His Light, Her Spark

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His One and Only

Dash's POV

I wanted to explain everything. I wanted to go after her, take her hands and reassure her. Prove that she's my one and only! However, before I got to do any of that, she had just disappeared like the angel she had always been.

On the 5th of August

It was our one-year-anniversary for both me and Kyomi as a couple. Yup, that's the day when me and Krackles had our first first real and magical kiss. I've planned so much for her on that day, like pranking her by forgetting our first anniversary then surprising her with a rose petal path. I even bought an outfit which matches with Flint Ryder because Kyomi loves the movie, Rapunzel.

There was this one time when my beloved Krackles accidentally hit my face with a pan and laughed while saying, "Oh my god! This is exactly like the scene in Rapunzel!!".

"Haha, very funny".

"Dash, would you please watch the movie with me again?" she pleaded.

"Absolutely not!" I said. Krackles showed me her puppy eyes and I tried so hard not to smile at her childish self. I guess...one more time of watching Rapunzel wouldn't hurt.

"Alright alright. The things you make me do for Christ's sake" I groaned.

"Love you too" she said as she reached in for a kiss at my cheek. Memories.


Not only was today our anniversary, but also Scarlett and Ezekiel's birthday. As usual, the both of them would do a combined birthday party, not only for close friends but for the whole school. Obviously, no invitation cards were given because they are lazy and they hate doing stuff that involves arts and crafts. The theme for the birthday party was Disney.

You can already guess what my girl wore to the party if you really know her. If you guessed Rapunzel, I must say that you can be legit best friends with her at this point. As I said before, my plan was to prank her first and surprise her afterwards.

However, everything went downhill the moment my sweet Krackles walked in on us. She probably had another idea about the situation I was in. I guess in the position that I was in, many would've thought the same as what Krackles did. Can I even call her Krackles anymore after what had happened?

At the party

"What? Did you say something?" I screamed at the top of my lungs to my Krackles when I noticed her talking to me as soon as I stopped dancing.

"I SAID I'M GOING TO GET ANOTHER DRINK" she screamed back. Gosh, the music in the room was super loud, I could only see her lips moving. Call me a braniac but the word braniac is super duper close to maniac so, don't.

"TELL ME WHEN YOU'RE DONE SIGHT-SEEING!!" I screamed back at her as my reply. To my surprise, she smacked her head and mumbled something to herself then walked off. I think I did a very good job at reading lips! Okay, inner victory is so not me.

Suddenly, I felt a grip on my shoulder. As I turned to see who was bold enough to disturb me at the disco room, I was shocked!


"Hey hey, now! It's the tenant mutant ninja turtle!!" she told.

"You're drunk. I thought you hated getting drunk. In fact, you're not someone who likes the taste of liquor" I said in confusion. I don't understand. She's actually the type of cousin who shows only perfection but with the fewest of flaws. All of a sudden, she started swearing me!

"Woah, there. Tone down the language, missy. I'm still older than you" I said as I rolled my eyes.

"Yo, Jason. How does it feel to not have someone to abuse anymore? I'm not gonna be a victim to your stupid games anymore! I'm finally as free as a flying bird like Bumblebee!!"she laughed. I saw Natalia tremble in fear once she mentioned his name. I also noticed that she had no friends for her to have a shoulder to cry on.

I slowly patted her back awkwardly, then she looked me in the eyes. Her mascara was smudged, her hair was a mess and her clothes were slightly torn. I didn't even want to imagine what has happened nor ask her why has she come here. All I knew was that she needed comfort and I was the only one who could give her that since we're family and I was the only one she knew at the party.

So, I pulled her into an empty room and did what most people would do, be there for her. In other words, give her my shoulder to cry on.

"Um..there there, Nat. I think it's best if you simply calm down for a second" I said trying to make her feel better.


"Maybe try taking a breather?" I asked unsurely. Suddenly, she started to strip in front of me. I need to bleach my eyes. I closed my eyes with my hands but Natalia had already handcuffed me!

"Natalia Amber, this is a very inappropriate action!" I said angrily. However, everything started to make sense. She didn't strip to have s*x, thank the gate of heavens filled with red velvet cake and brownies. She stripped to show the marks she's got from the abuse that Jason did to her.

"See....see?! That idiot won't stop!" she cried out more.

"Hit him. Punish him. Put him in jail. Just ANYTHING!! I'M GOING CRAZY!!! I CAN'T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE!!!!" she begged to me. At that time, I speechless. I couldn't find the right words to comfort her.

Natalia was definitely not in the right state of mind. I just simply did what everyone would do if their friend or someone they're close to wasn't okay, I hugged her. At that exact moment, just like those common romance movies, Kyomi walked in on us. She probably having the wrong idea.

"Probably? PROBABLY?! Obviously, she had the wrong idea" Hope screamed at me after I've explained the most possible reason on why Kyomi left.

"Please, tell me that she atleast left a note or a text!" Scarlett said in worry.

"It wasn't a note or a text, Scar. It was a song" I replied.

"So, in conclusion, Kyomi left a song and she's missing on the same day as Axel. Interesting" Daisy said, trying her best to figure out the mystery. "Seems like they ran away to me" she shrugged.

"Girls, I don't think our assumptions are helping the situation Xavier is in. I think it's best if we leave him alone for while" Zaylee told everyone.

After they all left the room, it was only me and the song that Kyomi has written for me. Now, the only problem is I don't know where she could've gone. However, I do know where she has always wanted to go.

I will look for you, Kyomi. No matter how long it takes. Let it be days, months or even years! Once I've found you, I promise to keep you happy as always.


Hope: Why did Goofy stare at the label on the orange juice all day?

Zac: Because the carton said concentrate.

Xavier: Who’s the funniest Disney princess?

Kyomi: RaPUNzel

Ezekiel: What happened the first time Mickey and Minnie saw each other?

Zaylee: It was glove at first sight!
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