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Chapter 2

Tia’s POV:

I walk into the bar, colonized the booth, and ordered a round of neat spirits. That’s how I got the night started. It’s a fancy place, a sort of minimalist-classical, but that’s okay.

“ Go on, find someone you love.” speaking to myself after a few vodka shots, mind in a frenzy, world spinning faster than normal, legs giving way. But when I’m drunk I am well beyond the point of caring. My motto becomes,

" Live in the moment, as opposed to my usual, when every action has a reaction and whatever.”

My hands gripped the bottle in my hands, my eyes swiveling towards the back of my head in a distressing sense of a headache. I tilted my head towards the edge of the couch as I took a long swig of the dark substance that affected me. I sigh as the walls become part of a funhouse, changing figure in a blink of an eye. My breath was the underlying cause of the smell of alcohol that entered my nostrils, and my mouth was sore from the amount of alcohol that I poured down my throat. I was headed to the ladies room when I bumped right into someone and then apologized, using my hands to wipe her front and offering to take her outside to help clean up.

" Heyyyyy Tiaaaaaa!!! It’s you!! ”

" Who are you??? ”

" It’s me, Jerry!!! ”

" Jerry who???? ”

" Josephine -_- ”

" Huh? ”

I pull my dress a little lower and push my chest out a little further. I rumple my hand through my hair frequently to draw attention. I’m barely in the door when I see this girl staring at me, which appears to have alcohol spilled down the front. When I take a step forward so does she, I try to swat her out of my way and strike the mirror hard,

" Tia, what are you doing?? Your drunk!! Let’s go home, Come on! ”

" I ain’t going nowhere with you, pervert!! ”

My stomach begins to heave in a sickly way and my head is spinning in a way that just makes no sense. Then like a balloon just got inflated in my stomach everything I ate and drunk for the past couple of hours is racing to be expelled. Vomit. There’s vomit on the carpet in front. I can’t go up, I can’t face going down. The world spins one more time and it’s lights out.

Josephine’s POV:

" Yes, I’m at the bar... Lazy ass! Hurry up. ” I rest my hand on the rough paintwork as I declined the call. Rough wooden splinters cut into my palm,

" Ouch! ”

A woman leaned on the bar, her black hair lying over one shoulder of her sequinned dress. She rolled her head to one side, pushing out her red lips just a little. She wasn’t drunk yet but she liked to give the impression that she was. And in the seconds that follow I can feel her squeezing her arms around me and my arms reciprocating.

" Hey, honey! ” she whispered.

My brain stutters for a moment. My eyes and mouth were frozen wide open in an expression of stunned surprise, and although she was staring straight at the bartender, he appeared not to notice her at all.

" Haha, hey Julia! Long time no see, bitch! ”

" Weren’t you surprised? ”

" Neh, what for? ”

" Screw you! ”

" Eh?.... Anyways, drinks on me tonight! ”

" Where’s everyone? ”

" On their way! ”

" Wait what?!! Why am I early then?? Argh... ”

" Because you’re late every time we meet up! ”

" I hate you. ”

" So do I! ”

She folds one leg over the other, dangling her high heel, showing more leg; yet her face stays aloof. Julia turns to see a guy enter, cheeks burning light hot coals against the wintry blast, catching a glimpse of the nose-to-tail traffic outside.

" Oliver!!!!!.... Grab a seat here, next to me!!!! ”

The bartender was waiting,

" Greg, two steak and chips, two ales, and a drink for yourself.” Oliver claps Julia on the shoulder so hard she lets out the air in her lungs with an “ooof.”

Then his hand raises, and he touches my hair,

" Hola!!!! How you doin’? ” Though his voice is the same, had I seen him first I would have denied it was him.

" Woohoo! I’m doing good, what about you? ” When I try to speak my voice falters into unintelligible croaks, Oliver snuggled in,

“You’re the only person I know that gives indefinite hugs.”

I snickered, “Well, love, where else would I rather be?”

He wrapped an arm around my shoulders and pulled me close, gently rubbing my arm. In his embrace, the cold rain felt like it had stopped and the cars became silent in that back ally.

“Please don’t leave again.” His arms clenched me tighter.

I said, “I’ll never leave you again. I promise.”

" So how’s your new boyfriend? ”

" Just because I’m gay doesn’t mean I hit on every guy. Geez. Do you hit on every girl or are you able to be faithful? Because I’m a one-man guy, end of the story. Anyway, we’re planning to get married soon! ”

" My deep condolences. ”

" Bitch! ”

" Say, have you lost weight? You’re looking good, you know.”

" Haha yeah! Honeymoon workout, baby! ”

" Don’t get too excited..... Love doesn’t last too long! ”

" Why are you always negative??? ”

" Nope, I’m not! Just telling the fact. ”

" Ummm guys, let’s not argue over this, shall we?.... Oliver, when are the others coming? ”

" Julia, that was a healthy argument! ”

" Jer, don’t mess with me, honey! ”

" Or what?? Are you gonna spank me with your spatula this time? ”

" Way worse than that!.... I’ll push you down the stairs when you’re drunk! ”

" Yo, Olive! This is my last time meeting you. She’s gonna kill me! ”

" RIP, Jer! Haha ”

We ordered some extra drinks and chattered about our days in High School while Julia noticed a cut on my hand.

" Hey! Your hand’s bleeding!! ”

The blood flowed thickly over my fingers, cold.

" what would I do? ”

" Go wash it up, you idiot! ”

" Ugh! It’s just a small cut. Why worry? ”

" I said, GO! ”

I swept her hair over her ear,

" Alright! ”

" Don’t look at me like that. I’m a Het, bruh! ”

" Can I change that for you tonight, Juls? ”

" No, thank you, honey. God bless ya! ”


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