His Light, Her Spark

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Just For A Tour

*back in my freshman year*

*alarm sounds*

*beep beep beep beep (×4)*

"Ughhhh.....STFU!". I smacked my alarm clock and it fell onto the ground in an instant. Whoops! Okay, I did feel quite bad that my alarm clock broke but I was having a good dream! Trust me, it's impossible to have good dreams when you're a teenager. Note the sarcasm.

A sneak peek into her so-called dream

Priest: Will you, Xavier Dash, take Kyomi Blake as your lovely wife?

"Yes, I do".

Priest: Now, will you, Kyomi Blake, take Xavier Dash as your beloved husband?


Priest: Very well. You may now kiss the bride!


Oh, come on! Why do all of my good dreams end halfway?!! HE WAS ABOUT TO KISS ME!! Fake tears began to roll down my face. What?? I blame the K-dramas! After that, I took in deep breaths and simply reminded myself that I have two more hours before school starts.


I quickly removed my pj's and jumped into my bathtub. Thank god that I have a good damn hour to enjoy my bubble bath. After I've finished, I started straightening my hair, and hell it wouldn't even try to cooperate with me!


AT LAST! MY HAIR WAS DONE! Clothes time! I picked out a cute crop top that says "Meow" and an adorable black skirt that matches my top. Y'all might be wondering, "WHAT ABOUT THE MAKEUP?!?!", right? Well, I don't do makeup because I believe natural beauty is the best beauty in the world. Oh god! I only have another 20 minutes left. Better hurry!!


Since my school was just about 6 kilometers away from my house, I decided to walk. Yep! Gotta love walking. NOT!

*After 10 minutes*

"Finally! I feel like I just got ran over by a bulldozer! I'm exhausted. Now....I just gotta find my way to the principal's office without getting lost. This should be easy!".

*After another 10 minutes*

Aaaaannnnnndddd I'm lost. Just as expected. I knew this would happen. I have no sense of direction at all!


And I think I found it. As normal people do, I knock on the principal's door three times. Or was it supposed to be four? God, I hate maths! Since I was so confused about what to do because I don't even concentrate in my math class for a second, I decided to go with the odd number which is three. I'm not sure why but I've always felt like the odd numbers are wayyyyy safer to choose than the even numbers. Period.


"May I come in, sir?"

"Yes, you may".

As I entered the big, enormous, pure white room, I saw a guy who's about 175 cm tall. Woah, I just stumbled upon a giant! Wait a minute......is that?! No, it can't be! NO WAY! I gasped in surprise and excitement. XAVIER DASH?!?!!!

Okay okay! Calm your t*ts down! Holy Mother of Sexy Beasts!!!!! He looks hotter than I remembered! Suddenly, it came to my dirty mind that I was in the same room as the principal too.

"You're Ms....?"

"Kyomi. My name is Kyomi Blake, sir" I told him with a smile.

"Aaaaahh....the new kid! We were just having a nice conversation about you, Ms. Blake. Isn't that right, Mr. Dash? Oh, and by the way, Ms. Blake, this is Xavier Dash and he had already agreed on giving you a tour about this school just a few moments ago". As soon as the principal finished his sentences, Xavier's face turned from extremely angry to truly annoyed.

"I did not agree on shit!" Xavier said. Damn, my boy has got some attitude in his blood. Alright, I need a doctor, stat! SOMEONE CALL 911!

"One more word from you, Mr. Dash, and I'll expel you immediately! It's either this or that!" the principal yelled at Xavier like all principals would do when a naughty student won't listen at all.

I watched Xavier roll his eyes in front of the principal without fear and finally agreed but under one condition.

"If I give her a full tour about this boring school that has been here for over 100 years, all the boys will get at least one or two girls as their roommate".

Wow, what a challenge. I mean, the principal will not agree on that. That's against the rules!


Wait---did I just heard what I think I've heard? Did the principal just agreed on this ridiculous deal?!?!?! Oh hell no! That's when I knew that this was gonna be even worse than someone having onion breath.

Fun fact, your girl right here, hasn't lost her virginity yet!!!!

"Aaaaaahhhhhh" I screamed in my head as loud as the sirens of the police cars would scream from all over the city whenever a criminal was on the loose.

This was not good!


Kyomi: Hit the heart button if you're not a morning person like me and you're always ready to make your alarm clock die in a painful death.

Xavier: Wow, that's harsh. Anyways, comment down below if y'all love sticky toffee pudding.

Kyomi: Son of a gun!

Xavier: Yveltal!

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