His Light, Her Spark

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You, Me and The Moon

"La da dee, la da da do, it's only me, it's only you" he sang while hitting every note perfectly.

"Dash, every car has a radio for only one purpose which is to play songs. You don't have to be the radio. What does it take for me to ask you for a casual car ride?" I asked. Arianna's song, POV, was playing on the radio and I couldn't hear her voice at all.

"A passionate kiss will do" he said while concentrating on the road.

"So predictable for a boy who's known as a playboy in our high school".

"I'd take that as a compliment" he smiled. Gosh, his smiles are like cures to my heart. I don't even need a goddamn vamperapy. Actually, just by looking at him simply makes me smile wider.

"Is someone blushing?" he joked.

"As if I'd tell you even if I was" I told.

"That statement of yours just proves that you were".

"I am not blushing!".

"Sure, keep telling yourself that" he chuckled. After that, the whole car ride was silent.

At the party

After we arrived, Xavier was about to open the car door for me but I scared him away just with my eyes and waited for him to back way. When he did, I got out of the car myself. I have my own hands to do stuff like open the car door, you know? Then, I walked hand in hand with Xavier to his house. Xavier went to his friends and I went to mine.

"Woohoo!! I'm gonna party so hard tonight!!" Scarlett screamed. "Zaylee, would you please let yourself loose for a bit? You've been playing Roblox on your iphone all day" Scarlett begged.

"Shush, darling. I need to beat this gamer's high score. There's no way that I'm gonna let him stay number one for more than an hour" she said as she rolled her eyes.

"Nevermind her, Scar. I'll go and grab us a drink" I said. "I'd take champagne" Scarlett told.

"5 shots of vodka for me, babe" continued Zaylee.

After several drinks

We drank and drank and drank! But honestly, the more I drink, the more free I felt. I've never felt this free since a 100 years ago. This weird liquor sure does know how to do it's job. It's truly funny how alcohol can cease my from stressing about my problems. I was not myself at the moment but I felt freedom.

I didn't even care when a boy had put his hands on my hips. What did I do? I just swayed to the music. Yup, probably devil me was controlling my movements at that time. Not only did I dance with a complete stranger, I played a game. I can quite remember what it was. However, the good news is that I won!

Yes. The crowd went wild and chanted my name for a few times. Suddenly, I felt the room spinning and a bad vibe. I felt someone's hand going under my dress and touching me inappropriately. I wanted to fight but my head was dizzy. Out of nowhere, a guy in black clothes punched him. My head was aching so much, I couldn't see who it was. The guy who was harassing is now on the ground, knocked out. Then, the black panther took my hands and headed outside.

"Are you alright?" he asked. I wanted to say something but my mind was such a blur and I couldn't even process what he had just said.

I think he said, "Are you a knight?". That should be right. Well, it's probably not. I then grab a hold of his tuxedo and brought my face towards his.

"Hey, black panther! Thanks for s-saving me back t--there" I said, trying to avoid the giddiness I was having.

"Oh, Krackles. You've drank way too much. Come in, get in the car. I'm taking you somewhere". Now, where did I hear that nickname before??

Anyways, according to my drunken self, I followed this guy to his car. First, I got harassed. Then, I'm getting kidnapped. What's next? Murder? It's not like I've never murdered anyone before to just feed myself. Oh, fudge it! As long as my kidnapper is a Greek god, then I'm fine. If he's not, he'd better be prepared for an early death.

Dash POV

"Hey, guys" I greeted my friends. "Hey, Xav" they replied.

"Xavier, can I talk to you for a moment? Privately?" Axel asked.


With Xavier and Axel

"What's up?" I ask. "The ceiling" he replied while laughing silently to himself.

"No, I mean what's going on?". I couldn't deny the fact that I was afraid of what he wants to say especially about Krackles. I mean, if Axel wants to talk, it's 100% about Kyomi, right?

"You won".

"Excuse me?" I ask as confusion rise in me. "You've won, Xavier. You've won Kyomi's heart" he explained in further detail.

"What are you talking about?".

"That's not my story to tell. Just a piece of advice, take care of Kyomi before other guys do" Axel told as he pointed towards the guy who had his hands on Krackles. If I was a cartoon character now, you would've seen steam blowing out of my head. I was furious but I had to calm down because I didn't wanna ruin what me and Kyomi had at the moment.

"Hey, bud. If you want her, be the one she needs at most times like now" Axel pointed again but to a different guy.

He was literally sliding his hands under my princess's dress!! I quickly went over to them and swat his hands away from her.

"No one is allowed to touch her except me. Understood?!" I exclaimed. Without realizing, I punched the guy and he had fainted. Did he die? Sadly, he didn't. Then, I took Krackles hands and rushed out of my house. I can't believe that my own house isn't safe for her.


After we arrived at our destination, I gave Kyomi a bottle of water to wash down the alcohol. Luckily, she took the bottle without hesitating and being stubborn. Not that being stubborn is a bad thing, I actually like that side of here I find it quite cute. I'd be lying if I say that her stubborn character is annoying.

"Hey, Dash! W--what are we doing here? Y-you didn't think of raping me, did you?!" she roared at me.

And she's back.

"No, Krackles. I just wanted to bring someone special here" I told.

"Okay, where is she or he?" she asked. Could girls be anymore blind? Apparently, mine can.

"Just get out of my damn car already, Krackles" I demanded.

"Bossy much. Bossy plus Xavier equeals to bossy Xavier! I like it" she said while looking at me. As soon as she said that, my heart was racing. My cheeks were flushed. God, the things that this girl does to me....

Kyomi's POV

Even though I don't know how I ended up being in Dash's car again, I'm glad to know that I'm his special person. I wasn't being stupid with my question, I just wanted to hear him say my name but knowing Xavier, he only says his answers through silence. So weird.

After we got out of the car, Xavier spreaded out a blanket for us to sit on to watch the stars while feeling comfortable. I layed on Xavier's knee like I've always wanted to. I'm surprised that he even let me to lay on him.

"Kyomi, let's play answer or kiss" he said.

"What?" I asked, almost choking on my saliva.

"Unless you wanna chicken out" he shrugged.

"Of course not! Let's play" I told with high spirits.

"I'll start the game. I've wanted to ask you this since the beginning. What was your nightmares usually about?" he asked with a frown.

"That's straightforward" I shrugged.

The moment he asked me that, I automatically went back to that time of the day. Tears rolled down my face.

"Kyomi, I'm sor---"

"My family" I smiled.

"I have nightmares about my family. It was all my fault. My mum told me to watch the stove as she went to pick up a phone call. I was just a five-year-old, playing with my dolls. Suddenly, the fire at the stove got bigger and bigger. I--I didn't even know what was happening until my elder sister came, Lizzy. Lizzy's shout caused my parents to rush over. I was soon sitting away from the fire but before they could s-s--save themselves, they had burned to death.

After 10 minutes, the firemen arrived but they were too late for my family members. They could only save me. They didn't bother to check my family's pulse because they assumed that my family was not breathing anymore. I screamed to them to save my family too but they simply said if more people entered my house, more lives will be lost. If only I watched the stove, they would've lived happily and spent every Christmas with me.

I should've been the one to die. Instead, my entire family had to suffer. Atleast, god gave his punishment" I said pouring my heart out.

Dash then used his thumbs to wipe off my tears. "It's not your fault and you know it. If you weren't alive, I wouldn't have met my other half, Krackles" he told.

His words sent chills to my body. My heart was beating faster than usual. "You're not even a supernatural creature" I mumbled.

"What?" he asked, not hearing my mumble.

"You're just a human" I stated.

"Aren't everyone in this world human?" he chuckled.

"Wouldn't you like to know?" I chuckled back, afraid he will get to know my world. The only reason I'm still alive after the incident is because someone was kind enough to bring me back alive.

I remembered the words Xavier had told me a while ago and I couldn't hold back anymore. These feelings for him are getting harder to keep as a secret. I look at his emerald coloured eyes. I asked for his permission and he nodded as a yes.

I brought my face closer to his as he stayed still. Without wasting anymore time, I kissed him. That kiss showed a lot more than just a regular kiss. It showed my emotions, feelings and how long I've been waiting for this. I broke the kiss for a minute and pleaded to him, "Stay with me".

He answered my plead with a kiss of his own. Typical Dash. "Always" he promised. We both smiled at each other and continued to look at the stars. Best night ever.

Sadly, I can't promise the same. I'm sorry Dash. You just haven't known the real me yet. I'm really sorry, Xavier. I'm just a blood-sucking monster who fed on human's and animal's blood. It'll be a pity if you end up with me. Monsters like me aren't allowed to love especially mortals.


Kyomi: How do you get a baby astronaut to sleep?

Kookie: You rocket!

Axel & Xavier: Nice one, girls.

Kyomi & Kookie: Thanks, boys. Stole it from Mrs Google.

Axel: I'm not impressed anymore.

Xavier: Neither am I.
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