His Light, Her Spark

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The End

"Before she left, Kyomi called me beforehand. She told me to meet her at the airport. She threatened me to not tell anybody about the call, especially you. Kyomi took a taxi to drive to the airport. However, she never reached the airport. I'm not entirely sure about what had happened as I was waiting patiently at the location she had texted me. After a few minutes, I received a call from the hospital informing me that Kyomi had met with an accident. I drove to the hospital as quick as I can.

Then, I walked up to a nurse and she showed me to the room Kyomi was in. When I was there, the doctors were still examining her. As I saw Kyomi laying lifeless and connected to many wires which seemed to help her survive, I started pacing outside the room. I waited frustratedly, thinking on how could I let this happen right under my nose. Soon, a doctor stepped out of her room and began to explain about her conditions. Once I understood his words, I knew that she wouldn't come with me unless I'm someone important to her.

So, I thought about the best way to convince her and it was lying. I lied to her that I was her husband. It sounded like the perfect idea in my mind since I was also informed by the doctor that she was pregnant. However, that was not all! I needed to gain her trust so, I visited her everyday. I didn't want to visit her because it pained me to watch her sleep with all of those bruises on her body and I could feel her pain by just one look at her. Still, I did it anyway because my guts were telling me to do so. In the end, my plan succeeded, Kyomi was convinced and I've gained her trust to follow me home. So, yea. That's what has happened". Axel told me as he run his hands through his hair, thinking back to the painful memories from three years ago.

I was completely speechless. Kyomi was pregnant and Axel was faking a married life her?? All of this were just too much for me to process but I had to clear something up or else I'll be wandering about this question for days.



"Who's child is it?" I asked.

"Yours" he answered with a smile then a frown. Of course, I was the dad! Kyomi's last relationship was with me. Why did I even ask such question?

"Congrats on being a dad" Axel congratulated me in a whisper, sounding not too happy about it.

What's wrong with him?

I pushed away that thought. A smile formed on my face. I'm a dad! I'm a dad but I couldn't hold my own daughter in my arms, watch her first steps or hear her say her first word. Moreover, Kyomi doesn't even know me. In her eyes, I'm a stranger. In my eyes, she's a angel that flew away after finishing a mission. I thought back about what Axel had said. He said that it will be a miracle if she remembered her past. So, that just proves that she still has a chance to remember everything!

"Yo!" I called out for Axel. He was almost drifting away to sleep.

"Has Kyomi been doing anything weird lately?" I asked with hopeful eyes.

"Well, she has been having nightmares since the accident. Atleast, that's what she's been telling me. Oh and she's been singing a song to Xyomi lately which always make that little kiddo to fall asleep" he replied.

"Can you sing it to me?" I asked desperately. He nodded.

"You were everything for me, love of my life, my prince and knight, you made me complete" he sang flawlessly with the same tune Kyomi used to. This is it! I know how to help Krackles!

"Why are you smiling so much? You look like an idiot" he commented. Rude.

I rolled my eyes and answered, "That's because even though she can't remember me, she remembers our song" I told him excitedly.

"How could she remember that? I thought retrograde amnesia means you can't remember your past!" Axel screamed in shock.

"You know what they say, 'The small things you do are the most memorable ones' " I said while patting myself on the back for remembering one motivational quote. "Even so, she can't remember you" he spat, stating the obvious. "It's a start!" I said enthusiastically.

"I don't think you understood me" he said.

"What do you mean?" I asked him with a nervous chuckle.

"I think it's a good thing that Kyomi doesn't remember you. I mean, where were you for the past three years? Where were you when she needed you?? No where. You weren't there for her when she was at her worst. I was. I was there for both her and her child although the child isn't mine" he stated.

"What are you trying to say, Axel?"

"I'm saying that I don't want you to visit us anymore. I'm saying that I want to be Kyomi's husband and Xyomi's father. I don't care if I'm not Xyomi's dad by blood or Kyomi's husband by ring and the kiss that needed to be done in front of a priest. I just want to be by her side. Forever. I hate to tell you this but you don't even know what Kyomi is by heart, I do. I've been waiting for the day to treat like the woman she deserves to be. I want to spoil both Kyomi and her child with love and support. No, our child. I don't want to walk away from her life. I've grown attached towards Xyomi and the love I have for Kyomi's has just grown bigger. In a nutshell, I FUCKING LOVE HER! I have loved her a long time and I still do till this very day. I know I sound selfish but God gave me a chance and I won't let anything ruin that chance. Even if it's you. So, it would mean a lot to me if you could disappear from our lives completely" he told me, feeling free for confessing his feelings for the girl he loves.

He was right. Kyomi needed someone who can be there for her and I'm not the one.

I sighed and asked a favour, "Promise me that you'll love her and Xyomi for an eternity. Also, protect her and her child at all times".

"I promise, Xav" he responded.

I looked inside the house to see a beautiful mother smiling brightly while playing her lovely daughter. They look so similar. The daughter was simply a mini version of her mother.

I guess this means goodbye. I smiled and walked away.

Not all love stories necessarily has a happy ending. Some needs to be held on tight while some just needs to learn to let go and move on. That's called life!


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