His Light, Her Spark

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That One Phone Call

It sure has been quite a long time since my first 'real' kiss with The Extraordinary Xavier Dash. In fact, it has been a whole year! Yes, it has been a year since Dash and I went public as a couple. Actually, many things has changed in these past few months. Both me and Axel talked about our feelings and agreed that what we had was just sexual attraction towards each other.

Zac as in Hope's boyfriend, finally found his guts to ask Hope out to prom. Ryker and Scarlett are finally together. Ezekiel found himself a handsome boyfriend, Jonathan Christian. Zaylee and Daisy had their first kiss! However, not all changes are supposingly good now, are they?

On September 1st, 10:30 a.m.

I was waiting impatiently for a phone call. Little did I know, that phone call could change everything.

Suddenly, the phone rang! I prayed, hoping it was the call I was waiting hours for. Luckily, it was!

Kyomi: Hello?

Unknown: Am I speaking to Miss Blake?

Kyomi: Yes, you are.

Unknown: Alright, miss. According to the test, the results came out positive. Congrats!

Kyomi: Oh my god! Really? Thank you so much!

Unknown: But, miss. I've also got some bad news for you as well.

Kyomi: Well, what is it?

Unknown: Because of your sickness, it may or may not cause some harm for it. I think it's best if you visit the hospital and speak about it to the doctor in person, madame.

Kyomi: O-oh. Okay, I will do that. Have a great day.

Unknown: You too, ma'am.

After that phone call, I quickly dialed Axel.

"Hello, Axel?"

"Hey, K!" he said happily.

"Okay, I'll just cut to the chase. Whatever and I literally meant WHATEVER happens, no one should know about this! Not even Dash. Am I clear?" I asked him.

"Is something wrong, K?" he asked, worried.

"Listen, I've got no time to explain! Just come to the location I've sent you".

"But K--"

"Please, Axel! If anything happens to me, atleast I'll have you and you still owe me!!" I told.

"Alright, I'll zip my mouth and drive to the location".

"Thanks! I'll see you there" I said before ending the call.

Just like that, I left and never turned back. I never notify anyone about this except Axel. Honestly, I didn't say anything to Xavier either because I was afraid he would freak out and say the words I don't wanna hear from him.

If we're meant to be, Xavier would know where to find me. The only thing I'm worried is about who he'll choice, me or her? I hope he'll understand by the notes I've left him.

I'll be waiting, Xavier. Until our next time or maybe not at all. Like I've said, many things had changed.


Jonathan: What did the phone say to begin the race?

Ezekiel: On your marks, handset, go!

Ryker:What did the therapist say to the angry client when their cell phone battery died?

Scarlett: I suggest you find an outlet!

Hope: What is the favorite TV show of a telephone number?

Zaylee: Game of Phones!
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