind the shy smile and untied hair.

The girl paused before answering, her tone dropping to a softer octave,
" You could just cut it out and let me in you know, let me into that fragile head of yours. ”

" Thanks for that, it’s kinda creepy when I see through you.”

" You hide a lot, don’t ya? ”

" What??!! “,
I replied

" Why don’t you tell me something about yourself, I’d love to know you a bit better. Hmmm. Silent type, eh? ”, giggling as she replied back to me.

" Well, tell me one of your fears, you can’t expect me to let you into my head without giving anything away. ”

Hang, on, don’t worry. I’m getting a strong feeling right now... ” The girl just watched, eyes still like headlights on full beam, expression serene...
" You’re cute...I’m Josephine and you are? ”

" Tia Lissa. ”

She held my right hand and kissed me.

" Beautiful! You can call me ‘Jerry’ though. ”

Smiling away, " Ahem! ”

I began walking, taking one ragged breath after another,
What was I doing?? I couldn’t run now either. I grabbed my luggage from her room and shifted them to mine. I couldn’t digest the fact that she lived right next to my dorm room. I could hear her speaking to someone, it sounded like she was annoyed,

" Did I tell you about the time I met Carla? She ran after me and tackled me for stealing her bike. We went crashing to the ground, almost got run down by a cement truck on its way to the new housing development. If I think about it I can still smell the cloud of concrete gas and the burning of the tires. She had me pinned like one of her ward patients. In my defense, it looked just like my bike, the same brand ”

" Omg, that’s a hell of an adventure. Hope she’s alright?..... Should I ask her? ”

Well, she is good looking though, but that’s brown skin for you.....hehe. I have skin envy, and you envy boobs, lol but that’s the lot of small chested women I guess. haha! I know right..... her butt looked cute though..."

" Pervert!!! "

" Alright alright, enough speaking of that woman.... I found someone prettier in the next dorm room! She looks like my type... haha. No no, I wouldn't, she looks innocent. I sound like a 'perv' right now and there are people invading their dorms, so let's not talk about this right now....yeah yeah, okay! See ya. "

" Awww, I'm flattered!....haha. "
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