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Solitude-the quality or state of being alone, secluded from society: seclusion. **** After a freak hiking accident leaves Cecelia confused about her mental state and health, her parents sign her up for a rehabilitation program for young teenagers like her. Ready to recover from her traumatic experience, she agrees. What she didn't agree to (but needed), was a summer full of challenges, memories, enjoyment, risks and love.

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Chapter 1


All I can do is scream.

The air around me is so thin, and as I continue my free fall, I can only see the destination- the ground.

My body is in pain from all this impact, my body continuously rolling and rolling down the steep hill. The twigs crash into my body as I roll, finding ways to make me writhe in pain.

Finally, I stop.

I jolted up from my bed once again, breathing hard as my mom woke up and came to hold me.

It was a dream. Just a dream.

Except it wasn't.

I was still strapped to the hospital bed, my entire body aching from the realistic dream i had, my forehead slick with cold sweat. The accident only happened a few weeks ago, and even i couldn't get over it.

Hiking was once my hobby, my enjoyment. My life. But it all changed with that tiny mistake, that one problem.

My slip up.

Jared and I loved hiking so much. As childhood friends, we would go hiking up small mountains or even climbing trees for fun. It was a hobby that grew into our current lives. We would compete with one another sometimes, see who climbs the hill up furthest or who gets to the highest branch on the tree. It

But Jared and I wanted to explore new heights, wanted to go beyond our limits. And that was the problem.

Our new ventures led us to the highest mountain in Ferrell Heights, the Steeplechase Hill. It was one of the steepest hills in the world, and the highest of them too. Not all could climb it successfully without at least feeling a bit tired.

And by our stupidity, we thought we could.

We were doing so well, so amazing, until I missed a step. And by how far we had gotten, missing a step was not an option.

Of course people said it was a mistake, it was just a sheer moment of dumb misfortune, or maybe even karma for what I supposedly did when younger. Heck, even Jared said it wasn't my fault and that I was wrong for thinking that.

But not me.

It was entirely my fault, and now I'm stuck to a hospital bed, with a damn fear of heights and in general, hiking. My injuries are still healing and it could be some time till I find my bearing and make it out of this damned hospital in one piece.

But even if I do, nothing will ever be the same. I won't be the same Yvonne I once was, nor will I ever do the things I once loved.

Why pursue your dreams when they can leave you shattered and bruised in the end?

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