His Light, Her Spark

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Stop Acting

Xavier's POV

I was surprised when Kyomi thought I had came to the wrong house. Moreover, I was surprised that she was still living with Axel. I was only gone for three years. There couldn't be much that changed, could it? I felt hurt when Kyomi just laughed it off right in front of my face when I told her something really huge and important.

At that moment, I felt so many emotions. I was angry that Axel call her 'baby' for three years. I felt sad that she could easily laugh at something serious. I felt jealous that Axel was there for her when I wasn't. She even ignored my touch. She used to love it when I do that.

My eyes were starting to fill up with hot tears but they weren't dropping. The heat of my tears were nothing compared to the pain of the hole that she had left in my heart for three years. My nose began to get a little runny. My left hand reached into my right pocket to where I've kept the ring she has always wanted for her wedding day. I took it out of the black box and held onto it tightly. I held it so tight, I didn't even realised that I was bleeding.

"Xavier, you're bleeding!" Axel told me as he shook me to get back to reality.

Suddenly, I remembered that Kyomi had said the same thing to me before. The only difference is that Axel is telling me that instead of Kyomi. She was so worried about the bleeding, she even grabbed both of her lucky handkerchiefs and tied them onto my hands.

We had too many great memories together like our first kiss, our songs that we would stay up to write it down together and so much more.

I can't believe that she forgot about all of that and moved on. I know she's like the one that got away but I'm not ready to give her up yet. Atleast, not now. She was like the best thing that has ever happened to me. She still is. However, if she's happy, I should be happy too. Right?

"Xav, quite sulking!" Axel snapped at me. "How could I when Kyomi has moved on with my best friend?? How could I when she had just laughed at my proposal for her? How could I when I've lost the key to my heart? How could I when she clearly has blocked all of our memories together in her mind?" I questioned him. I was probably questioning myself too. How could I? Finally, the hot tears streamed down my face.

I used one of her handkerchiefs to wipe away the tears. H-how could I when I'm always surrounded by beautiful memories that are only filled with her in it? She was the light to my darkness. Now that my light has left, what will I do? I was never like this before. What have you done to me, Krackles?

"Xavier, you need to hear me out" Axel told me.

"Congrats, bro! You won her heart" I said with my head and heart hurting like hell.

"I said hear me out!! KYOMI DOESN'T REMEMBER YOU!!" he yelled with anger. S-she doesn't remember me?

"I don't believe you. Is this your way of keeping me away from her?? How is it that she remembers you but not me?!"

"That's the problem! She doesn't remember me either. She doesn't remember anything from 10 years ago! Don't you get it? She had retrograde amnesia!" Axel spoke while raging with anger.



This can't be happening. She didn't block our memories, she couldn't remember them! That means she can't remember who I am. I lost my balance and fell on my knees. Axel squatted down to get on the same level as me. I looked up at Axel and realized that he had done nothing but be there for Kyomi when I didn't. I was supposed be thankful but I just can't. I felt guilty for what has happened.

"The doctors said there's nothing that they can do about it. It would be an actual miracle if she remembers everything. She doesn't remember me but I was at the hospital with her until she was discharged. I lied to her and that's the reason on why she's living with me. She has been living on a lie for three goddamn years and I don't think I can keep up with this lie anymore" Axel told me after making sure that Kyomi wasn't behind him.

"Explain" I mumbled.

"What?" he asked me.


Axel sighed and started explaining on...



Xavier: Why did the dinosaur cross the road?

Axel: Because the chicken wasn't born yet.

Kyomi: What season is it when you are on a trampoline?

Xyomi: Spring-time!
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